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Friday, October 31, 2014

A missing week October 23- November 3

Previously I'm missing a week as I have been workingon my halloween blog.
and I even though I was ahead, I got behind because they suspended my ZodiacImmortal blog account, which means I couldn't work on anything posts or pages! You are jsut completely blocked out and not able to at least edit anything!

Thursday 23-  So I had an appt. with the pain specialist, got a new prescript for my tramadol & was on my way.  Mail comes hearing Nov 7th (pain!)

Friday 24- Appt. with Dr. V at Mental health clinic and Have to get them to send some records but takes at least a week WTF? if someone is asking for them most likely they need them sooner than that. And with fax why can't you just send I mean what 5 documents at least so we have them. really I don't want to go to the hearing & the F'n judge to say oh the records weren't in on time (the last is 5 days and we had done that the last time but because of the lazy doc. called on for the hearing last time it was either oh I haven't a had a chance to read them.

Sat  25- So mom's tv crapped out a week or 2 ago and so she & dad went grocery shopping and to go to P.C. Richards to see for a new tv. So they get home & mom says they got me an early birthday present and I told her so just give it to  me on my birthday. (Now you know why I'm always bitching, about gift holidays) Says  No it can't wait, so now I'm thinking its some sort of food that's going to go bad.  Dad brings up  the tv she got a 19" for her room, and another for my room cause they were affordable enough!  So being a tv yes.. by the time my b-day rolled around NOv 19th It would be close to the time (if something was wrong with it) the refund would expire.  but really can't can't hooks up one tv, then if it works undo it & try the other so I actually get a surprise gift for my birthday?  This is prob. one reason I feel shitty all the time cause I have to  

1. pick out my own stuff and 
2.ask if it can be a gift.  &
3. then I know what I'm getting


Tuesday 28- So I thought to do a mummy theme (being I'm being a mummy this year) & found a pumpkin just this weekend. I drew it up last night and when I went to look at the pumpkin, not sure if I can pull it off. It's a bit 'flat' prob. best to do  traditional face but even that I'm not sure there's enough of room for!

Painted my nails last night with a Black & red Gothic manicure (black tips with red nail but my left forefinger nail I made red tip w/ black, and my right one being as the nail broke (the tip) I only painted black. I'll likely put a few decals on them and will try to take a picture but not sure how soon I'll be able to post.

Posted my vampire-bible (at least the information I already had typed up.
Tomorrow I'll have to post the recipes and I am working on a history of Halloween, I already have plans for Halloween posts next year let's just hope I can remember where I got the idea from.

Wednesday 29- So mom went to go do laundry and just a minute or 2 after she leaves I get a call from her. Apparently a movie /make that Mini series  titled Show me a Hero  is being filmed on the street behind us, so of course I went to go investigate.

It's about  the  Mayor of Yonkers from the 1990s  who is said to have committed suicide November 1993 (which I don't believe)

Ew seriously they choose that guy to play the 'baby' mayor as mom would call him. That's just insulting

Some  of the stories at the time
ex-yonkers-mayor-s-death-is-laid-to-fears-of-inquiry * mystery-of-young-politician-s-death.html
meet-nicholas-wisicsko-the-youngest-mayor.html *

Halloween!!!! (october 31st. for those that do not know)
I'm still alive. though I'm wrapped in bandages... I'm being the mummy of an Egyptian priestess. My darn adhesive stuff from last year was all messed up so I had to make a Elmer's glue water mix to put the gauze on my face I'e got a pair of long john pants on & a piece of  white fabric over (a shirt) to looks somewhat Like a dress. Make up earrings, and I am slowly getting my ace bandages on  other parts of me & I'll jsut have some cheese cloth over the white to look like the bandaged for the middle of my bod

OMG some little boy dressed as Capt. american got scared of my costume! When I went down to hand out some treats he saw me coming down then at some point (I guess one the light hit me)  I just saw him tense, the eyes grow wide then SCREAMS.... & runs to the adult with the group!
When I got upstairs dad was cracking up as he was watching

November 3rd-  So I'm just hear after the weekend trying to catch up on

November 1st & 2nd  I Didn't go on the computer, as I had some shows I still had to catch up on, and movies as well  (Satan's Play ground & The Black Waters of Echo Pond (you will find them when I make the november review page,.)  Wrote a letter or 2 read a bit of my book. Watched Doctor Who & Benedict Cumberbatch on the Graham Norton show.  Sunday I just had one more show to catch up with and watched NASCAR Cup Chase race.. My drive Harvick is still in so far & finished 2nd. Tried to make my pumpkin seeds and sadly for some reason they caught fire (even though I was using the same instructions I have always used!) But then again I do get clumsy this time of month (::winks::)

back to the 3rd.... Watched Deliver us from Evil, now I'll have to try and get some things done I wasn't able to while doing the 31 days of Halloween now.. I just have to try to sort out my scorpio stuff

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