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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Crafty hands & Fashionable ears!

Oh I forgot to mention yesterday I made a review of Game of Thrones

Today I have jsut been updating the How to Journal Pages
 How to use a Journal  How to Journal 2    How to use a Journal 3 - Theme Journal  Theme Journal 2 - pre made journals

So yesterday I left with a question of if I should include a quick how to in pics on crumms-summercrafts  or to make a whole page. well I did both
here's the  How to Make your own earrings page
so that is now 2 pairs of erings I've made for myself (yet sadly not the lapis ones I've been waiting to for years! as the manufacturer did not fully drill through the bead.
I also have finally been able to update my Road Trip Survival Page
So after this.. What do you think of a blog for Summer related stuff Like Beauty, reading and so on?

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