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Monday, June 16, 2014

Crafty Fathers' Day

Yesterday was Father's day here in the U.S.  my dad smokes cigars so we got him a 10 pack from the place he orders from and a travel humidor (which was a special deal for additional $5)  He liked it, and the best... He didn't have any cigars left! We also had Bacon, Eggs, Hashbrowns & toast for breakfast. The Bacon made the hosue smell like my Grams when I'd sleep over & she made bacon for breakfast while I watched Saturday Morning cartoons.

So far today I've added some information to a few of the pages I have on squidoo.com

My favorite band Godsmacks new album 1000hp will be out soon (check thelink for date)
I've posted a temporary review for  Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs

Here's the earrings I made over the weekend
©KimMarie Ostrowski

I included them (& some what started an album of how to make them to my 'Crumms' (Summer Crafts) page. Now if only I could decide if I want to do a how to on this page or a totaly seperate one (which might be better as it would be a proper 'How to' format). (should I do a quick summary as a photo album? Then have the full how to page? please tell me what you think
Where do I get my 'crafty' from? I'd say my pop-pop (Grandpa) my father's dad made bunk beds for the guestroom in their house, he made our Grandfather Clock too! he would also fix clocks. My dad.. I don't think there's anything he hasn't been able to fix for me yet! The first holiday that I didn't have a gift to put together, my mother told me he said "There's nothing for me to put together" so I keep asking her to get me something that dad CAN put together (or heck just get us a big set of legos I miss playing with those with my dad, & so which now my favorite Simpsons epiosde was the one where They were all legos.

I made a page for a 'quest' for grilling & well we don't ahve a grill but my dad makes kimchi-dogs frankly it's just putting that foul smelling Korean cabbage  on top of the dog, but you can check out the rest on the page.

As I have been doing reading Quests... I haven't done a Top list for summer reading but for recommendations Top 3 Favorite books of 2012 summer reading

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