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Monday, September 29, 2014

Haunted Halls Sept 29- October 5

Monday 29-

Wooo Hoo!!! Simpsons & Family crossover episode! (1 hour long) http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/09/27/matt-groening-seth-macfarlane-simpsons-family-guy-crossover/
I had to post this when I saw it (even though I already knew about it thanks to my subscription)

Some silly fo your monday morning  (with which I thought I'd post today (& will just update this post through the week!)
Tuesday 30- So I had an appt. today at the orthopedist & the freakin doctor didn't even come in the room! WTF do you call that shit esp. if I haven't seen him in awhile?
So after this I had asked  mom  if we could go to  Central ave. so I could get the new yasmine Galenorn book Priestess Dreaming from Barnes & Noble. I also found a book of the Sneaky Pie Brow series.  It's an Orange and purpe cover with a black cat on top wearing a witch hat.
Well once we got home I caught up on the shows I didn't get to watch last night lus I hurt and felt blah. Then all I did was check tweets on the comp, & played a game.


Wed October 1- Today  feel like crap. Got a phone call from the doctor's office I went to yestrrday to aggrivate me. Then I tried to go back to sleep (still feeling like crap...feel like I didn't sleep at all PMS sucks!) Then they called again honestly I have no idea what the problem was! & this is why I get pissed when people can't leave me alone for the first 15 minutes (the least) that i'm awake. vEven my boss knew not to bother me when I first came into work or at least not until 9am (which in a way is true. It takes my brain an hour or 2 to wake up otherwise I'm just running on autopilot!) So when I finally got to moving around I watched the shows I missed last night & a few other days (still there's some from last week to catch up on) one of those shows was
 Family Guy/ Simpsons 1 hour crossover  which was fun. I've been a simpsons fan since it started though I have been a bad goul as I don't get to watch it so I have to try with the on demand. I even have a Bart's guide to life book!  some magazines somewhere as well. If you are a Simsons' fan &/or family guy fan I think You will appreciate it. There's meta jokes rip offs & I just love stewy & Bart together!  I hope someday there can be a reverse crossover where it's a simpsons episode. The homer & Peter fight was epic quite long & just when yuou think it's over.... well I'm giving things away (esp. that of what they get into the fight about). a satisfying episode A

Also I am doing a 31 Night's of Halloween Blog on wordpress 31-nights-of-halloween-1-classics/

Thursday 2-Had appt. with orthopedist, only the assistant came in & he never did seriously? I mean come on you make me waste my time?  After my appointment mom and I went to Central Ave. which is all strips of stores and other assorted businesses. My favorite Author Yasmine Galenorn releeased Priestess Dreaming  from her Otherworld series which is one of my favorite series. Also found a halloween themed mystery by Rita Mae Brown of the 'Sneaky Pie Mysteries' it's cute the character's pets talk & help solve the mysteries!  Stopped next door at Party city & candy 15 pcs. for a $1! Well definatley NOT 'penny' candy anymore! I remember when I could get small gummy fish for a penny each. Mom always let me get a dollar worth. http://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/31-nights-of-horror-2-best-slasher-films/

Friday 3 - Just working on my wordpress blog as I am doing a 31 days of Halloween series   there. 31-horror-3-no-rest-for-the-wiccan-witch/   I also came across these Outerspace Pics   *  These Ten Cutest Animals  are even better!

Saturday 4-  so today I'm just going through email and trying to fix up some stuff on my blogs. Todays entry for  31-nights-of-halloween-4-best-childrens-programming/  please comment in the post any other tv shows & movies for kids. I know there are a few I cannot remember.


Sunday 5- So Kevin Harvick started on Pole lead for a bunch of laps then Joey Lagano took over (see kevin you should have kept penzoil as your sponsor! (& aded bonus you looked so good...PERFECT even in those  colors )
So I jsut wrote a couple letters, watched the race read some of my book, and watched my shows. Once Upon a time which wth the Frozen storyline feels a bit forced. Then the 2 hour season finale of Witches of East End and the season finale of THe Strain won't ruin it but the Master... well really doesn't die easily! not even the ONE way he should die the fastest! I've been doing a 31 days of Halloween feed on my other blog  http://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com/  I post one every day (or sometimes 2 if I'm not sure if I'll be able to get on the computer the next day)
So what would you like to see anything else?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

WELCOME FALL!!! Sept 22 - 28

Monday 22-
Yeah the leaves are already turning here~! I swear they were green yesterday & now I see some trees are already a dif. color!

Tuesday 23- so I finished that short book Murder in Autumn. before I went to my appt. The story well I enjoyed the student Body more. This just wasn't written well in my opinion. Once it comes to them explaining how the case was solved, it did not carry the same Rhythm (if it ever had any at all) as the beginning of the story. It was as if the beginning of the story and end were written at two different times or by two different people. Maybe it was just a change in the tone, but the first half of the story was easier to read then the end. At times I had to re-read parts. There's no fluff at the beginning as the story picks up right when the case starts. The conclusion was predictable. D

So after my appoinment got home & today is a bit of a chill! (great for first day of Autumn.) Read some of my book Voodoo in New Orleans   and decided to try an anthology as well Thirteen : 13 tales of horror by 13 of the masters of horror  Well after a chapter or 2 of the voodoo one, I started off on the anthology which I didn't get far as I got a chill put a blanket on & before 1pm I dozed off! (for a few hours till 3 or 3:30).

Wednsday 24- I've spent the day (until sometime after 3) catching up with the shows I've missed since,  Well apparently Sunday & Monday isn't the only days that there is too much on (or going to be)  now. Add Tuesdays to that as well! I'm going to be mad with keeping up with the new shows I want to watch & the old ones. Forever & scorpion I think so far I will definately watch I am waiting for How to get away with murder to start but alot of these shows are on the sme time as my other shows I've watched for years! (And frankly even if Vampire Diaries is jsut getting crazy or whatever ytou wat to all it (stupid?) well Ian SOmerhalder (& those Eyes!) win over everything else!
Too bad The originals doesn't get put on in the summer so that those True Blood fans can still get their fang on in the summer!

Forever stars Ioan Groffudd (prounced as Griffith) who in the show they say is 23 (doesn't look close to the that 30 or 35 would be more believeable.) plays a Medical Examiner in NYC and has lived for I think 250 years (so far). He can't die no matter how he does, he just wakes up in water. He has an adopted son who is now older than him. Our Immortal isn't Mr. broody he cracks some jokes and there's lighthearted parts. I love the way he deduces things too bad he & SHerlock Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller) from Elementary can't have a cross over! That would be a freaking fun epiosde or 2! Oh yeah & the actor that plays his son I think is the guy that pays Jeff Goldblum's dad in Independence day.

Scorpion- yes I did watch it just becasue its the symbol of my zodiac sign. Though I was interested in the premise of it. It bit of a twist in a way on the procedural drama. A group of (in lack of a better word) Misfit geniuses is hired by Terminator 2's  'Liquid terminator' to work for the government.  I'm sure you have seen the coming attractions if you are in the States at least. They have to keep a plane full of passangers to keep from crashing as LAX has some sort of computer virus.

Friday 26Bing desktop from Thursday 25th BEAUTIFUL

So I watched How to get away with murder last night (nothing else was on yet) I might keep watching it (or at least free on demand.. which is my dvr &  don't have to pay anything extra!) I love how she says "How to get away with murder" in the commercial it's so creepy, a few times I think it gave me a chill. It might take me a bit more time on this one, as the first episode was somewhat an initiation. She has a large class, & she gets a new case and unlike other classes that teach theory etc. It's baptism by fire. The students have to come up with how to present (defend?) the case and which ever one (if any) bests her's will be used & likely that student will receive the 'trophy' (a statue of  lady Justice) as the best in the class (which she says can be used as an immnity from a test at some point)   She will also choose 5-6 of the students to work with her as well. Other than that there's also some thing going on that the students killed someone I think but this is the mystery of the show (so you can watch it with the mythology or just watch from time to time as well)



Article on Greyston Holt http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?pbid=b8a9d349-d27e-43ab-a0ae-ebfee18a2ad8&error=1&debug=b8a9d349-d27e-43ab-a0ae-ebfee18a2ad8

Saturday 27- So today I worked on fixing my Wordpress blog (see far left sidebar near blog archive), which I was able to get sorted out, published  a few more posts & updated others. 

I saw on bing that well I wasn't aware there could be a warm of earthquakes but apparently so. This  I believe is the most recent as of writing.
http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-california-earthquake-swarm-continues-but-slowing-20140927-story.html  Here's the one that notes some of the  stats  In 36 hours the Mammoth Lake reagion of California had a swarp of earthquakes over a 36 hour period starting on Thursday night! They reanged between 1.0 & 3.8 on the Richter Scale http://www.inquisitr.com/1502917/earthquake-swarm-600-earthquake-rattle-california-mammoth-lakes-in-36-hours/

Wached Doctor Who and the Intruders on BBC America and wondered why they cannot put intruders on before Doctor Who as after watching The Doctor... well everything seems such a bore! I look up at the time while watching intruders thinking the show is at least half to 3/4 over & it's only been 10-15 minnutes it's been on! (UGH!)

Now I'm going to go watch a movie jsut not sure which The Quiet Ones or  The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas box. I don't think I'm going to get to watch any tomorrow as the race is on (and usually after I check my tweets.

Sunday 28
So when I first get on the computer & open IE Bing (my homepage) automatically pops up
What do I see at the bottom for current news topics.. Invisibility Cloak! I think yeah right now way, but sort of though sadly it's not the Harry Potter sort.
Invisibility Cloak a reality!?!?!
New York Scientists unveil Invisibility cloak!
Sadly too bad they don't use this for our Military over seas in the trenches or even cops when they go into a very bad sitch, & maybe (but not sure) firemen. If you are invisible, you can't get hurt can you?. Why not use it for this sort of thing once you refine it?

So I was abe to catch up on a couple rentals, as well as another movie we have by alternate means.
The Quiet Ones, The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box & X-men:Days of Future past.
You can check those once the movie review post is published. (which will be on the 30th or withint the first week of October. Stay tuned. You could of course always look up movies or even just type in one of the movie titles to see if there's a review for it, same goes for shows (which I do need to get going on other reviews (even if it's a returing show, but there's so much & I am still trying to figure out where I'm going to write what or if I just want to post it in just a few pages. I am starting to lean toward removing some of what were squidoo pages (now Hubpages) & post them as pages in my blogs. I have a beauty page on here, but was thinking of posting that as a seperate blog "The beauty Balm' as a wordpress blog! This way I hpe to get everything (more or less) in one spot so the beauty page here may disappear or I may put a few 'exclusives' on it & just link the 2 to each other.

I'm not feeling so hot today. Don't you just love waking up tired? I have an idea why that is, PMS. My eyes feel like I've got some seriously dark spots under my eyes, like they droopin.

Made my seasoned potatoes for lunch (from a can) Love them & at this point I don't even remember what seasons i put in my 'secret seasoning' bottle. But mostly Garlic, some Paprika & a bit of onion powder aside from that no idea.

My Beauty Blog also made it's debut!! The Beauty Balm (on wordpress) I will post what was the beauty balm fromm squidoo into pages in the blog. POsts likely will be a reblog from another blog or that of others that want to contrubute! Just email me w/ your email to invite you, & let me know you want to write!

I was also thinking of making a writing blog  as well but would have to be all varietys, poetry, creative writing, grammar, blogging, & anything else I cannot think of at the moment.

And for those curious about returning or new shows.. I'll be posting reviews on the Telley Page you can also find when your new or returning shows will premire (warning I'm not sure if I have everything posted if I don't have yours my appologies I try and include everything but some things do get looked over)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cool Breeze falling leaves...It's coming September 16- 21

Tuesday 16- so last night season 19 started for Dancing with the stars and yeah I'm watching again why? because Alfanso Ribiero, Tommy Chon (Cheech & Chon), Michael Waltrip (Nascar) & an actual Fashion designer I heard of (but can never remember her name) but she's in her 70s and she can do cartwheels & Splits. With Walltrip in this I know there's going to be quite  few funny moments and I wasn't wrong. First quote something about a booty looking like a bag of cats or something like that. Also watched under the dome and it's getting weirder or should I say crazier? Maybe it's both. It's just very enjoyable as it's never boring, I just feel bad for Mike Vogel's character 'Barbie' always seems to be getting beat up in some way shape or form.

Thursday 18- So today mom decided last minute to go to Central ave. (even though I was expecting an important call back plus had to make 2 appointments. But I still went out. We went to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to find a certain brushg I've seen on tv. I forget the name of it but there's 3 different ones, one ofr Fine, Normal & Thick hair. It's supposed to make it easier to brush & get through any tangles easier. They look like this <a href="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HU5T4NC/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00HU5T4NC&linkCode=as2&tag=zodiaci-20&linkId=CAIRUWRBQO2GKSA4">Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush, As Seen on TV</a><img src="http://ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=zodiaci-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00HU5T4NC"  /> but as I have Thick hair.. the one I got was blue. I won't be getting it til the holidays though, this way hopefully I'll forget about it & will be a surprise.
I also found a loom for $5 for those stupid loom bracelets just one thing.. It's easier to do it by hand if you are doing a single bracelet from the instructions that are enclosed, they are so not good in helping to learn how to do it. So I suggest to look on line on Youtube for videos.

So after this we stopped at Nathan;s for lunch being it was before the next stop,  (and yes that nathan's we have our own & if I rememebr right it was the 2nd of the franchise. Sadly it's alot smaller than it was, & thre's not arcade not even at least one pinball machine! Grrrr!!!! But I LOVE the fries I do agree with the best fries in the world line. So I had a hotdog & about 95% of the large fry as well as a lemonade (love the lemonade from there)  AFter this

 She stopped at the dollar store but there wsas such a long line, & I was already hurting when I got up as well as the past few days. You could barely get through the store even if you didn't have a cart or basket! So I went to the car (& thank goodness I started to feel anxious)
after this we went home. I felt so worn out. I barely even watched The Chew (which ven though it's a food show, I actually like watching. The cast is funny and its fun to watch.  So let's home between tonight & tomorrow I will finish my book that was no more than 230 pages!

Saturday 20- Worked on fixing up broken links in hubpages.. but for some reason it takes forever to do anything on that site. Not sure if its the comp (but it seems fine with everything else) but I'm not digging it much. I liek that you can make yur articles look like a nespaper artciels the way they have it set up. But having to put your tax info in (squidoo never asked us for that) so I have to figure out some other way to get the royalties (which I have the idea I just don't want 100+ blogs (or seperate pages) just to include that info.

Sunday 21- So I worked on another 1 or 2 of those pages watched the Nascar race sadly Joey Lagano won at least Harvick will still be in the chase as he came in top 3 or 5... Wow tonights episode of THe Strain was a bit sick tonight & (with a chuckle) I tell you one of the characters actually heard me say to break up the vampire's coffin! So thank goodness fall tv is now here at least some new shows & returning start tomorrow night even though today felt like we went back to the summer. It was 78-80 degrees but was muggy or humid and it made me feel a bit sick to my stomach I actually put my fan back in my window

Hope all is good with you all Go to my writing page.. (on this blog) & check out my pages on Writedge, Bubblenews, & wordpress. THe more hits, comments, Likes etc I get (as well as if you purchase anything on them)  I can get a bit of $ as reward so to speak. (I jsut wish we got paid month by the # of pages we have instead of just a little bit of royalties.

Have a good night & in case i don't talk to you before hand.. good week as well.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm one Crafty Creature

So I have alot of interests & hobbies and when it comes to crafts,
But I'm not Near the water (other than the hudson but that's a few mile away)mental-benefits-water_

 i can never seem to be able to focus on more than one or 2 at a time. For instance I have been making earrings with a  summer / beach theme.
Here are a few from

(what I've made from the beginning of the summer (june - August 3)

Creative Link- crafts album   (if you cannot see the pictures please let me know as it's a facebook album so I'll have to change the setting for it)

Make your own Bed Pocket  Thse are great when Youa re sick (you can keep tissues, cough drops etc at hand, or when you are not.. keep the remotes close, books, tablets, cell phones make 2 one for each side of the couch & beds... You can hang them from the head board (with a removeable hook) & so on. Take them when you stay over a hotel or someone's house (for the things you don't really want to get out of bed for) heck you could keep a bottle of water in them!

Book Binding & Leather glue recipes


Under the Fireworks June 30 (evening) - July 6

Under the dome  character connections They are connected how, why & still what's up with the dome?  (when I first saw it.. it reminded me of a snow globe I had. well It was more of a dome than a whole globe which I would LOVE one of Downtown Toronto but I don't think I have anywhere to put it. (need a small one for my Hutch)    Wow that was an impressive start to season 2  

Tuesday July 1
WOW! that was an explosive opening (not leterally tho) but definately left an impression, as well as the ending of the pilot. 
Here's a money saving site I'd like to share with you  Budget101.com banana-bites

to all of my northern Neighbors & any 'adopted' Canadians

Wednesday 2  Not much Up.. put a few more things together for hanging at my aunt's house
some entertainment, food & whatever else I think of. My back is still bothering me as well my hip. No idea how I'm gong to be able to walk the dog etc.
When I got up today I didn't feel like I slept at all, I don't remember much but I do remember finally reading & making a dent in my book. Fell asleep when I woke up I felt a bit better, but my back etc still a problem
Thursday 3   So today I atleast feel like I slept, sadly the back doesn't feel as good. I just want my 'normal  pain' (that I constantly feel but doesn't feel lijke I have needles in my thigh, my left hip & as if my spine is cemented in place.  

Friday 4                       Hope you have a Happy Independence Day 
didn't do much of anything just hung out in my room & watched a few movies. I even watched avengers again while trying to fix one of my nails. (it's broken in a  bad spot, that I can't just cut it off needs to be glued & all that)  my back still hurts & my right thigh as well. I'm not thrilled with the 4th but then again I did get hit with a bottle rocket when I was a kid  at our 'cousins' part  basically family reunion on dad's side) Well it was aimed away from all of us but after it took off, turned around & hit my cousin David & me. So likely if there's any form of fireworks around I know how the pets feel and I'm not impressed however This I can appreciate
 Fireworks like you've never seen them before!

ok so the darn video didn't want to post for some reason, so I included the link instead

Monday, September 15, 2014

The parents away the cat & Kimi will play Sept 8- 15

Monday 8th

Came across this on IHorror.com Jack the Ripper IDed?!
I started working on updating my movie calendar (which comes in quite handy as I don't always see commercials for some of the movies I hear about even if they have come to theaters here.

I've been keeping up with a basic page for MOvies & Tv so far on here.. (check out my pages)
Once I figure things out better with all the various pages and learn to use them, I will likely hopefully be able to make nicer looking pages on here (or one of my other options!)

So mom & Dad are away and I get to have room to do a bunch of stuff I need to, only problem? I have so much I want to get done while they are out of the way it's only monday (& was in pain again) and I'm stressing about getting the stuff done!

I'm working on my patchwork, want to make up some clay  Replicas of the shields on the show (these ones I'll likely put pin backings on). I do have a few that I already made, one of them wasa gift for my pal Viki who I made a pin version of Lagertha's.  I also plan on working on my stories, poems, hopefully work on practicing my Viking knit as far as I can thik right now, But I also need to clean the kitchen floor, & was hoping to tidy up the corner that has the stuff I have for a tag sale Books & clothes & whatever else is there.

Tuesday 9-  had an appointment today (with my anxiety counselor) woke up in pain of course hard to move around. It's nice and cool outside yeah jeans weather!!!  got down there early & so I had a couple of hashbrowns & a sweet tea from McDonald;s then went to the clinic to wait til my appointment. Read most of what was left of my book to finish (ended up reading the last 12 pages at home.  Even brought my next book with me I was planning on reading in case I finished before hand.
Sewed together some of the squares I set up for the 'quilt'. dosed off  on couch for awhile & I don't think I'm getting on computer tonight.
Wed 10- OMG I need some morphine today! Why am I in pain this week? The change in weather? Usually the cooler weather doesn't bother me. I usually get all the pain when it gets humid, oh well let's home I won't be one of those bitty's that hate cold weather when they're older cause I love my fall & winter weather. My neck doesn't want to move, my hip is killing me as well as my lower back. I got up to feed the cat & do that stuff but went back to bed.
Wow that Sons of Anarchy Episode was a bit crazy (well at least 2 parts had my jaw drop a bit  chuckle a bit or both!)  Don't mess with Bikers!!!! All I've got to say!
Ok so ladst night I started on a new book
The Student Body by Valerie Wolzien  & part of the "Susan Henshaw Mystery" series (book  #12) though this is the first I'm reading of them.
My fave comedian Jeff Dunham has  Lot's going on... wait a movie?!?!?!!? maybe another book and a tv show?!?!!?!?! & a 2nd article on him

 Thursday so last night or this morning well howeer you want to put it.. I didn't go to bed til 6 am!! my back & rest of my bod has been bothering me so much that I guess once I didn't hurt so much that I could actually move around it was as if I just woke up or something! I got a jolt of energy so I tidied up a bit changed the cat litter and a few (minor & not quote major) things that needed to get done around the house. I also got a few things I've been needing to update done as well.
So I'm just trying to work on my hubs on hubpages  (which are the pages from Squidoo so I just have to try &get them to the hubpages guidelines which is more limited!

Friday   There is a car som ewhere in the neighborhood I want to destroy! I don't even care what kind but some dumb ass has their alarm set on a sensative setting that every time there's a breeze the damn thing goes off.. & I have a headache now! I'm so annoyed I hpe the damn thig ets totaled the next time they take it out!
So aside from that I made my smoothie today, also did light vaccuming & cleaned kitchen floor before mom & dad come home tomorrow. I think I might make my chocolate pudding pie (love instant!) Just sad I dont' have any whipped cream.

Saturday  So the fun ends.. Mom & Dad are home & I got most of what I wanted (if not eerythign) done.

Sunday- didn't go on the ciomputer yesterday & jsut on today to check tweets & again not getting to email... Watched the 1st race of the Nascar Sprint Cup Chase sadly Keslowski won ... (but.. My Kevin was in first or 2nd with Larsson for awhile.... I'm so annoyed! at least he came in top 5. (Sadly though I am not sure if they means he's still in the chase or not.
Why Being Near The Ocean Can Make You Calmer And More Creative

Monday 15    Our-Furry-Friend-The-Cat  & yeah Dancing with the stars starts tonight....  Go Team Val!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Henry Cavill Daily Planet Archives

 I am including these links here, for my Henry Cavill hub page (previously on Squidoo) should I find another place or way to present them I will make note of it

Henry Talks about Getting Role of surperman and approaching the role

Monday, September 08, 2014

September 2 - monday 8


;-( Sad I'll never get there R.I.P. universal-studios-house-of-horrors-hollywood/

Ok so it's Wednesday 3 so for the past few days on & off I have been setting up the places I will be doing my writing. Sadly I go from 1 place, to basically 'testing' (but likely will leave whatever I post on) I think it's 5 sites, which includes this.

Some of the sites I have already started writing on others I am waiting to see when & if my old squidoo pages (if any) will transfer over to hubpages before I start to post that stuff, then I have to fig. what site would be best to use for the longer pages. Hate this as it's a pain to keep rack of everything & make sure I have them all mentioned on each profile!

ZodiacImmortal on Bubblenews
this way you can hopefully keep up & follow me. (that plus this time if one of them close down (gods I hope not!), then hopefully I won't have to go as crazy backing up! I hope)

so the first article which was a preview of As above so below has been nixed so now I am trying to find out on posting another. So far I have yet to hear back from the person.

I've saved a few pages to ref. but I think I will have to post them to a page to find easily.

So far I have a few posts on Wordpress.. you can check my review on Needle here http://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/sewing-suspense-and-horror-with-needle/

and the rest of them with the wordpress link above (if you want to see what I posted as my profile etc. there's a gear on the page in a brownish color.. that's where to go for all you need to know about me, finding my pages as well as a (hopefullY) one stop 'shop' at see what I've been posting about on my other blogs! (though I think 2 RSS feeds of mine are not working) I also have 2 blogs I sort of follow & more.

Thursday 4th - So today I got up at the ass crack of dawn ( ctually earlier & not on purpose)  GMA  (Good Morning America) was going to have the unveiling of Dancing with the stars season 19 contestants. 3 are Alfonso Ribiero (Fresh Prince of Bel-air) Tommy Chon (of Cheech & Chong fame)  & Michael Waltrip from Nascar read on here for more

I don't know about you but  I thought 'Ginger' meant being a red head? Cumberbatch looks liek light to med. Brown to me... Prince Harry Yes that I'll agree with 7-men-who-prove-being-ginger-is-hot

18 -worst-dogs-for-small-children/2/

Happy Friday 5   here's a funny pet vid... 'talking' Husky
Ok So my Squidoo pages have finally transfered to my Hubpages account

came across this 16 Habits Of Highly Sensitive People in my travels & wonder if this is me
I would love to get one of these Custom Vampire mugs
The count down to mom getting away from me begins! They'll be gone by time I wake in the morning & until she calls the house it will be so peaceful!
 Val and Janel in Season 19 partner.. (I'm already missing Danica)   & anotherjanel-parrish-dwts-pro-val-chmerkovskiy-dish-on-season-19-competition-201459

Ok so I'm not sure if this is Galic (which I think it might be) or Faroese but  any idea for translation?
Alba gu brĂ th!

Saturday & Sunday  The resnts are away so Sully & I shall play!! Well morelike me as I have had my patchwork splayed out on the living room floor figuring out what patches I need to put on it, cutting them out etc. Now I have a little sewing to do of the patches together for a row but I also have  another that I need to find a few more designs to add to.

Monday 8-  Have about 50 more pages left to read in Janet Evanovich's Two for the Dough (I think I may finish by bedtime tonight. I still need to get to re-reading my stories & writing more of them beisdes cleaning the kitchen floor  & tidying up the tagsale stuff.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Movie Reviews - August

Open Grave- Sharlto Copley  (district 9) wakes  up in a mass grave with no memory of who he is. There are others he comes to find with the same dilema; or shall I say affliction?
They're on property that as they find buildings and such, looks to me like some sort of camp (let's hope not Crystal Lake). They have flashes of who they are (once were) or what happened to them, as they come across dead bodies around the property among other surprises. Maybe it's some sort of asylum or sc ience experiment Interesting psycho thriller.. WORTH A WATCH

Grand Budapest Hotel- I'm not sure how to explain this movie. I thought it was a comedy which there are some some funny parts but maybe also a mystery caper of sort. I woulnd't say it was bad nor good. I'm pretty much baffled by it in a way. (I think this was 2 or more hours)  TOSS UP

Banshee Chapter-  1 hour & 27  minutes running time
This is a tgrue story of a journalist  who in vestigates a friend's death which leads to a trail of government cover ups. I think the guy that plays James (the friend who goes missing) played Steve Newlin in True Blood. The Trippy hippy author oh & add paranoid to that has some chemical the (I think it was) CIA was working with.  Other than mystery not sure what other genre to describe this as. About half way through the movie I started to do my nails while watching so i guess it gets a bit weird that I lost a bit of interest. D+

Godzilla (2014) - I wanted to see this in the theater so bad! For some reason I just couldn't. The times were too late or whatever the case, finally I get to see it but I'm glad I didn't ahve to pay to see it in the theater. I heard it was bad but I never listen to the reviews from tv news (there's only one place I listen to the reviews or shall I say read and take heed that is Entertainment weekly. Usually if I see a movie before the review comes out from them I'm usually on par with the grade they give.
I remember something on the news when the movie came out that the Japanese said Godzilla looks fat.... I thought maybe it would turn out the be jsut that one angel in the movie trailer but....YEP no matter what angle its at, it still looks fat. There's some other monster, though I'm not sure what kind it looks like a bug to me, at first i thought a praying mantis then I thought a pterdactyl but at times to me it also sounds sort of machanical so I gave up on trying to figure it out.
An hour and thirty minutes into the movie and I'm SILL loving Pacific Rim more! (A big razberry to the lot of ya that don't like it!)  This ozilla just isn't intense and dramatic enough though 'Zilla is a good catch! The creature's 'beak' looks like a staple remover not to mention more a mechanical block head (mm is it a transformer in disguise?) than our beefier Godzilla. When he first shows up your just like oh Humm.. plus he doesn't quite have that well known Godzill Pitch (to his roar)  It's there but there's a few keys (high pitch) missing to it compared to the old ones. (I mean even the late 90s early 2000s one I think had the right pitch (or at least alot closer than this one) definately Lack Luster! D

Supercross -2005 PG-13 1:32 min running time
a Pair of brothers are motor Cross drivers by night & pool boys by day  when Trip (Mike Vogel) gets a chance at the big time and bites it his brother Kasey (Steve Howley) carries on  as the brawn for the team. Arron Carter is also in it, and Channing Tatum plays pro racer Rowdy the pro Kasy protects.

Divergent-  I'm sick of all the YA books becoming movies, sadly none of the books I'd like to see as a movie (or even tv series) likely won't happen.  I haven't read the books, so I have no idea on comparing tham (which may be a good thing). This was an enjoyable movie. It didn't feel 'teen' to me. I enjoyed the action and story and frankly would see the sequel. B

Enemy- Jake Gyllanhall stars. His character goes about his life and after watching a movie notices that there's someone that looks like him, Identically! I skipped a bit here & there then I just sopped. The 1st 45 minuts just may as well watch paint dry  F

Spliced-(2002)  I've seen this before, possibly under an different title.  No it's not the Adrian brody movie. It has Drew Lachey from 98 degrees in it! The girl I think was having nightmares or sleep walking. She sees some movie called The Wisher and gets really paranoid about it. SHe thinks someone is following her and granting her wishes in a wicked way.  D

BEAST- Tv series starring Patrick Swayze & Travis Fimmel (Vikings)
So far I've only seen the first disk (4 episodes I think) They play FBI agents & Travis' character (Not sure if I heard right but I think his name is)  Dove   (intersting name)  seems to get picked on a bit. Not sure if I like it enough but there's only 2 more disks to watch so why not, plus I LOVE Travis.
So the show is compelling and I am hooked. Something is up with Swayze's character that there are agents trying to get 'Dove' to spy on him for them and well I think that mystery part is what hooked me.

Transcendence- Ok if only I could see a day where people start using their computers laptops and other electronics for door stops!~ Neat healing trick when hooked up to a network! Will in the computer tries to help heal the earth and make all the water pure and such. How far is too far when it comes to advanced technology? I think one reason people didn't like the movie (or so I heard) was because maybe it scared them, or at least made them think. I thought themovie could have been better.

Rio 2-  Wow Nice & colorful the best way to see this one is on the HD tv with Blu-ray!@ here's a bit of music numbers (I don't remember that from the first)  I did like the way they wrote the  "I will survive' parody number. THe dance in when the get to the rainforest . At times to me it was a cartoon version of Avatar just with birds. C-

Freezer- starring Dylan McDermott as Robert who wakes up in  a freezer on his birthday. Peter Facinelli plays undercover cop (or so he says) Sam who looking in the shape he's in, isn't going to last long. I don't really care for movies that take place in one location (ie: Phonebooth)  through the whole thing (or so far seems) it's just boring.  Though this so far stays in the one location tit's a mystery and that is what has me hooked (that and maybe the Russian lesson) and pushing me on. THe movie is in english but the Russian mafia is involved in the story line which I think there was a hole or 2 bu I could have just missed something. Oh well that was a twist I didn't see coming! C+

Expendables 3-     So I think they are in Russia to start things off on a retrieval (rescue?) mission. Snipes character mentions the reason he was put away... breaking the 4th wall with that one! & we have art imitating true life!Some good jokes and a few that felt forced. Antonio Banderas  is apparently the yappy mascot and around for a little more comedic relief. I think this is a sort of passing of the torch for the younger actors in this (who the only one I have a clue about is Kellan Lutz) but the spanish guy looks familiar.  Honestly I wish they would have had Vinny Jones & Kevin Durand in an instalment of the movie.  I thi nk this was made just to close out the series. Plenty of action but well... D