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Sunday, September 28, 2014

WELCOME FALL!!! Sept 22 - 28

Monday 22-
Yeah the leaves are already turning here~! I swear they were green yesterday & now I see some trees are already a dif. color!

Tuesday 23- so I finished that short book Murder in Autumn. before I went to my appt. The story well I enjoyed the student Body more. This just wasn't written well in my opinion. Once it comes to them explaining how the case was solved, it did not carry the same Rhythm (if it ever had any at all) as the beginning of the story. It was as if the beginning of the story and end were written at two different times or by two different people. Maybe it was just a change in the tone, but the first half of the story was easier to read then the end. At times I had to re-read parts. There's no fluff at the beginning as the story picks up right when the case starts. The conclusion was predictable. D

So after my appoinment got home & today is a bit of a chill! (great for first day of Autumn.) Read some of my book Voodoo in New Orleans   and decided to try an anthology as well Thirteen : 13 tales of horror by 13 of the masters of horror  Well after a chapter or 2 of the voodoo one, I started off on the anthology which I didn't get far as I got a chill put a blanket on & before 1pm I dozed off! (for a few hours till 3 or 3:30).

Wednsday 24- I've spent the day (until sometime after 3) catching up with the shows I've missed since,  Well apparently Sunday & Monday isn't the only days that there is too much on (or going to be)  now. Add Tuesdays to that as well! I'm going to be mad with keeping up with the new shows I want to watch & the old ones. Forever & scorpion I think so far I will definately watch I am waiting for How to get away with murder to start but alot of these shows are on the sme time as my other shows I've watched for years! (And frankly even if Vampire Diaries is jsut getting crazy or whatever ytou wat to all it (stupid?) well Ian SOmerhalder (& those Eyes!) win over everything else!
Too bad The originals doesn't get put on in the summer so that those True Blood fans can still get their fang on in the summer!

Forever stars Ioan Groffudd (prounced as Griffith) who in the show they say is 23 (doesn't look close to the that 30 or 35 would be more believeable.) plays a Medical Examiner in NYC and has lived for I think 250 years (so far). He can't die no matter how he does, he just wakes up in water. He has an adopted son who is now older than him. Our Immortal isn't Mr. broody he cracks some jokes and there's lighthearted parts. I love the way he deduces things too bad he & SHerlock Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller) from Elementary can't have a cross over! That would be a freaking fun epiosde or 2! Oh yeah & the actor that plays his son I think is the guy that pays Jeff Goldblum's dad in Independence day.

Scorpion- yes I did watch it just becasue its the symbol of my zodiac sign. Though I was interested in the premise of it. It bit of a twist in a way on the procedural drama. A group of (in lack of a better word) Misfit geniuses is hired by Terminator 2's  'Liquid terminator' to work for the government.  I'm sure you have seen the coming attractions if you are in the States at least. They have to keep a plane full of passangers to keep from crashing as LAX has some sort of computer virus.

Friday 26Bing desktop from Thursday 25th BEAUTIFUL

So I watched How to get away with murder last night (nothing else was on yet) I might keep watching it (or at least free on demand.. which is my dvr &  don't have to pay anything extra!) I love how she says "How to get away with murder" in the commercial it's so creepy, a few times I think it gave me a chill. It might take me a bit more time on this one, as the first episode was somewhat an initiation. She has a large class, & she gets a new case and unlike other classes that teach theory etc. It's baptism by fire. The students have to come up with how to present (defend?) the case and which ever one (if any) bests her's will be used & likely that student will receive the 'trophy' (a statue of  lady Justice) as the best in the class (which she says can be used as an immnity from a test at some point)   She will also choose 5-6 of the students to work with her as well. Other than that there's also some thing going on that the students killed someone I think but this is the mystery of the show (so you can watch it with the mythology or just watch from time to time as well)



Article on Greyston Holt http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?pbid=b8a9d349-d27e-43ab-a0ae-ebfee18a2ad8&error=1&debug=b8a9d349-d27e-43ab-a0ae-ebfee18a2ad8

Saturday 27- So today I worked on fixing my Wordpress blog (see far left sidebar near blog archive), which I was able to get sorted out, published  a few more posts & updated others. 

I saw on bing that well I wasn't aware there could be a warm of earthquakes but apparently so. This  I believe is the most recent as of writing.
http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-california-earthquake-swarm-continues-but-slowing-20140927-story.html  Here's the one that notes some of the  stats  In 36 hours the Mammoth Lake reagion of California had a swarp of earthquakes over a 36 hour period starting on Thursday night! They reanged between 1.0 & 3.8 on the Richter Scale http://www.inquisitr.com/1502917/earthquake-swarm-600-earthquake-rattle-california-mammoth-lakes-in-36-hours/

Wached Doctor Who and the Intruders on BBC America and wondered why they cannot put intruders on before Doctor Who as after watching The Doctor... well everything seems such a bore! I look up at the time while watching intruders thinking the show is at least half to 3/4 over & it's only been 10-15 minnutes it's been on! (UGH!)

Now I'm going to go watch a movie jsut not sure which The Quiet Ones or  The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas box. I don't think I'm going to get to watch any tomorrow as the race is on (and usually after I check my tweets.

Sunday 28
So when I first get on the computer & open IE Bing (my homepage) automatically pops up
What do I see at the bottom for current news topics.. Invisibility Cloak! I think yeah right now way, but sort of though sadly it's not the Harry Potter sort.
Invisibility Cloak a reality!?!?!
New York Scientists unveil Invisibility cloak!
Sadly too bad they don't use this for our Military over seas in the trenches or even cops when they go into a very bad sitch, & maybe (but not sure) firemen. If you are invisible, you can't get hurt can you?. Why not use it for this sort of thing once you refine it?

So I was abe to catch up on a couple rentals, as well as another movie we have by alternate means.
The Quiet Ones, The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box & X-men:Days of Future past.
You can check those once the movie review post is published. (which will be on the 30th or withint the first week of October. Stay tuned. You could of course always look up movies or even just type in one of the movie titles to see if there's a review for it, same goes for shows (which I do need to get going on other reviews (even if it's a returing show, but there's so much & I am still trying to figure out where I'm going to write what or if I just want to post it in just a few pages. I am starting to lean toward removing some of what were squidoo pages (now Hubpages) & post them as pages in my blogs. I have a beauty page on here, but was thinking of posting that as a seperate blog "The beauty Balm' as a wordpress blog! This way I hpe to get everything (more or less) in one spot so the beauty page here may disappear or I may put a few 'exclusives' on it & just link the 2 to each other.

I'm not feeling so hot today. Don't you just love waking up tired? I have an idea why that is, PMS. My eyes feel like I've got some seriously dark spots under my eyes, like they droopin.

Made my seasoned potatoes for lunch (from a can) Love them & at this point I don't even remember what seasons i put in my 'secret seasoning' bottle. But mostly Garlic, some Paprika & a bit of onion powder aside from that no idea.

My Beauty Blog also made it's debut!! The Beauty Balm (on wordpress) I will post what was the beauty balm fromm squidoo into pages in the blog. POsts likely will be a reblog from another blog or that of others that want to contrubute! Just email me w/ your email to invite you, & let me know you want to write!

I was also thinking of making a writing blog  as well but would have to be all varietys, poetry, creative writing, grammar, blogging, & anything else I cannot think of at the moment.

And for those curious about returning or new shows.. I'll be posting reviews on the Telley Page you can also find when your new or returning shows will premire (warning I'm not sure if I have everything posted if I don't have yours my appologies I try and include everything but some things do get looked over)

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