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Monday, September 29, 2014

Haunted Halls Sept 29- October 5

Monday 29-

Wooo Hoo!!! Simpsons & Family crossover episode! (1 hour long) http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/09/27/matt-groening-seth-macfarlane-simpsons-family-guy-crossover/
I had to post this when I saw it (even though I already knew about it thanks to my subscription)

Some silly fo your monday morning  (with which I thought I'd post today (& will just update this post through the week!)
Tuesday 30- So I had an appt. today at the orthopedist & the freakin doctor didn't even come in the room! WTF do you call that shit esp. if I haven't seen him in awhile?
So after this I had asked  mom  if we could go to  Central ave. so I could get the new yasmine Galenorn book Priestess Dreaming from Barnes & Noble. I also found a book of the Sneaky Pie Brow series.  It's an Orange and purpe cover with a black cat on top wearing a witch hat.
Well once we got home I caught up on the shows I didn't get to watch last night lus I hurt and felt blah. Then all I did was check tweets on the comp, & played a game.


Wed October 1- Today  feel like crap. Got a phone call from the doctor's office I went to yestrrday to aggrivate me. Then I tried to go back to sleep (still feeling like crap...feel like I didn't sleep at all PMS sucks!) Then they called again honestly I have no idea what the problem was! & this is why I get pissed when people can't leave me alone for the first 15 minutes (the least) that i'm awake. vEven my boss knew not to bother me when I first came into work or at least not until 9am (which in a way is true. It takes my brain an hour or 2 to wake up otherwise I'm just running on autopilot!) So when I finally got to moving around I watched the shows I missed last night & a few other days (still there's some from last week to catch up on) one of those shows was
 Family Guy/ Simpsons 1 hour crossover  which was fun. I've been a simpsons fan since it started though I have been a bad goul as I don't get to watch it so I have to try with the on demand. I even have a Bart's guide to life book!  some magazines somewhere as well. If you are a Simsons' fan &/or family guy fan I think You will appreciate it. There's meta jokes rip offs & I just love stewy & Bart together!  I hope someday there can be a reverse crossover where it's a simpsons episode. The homer & Peter fight was epic quite long & just when yuou think it's over.... well I'm giving things away (esp. that of what they get into the fight about). a satisfying episode A

Also I am doing a 31 Night's of Halloween Blog on wordpress 31-nights-of-halloween-1-classics/

Thursday 2-Had appt. with orthopedist, only the assistant came in & he never did seriously? I mean come on you make me waste my time?  After my appointment mom and I went to Central Ave. which is all strips of stores and other assorted businesses. My favorite Author Yasmine Galenorn releeased Priestess Dreaming  from her Otherworld series which is one of my favorite series. Also found a halloween themed mystery by Rita Mae Brown of the 'Sneaky Pie Mysteries' it's cute the character's pets talk & help solve the mysteries!  Stopped next door at Party city & candy 15 pcs. for a $1! Well definatley NOT 'penny' candy anymore! I remember when I could get small gummy fish for a penny each. Mom always let me get a dollar worth. http://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/31-nights-of-horror-2-best-slasher-films/

Friday 3 - Just working on my wordpress blog as I am doing a 31 days of Halloween series   there. 31-horror-3-no-rest-for-the-wiccan-witch/   I also came across these Outerspace Pics   *  These Ten Cutest Animals  are even better!

Saturday 4-  so today I'm just going through email and trying to fix up some stuff on my blogs. Todays entry for  31-nights-of-halloween-4-best-childrens-programming/  please comment in the post any other tv shows & movies for kids. I know there are a few I cannot remember.


Sunday 5- So Kevin Harvick started on Pole lead for a bunch of laps then Joey Lagano took over (see kevin you should have kept penzoil as your sponsor! (& aded bonus you looked so good...PERFECT even in those  colors )
So I jsut wrote a couple letters, watched the race read some of my book, and watched my shows. Once Upon a time which wth the Frozen storyline feels a bit forced. Then the 2 hour season finale of Witches of East End and the season finale of THe Strain won't ruin it but the Master... well really doesn't die easily! not even the ONE way he should die the fastest! I've been doing a 31 days of Halloween feed on my other blog  http://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com/  I post one every day (or sometimes 2 if I'm not sure if I'll be able to get on the computer the next day)
So what would you like to see anything else?

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