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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Under the Fireworks June 30 (evening) - July 6

Under the dome  character connections They are connected how, why & still what's up with the dome?  (when I first saw it.. it reminded me of a snow globe I had. well It was more of a dome than a whole globe which I would LOVE one of Downtown Toronto but I don't think I have anywhere to put it. (need a small one for my Hutch)    Wow that was an impressive start to season 2  

Tuesday July 1
WOW! that was an explosive opening (not leterally tho) but definately left an impression, as well as the ending of the pilot. 
Here's a money saving site I'd like to share with you  Budget101.com banana-bites

to all of my northern Neighbors & any 'adopted' Canadians

Wednesday 2  Not much Up.. put a few more things together for hanging at my aunt's house
some entertainment, food & whatever else I think of. My back is still bothering me as well my hip. No idea how I'm gong to be able to walk the dog etc.
When I got up today I didn't feel like I slept at all, I don't remember much but I do remember finally reading & making a dent in my book. Fell asleep when I woke up I felt a bit better, but my back etc still a problem
Thursday 3   So today I atleast feel like I slept, sadly the back doesn't feel as good. I just want my 'normal  pain' (that I constantly feel but doesn't feel lijke I have needles in my thigh, my left hip & as if my spine is cemented in place.  

Friday 4                       Hope you have a Happy Independence Day 
didn't do much of anything just hung out in my room & watched a few movies. I even watched avengers again while trying to fix one of my nails. (it's broken in a  bad spot, that I can't just cut it off needs to be glued & all that)  my back still hurts & my right thigh as well. I'm not thrilled with the 4th but then again I did get hit with a bottle rocket when I was a kid  at our 'cousins' part  basically family reunion on dad's side) Well it was aimed away from all of us but after it took off, turned around & hit my cousin David & me. So likely if there's any form of fireworks around I know how the pets feel and I'm not impressed however This I can appreciate
 Fireworks like you've never seen them before!

ok so the darn video didn't want to post for some reason, so I included the link instead

my apologies for spelling or typos as I am working from my Aunt's computer/keyboard now & the desk is higher up and feel like my arms are too close to me or something. (& why it's better to have a laptop or (as I did just didn't hook up yet.. bring your own computer)

Saturday 5

up early (for me anyway) get my stuff to take to my aunt's as I will be the dog walker (& just easier to stay at the house plus it's like a vacation, I get away from my house . Zoe (the dog) is Blind & mostly deaf , Rylee is a ginger cat and a 'fat' Kitty I call 'Chewy' as in Chewacca as I swear she makes some of those noises.

I figured to trim Sully's claws before I left and we was making some weird noises like squeaks. Dad was making fun of her, calling her a big mouse. 

I came across this 10-worst-movies-of-2014 so far  In my travels today. Before even looking, I'm sure the Hercules with Kellan  Lutz in it is on there (though I didn't care it was Kellan with no shirt on if this were twitter.. #getting my cougar on  lol. )\ another is likely I, Frankenstein (They should have called it I, Gargoyle)  (& as I am now looking through I am right, and even get a laugh at Noah & Spider-man 2 there's also 2-3 but 1 of those I am VERY disappointed to see on this list (esp. at #1)

sully-erna of godsmack Talks abotu the 1000hp-single/

while watching Animal planet tonight I saw a cat that looked like my aunt's cat Rylee (oh Why won't putting it into the blog work on this computer.. Not in the mood (or weather) to hook up mine' yet)
This is Rylee from another time I sat my aunt's pets
 Sunday 6

Just hung out & relaxed. Read & wrote some stuff ('research) ca't remember much else other than trying to watch my shows But ... my aunt already had a few recording on her DVR & I couldn't watch let alone ... NO HBO towatch True bLood AaaaaaaaaaaaHhhhhhhhhhh  So now I have catching up to do with my sunday night shows (well 1 or 2 as I can watch those on free on demand. True blood I'll have to see if HBO shows the episodes online for free or not.

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