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Monday, September 08, 2014

September 2 - monday 8


;-( Sad I'll never get there R.I.P. universal-studios-house-of-horrors-hollywood/

Ok so it's Wednesday 3 so for the past few days on & off I have been setting up the places I will be doing my writing. Sadly I go from 1 place, to basically 'testing' (but likely will leave whatever I post on) I think it's 5 sites, which includes this.

Some of the sites I have already started writing on others I am waiting to see when & if my old squidoo pages (if any) will transfer over to hubpages before I start to post that stuff, then I have to fig. what site would be best to use for the longer pages. Hate this as it's a pain to keep rack of everything & make sure I have them all mentioned on each profile!

ZodiacImmortal on Bubblenews
this way you can hopefully keep up & follow me. (that plus this time if one of them close down (gods I hope not!), then hopefully I won't have to go as crazy backing up! I hope)

so the first article which was a preview of As above so below has been nixed so now I am trying to find out on posting another. So far I have yet to hear back from the person.

I've saved a few pages to ref. but I think I will have to post them to a page to find easily.

So far I have a few posts on Wordpress.. you can check my review on Needle here http://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/sewing-suspense-and-horror-with-needle/

and the rest of them with the wordpress link above (if you want to see what I posted as my profile etc. there's a gear on the page in a brownish color.. that's where to go for all you need to know about me, finding my pages as well as a (hopefullY) one stop 'shop' at see what I've been posting about on my other blogs! (though I think 2 RSS feeds of mine are not working) I also have 2 blogs I sort of follow & more.

Thursday 4th - So today I got up at the ass crack of dawn ( ctually earlier & not on purpose)  GMA  (Good Morning America) was going to have the unveiling of Dancing with the stars season 19 contestants. 3 are Alfonso Ribiero (Fresh Prince of Bel-air) Tommy Chon (of Cheech & Chong fame)  & Michael Waltrip from Nascar read on here for more

I don't know about you but  I thought 'Ginger' meant being a red head? Cumberbatch looks liek light to med. Brown to me... Prince Harry Yes that I'll agree with 7-men-who-prove-being-ginger-is-hot

18 -worst-dogs-for-small-children/2/

Happy Friday 5   here's a funny pet vid... 'talking' Husky
Ok So my Squidoo pages have finally transfered to my Hubpages account

came across this 16 Habits Of Highly Sensitive People in my travels & wonder if this is me
I would love to get one of these Custom Vampire mugs
The count down to mom getting away from me begins! They'll be gone by time I wake in the morning & until she calls the house it will be so peaceful!
 Val and Janel in Season 19 partner.. (I'm already missing Danica)   & anotherjanel-parrish-dwts-pro-val-chmerkovskiy-dish-on-season-19-competition-201459

Ok so I'm not sure if this is Galic (which I think it might be) or Faroese but  any idea for translation?
Alba gu brĂ th!

Saturday & Sunday  The resnts are away so Sully & I shall play!! Well morelike me as I have had my patchwork splayed out on the living room floor figuring out what patches I need to put on it, cutting them out etc. Now I have a little sewing to do of the patches together for a row but I also have  another that I need to find a few more designs to add to.

Monday 8-  Have about 50 more pages left to read in Janet Evanovich's Two for the Dough (I think I may finish by bedtime tonight. I still need to get to re-reading my stories & writing more of them beisdes cleaning the kitchen floor  & tidying up the tagsale stuff.

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