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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Starling Archives

Season 3


Season 2
The FLash *
on Chelsea lately
Is Arrow the best live action show...ever?
Stephen talks Fatherhood & being a superhero * Dr. Ivo cast * The Flash Cast


Season 1

'non-stop' finale * Arrow @ Wondercon 'Sizzle' reel * Arrow Parkour
ARROW pics & an article in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY #1252 March 29 2013 Opened cover, turned a page & I nearly fell on my butt)
Presenting at Canadaian Screen Awards*Tv Ratings who's Hot & not*Early Show Renewals*
Justice earned*Dark turn for fan faves * Co-own Knocking Point Winery * National Post Worthy 30
Stephen tweeted this EW pic on his page (which I thank goodness subscribe to) ... The Feb 27th 2013 16th episode in which he kept calling the "Holy Sh-- Balls" episodebecause so much was going on and a bomb so to speak drops
Summer break Action figures to be unveiled at Comic con
Arrow Comic Con & more news

---}}----SPOILER ALERT-------> season 1 finale
Arrow cast on Tommy Merlyn & Colin Donnell
-}}--Do not read unless You watched Finale-->

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