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Monday, October 13, 2014

Chilling whispers doth call October 6-12

Monday 6- Celebrating Supernatural's 10th season there's a special on tonight and omorrow the new season starts! (as well as the other CW shows) Tuesday 7 -so after my phone appointment  I wached Lost Boys on the blu-ray (though I have the dvd) but it was still good to see it  on a bigger screen. and FINALLY I come across the Icebucket Challenge for the Hemsworths including brother Luke! When Liam first came on I couldn't help my start laughing at what he was wearing... (why not jsut board shorts?)

How'd ya likeone of these cars?  Fastest Production cars

Wednesday 8th- Last night was the premire of the Flash on the CW you can see the review in the Telley page So what happenes when Kangaroos have a domestic dispute? you just let them be!!

Thursday 9- so went to my appt. was a hearing but I'll just say someone on the gov't end idn't do their job so it has to be rescheduled

YEAH!!! Kevin Harvick won the race last night!!!! SO we're still in the cup chase! & with that win get into the next round!
While waiting for the race tehre was a college football (american) game on. which 5 minutes equals a half hour becasue they can't moe their asses & haveto always stop the clock. (there's a reason for the clock) anyway so it was I t ink TSU vs Bangor which had Gold helmets so I was making cracks about it. Bangor was behind majorly but holy crap did they make a serious comback & WOn!!!
as for Harvick winning.... 1. I think it was to make up for the fact I couldn't watch the whole race. Doctor WHo, Intruders & Grahm Norton were on (& luke Evans was on Graham Norton)
2. Mom found the Octoberfest beer I like so I froze it before rinking (as I always do) and drank it while the race was on. If youy are not much of a beer drinker, (which i'm not) I'd duggest to try this.
Another cheer Walking Dead starts tonight!~ can't wait

 Well Walking Dead pre mire kicked off on a err.. 'high' note energetic and packed full of action.

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