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Friday, August 13, 2004

Alienating Vindictive Pains

(full length will be mailed as soon as I see AvP)

Happy Friday the 13th Hope you are all having/had fun.
Fitting day ya think that 2 legendary killers go head to head? (mm am I having Daja vu? Didn't we just do this? Let's hope this one isn't a disappointment.like Freddy vs. jason was a bit)
Choose your side Vs. Predator AVP

anyway... Yesterday (thursday my day off...) woke up and had a bad pain in my neck down through my spine!!!! Well my Chiropractor sn't scheduled to be in the office on thursdays so i was in pain all day. Woke up today the 13th .. (how fitting.. I guess those two above got after me eh!?) and I htik the pain was worse... so called in tht i would at least be late.... the ciropractor isn't in til 9:30 so I walked around the apt. cause I didn't want to lay back down.. I had to cradle my neck & back in a spot toactually 'move' it. So I ended up going back and laying down on the couch was actually able to fall asleep awhile.. and got up a little easier. (love 'my' couch..) went to Chiro, and he said i probaly slept funny. (duh!) adjusts me and says go home ice back and come back in afternoon for another adjustment!!!!!! well feeling a little better at 6:54 pm... but my neck still has pain in it and I can only move myhead a little. So therefore i din't go to see AVP today.. I'll try saturday. Then send this off..

Opening movie of the week.-
Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement * PrincessDiaries2.com
fun funny & fabu.... for a rated G movie.. (yeah I went to a kiddie movie..)
I enjoyed it. but then I liked the first one. I see it as a Miss. Congeniality jr.
and one of the guys at work said that was so me.. Lol.... I loved the slumber party sesen. now that's an idea to do.. now I jsut need my own 'castle' and Queen Grandma ROCKS! Lol... Also like the fact of them showing what would an american girl do if she were arranged. you've got a kinda dorky hunk of a duke..& hunk of a next heir to be 'king'. Hey I got out of my world for awhile and the movie kept me amused and in fantasyland. So I give it a B even tho the stuff critics; The local paper & Entertainment weekly gave it a C- to a C but come on critics over anylize everything...
1. does it really matter that the original screenwriter didn't return? (or some other misc. thing)
2. Doesn't it matter that you had fun watching the movie(s) and
3. that it kept your attention?
4. yes it has to be 'smart' but the theater laughed at the right moments and all that.
so I think it deserves at at least what I gave it.

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