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Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekly RunDown Wednesday 18 - Monday 23

 Google & Youtube to delete indy artists from its site!!    let them know your Displeasure!!

Ok here's news & other items I came along the rest of the week.

kevin-durand, lothaire-bluteau,morgane-polanski joining Vikings Vikings Season

Fashion news & info why-you-should-never-wash-your-jeans

Saturday 21
SO this weekend I went to a baby shower.. for Laura (from her sis Debbie) their family was like a 2nd one to me, as when mom worked their other would watch me during the summer. So I sort of had adopted sisters. The family is 'crazy' but I mean that in a funny way. They are silly! I so miss the camping trips even though if we weren't in the water, at the amusement park or roasting marshmellos.. I hated it! But alot of the funny things happened while we were camping (I def. do not miss waking up at 4 or 5 am to get the car packed with tent, & all that other stuff & go.
I'll have to see if any pictures came out decent & then post them (likely in a later post if I remember)

and now for some humor.. Top-Ten-reasons-why-the-Irish-swear-so-much.html
Watch this cat.. He's not Normal they usually run & this one well watch & listen Vacum Cat


Special  EDITION Summer blog     will be published in a few days the 25th the earliest.
I will have the Best destinations for scorpio in there and much more!

Oh no.. there's an actual ugliest dog contest!! https://roadtrippers.com/blog/meet-the-contestants-in-sonoma-county-fairs-worlds-ugliest-dog-contest


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