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Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Movie Reviews

Satan's Playground- so this family gets stuck in the woods in their car on some dead pine needles. They're too dumb to find a few twigs or small branches to put in front & behind the tire to get some traction so they deserve whatever is going to happen (and I know it likely won't be good!). One of them leaves and finds a house and the old lady says she's Mrs. Leeds (um.. the same as the one that gave birth to the jersey devil?... You betcha!) So they are in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey .
Nothing original, just a road trip gone bad movie and you never get to see the Jersey Devil. D- Disappoints and plain stupid

The Black Waters of Echo Pond-  well thank goodness this was better than the above. A bunch of 'kids' (I guess at least college age) are on vacation to some island I think around Maine. One of them finds some hidden 'treasure'  in the basement  which brings out the friends' dark sides and pits them against one another. Definitely not original as the evil game board have been done before but I enjoyed watching this one which I think had a twist  C

Deliver us from evil - Starring Eric Bana as an undercover cop. When something fishy  happens at the Bronx Zoo (finally the place of some of my fave childhood memories is in a horror movie!) It's just another possessed exorcisim movie. It was ok but Hollywood needs to move on to some other sub-genre C

Slaughter- Lost interest pretty quick. from what I saw ,it looked like  a rip off of something I saw yeas ago (or a few different ones) D-

Neighbors- pretty stupid, but there's at least some literal laugh out loud moment. Of course THE best part was already played out and oiver played being in the trailers C-

The Signal- I don't have much of anything to say = NOT GOOD. Now I know why I didn't hear much about it, bet it lost money too. THe only 'good' thing (note sarcasm) is it didn't go in the way I thought, sadly it wasn't unique and the ending well I'll just say to Doctor Who fans, didn't we already see something like this in Peter Capaldi's first season (in was it 2nd or 3rd to last episode?)  D-

St. Vincent- Bill Murray & Melissa McCarthy star in this comedy. She moves in with her son next door to Murray's curmudgeonly  character. He's broke and ends u watching her boy, and takes a liking to the kid.  The movie is actually funny and the "you're the only Puerto Rican Polak" line (I'm part polish) had me cracking up, though on a delay as I wasn't sure if I had heard right. Enjoyable & worth the watch B

All is Bright- Was this Paul Rudd Paul Giamatti (sp?) movie supposed to be a comedy? I mean paul rudd as a cnadianwas pretty much the only laugh I got with the blatant 'Aboot'. Aside from that the movie is a cure for insomnia.  D-

3 days to kill- I think I got this for dad it looked alright plenty of action as far as I could see but sadly the dark disk froze a time or 2  (Incomplete)

Welcome to the Punch- starring James McAvoy who plays detective Max Lewinsky who in his in-experience (at the beginning) loses a foot chase to criminal Jacob Sternwood played by Mark Strong .
After Sternwood's son Ruan ('Walter' from Scorpion) is involved in a boched heist and ends up injured so Dad returns and the Detective is back on the hunt. I enjoyed the movie, nice action thriller but for me something felt missing maybe a few more layers I'm not sure but I'd say a high C or low B

See No Evil - Oh wow a Clean shaven Greyston Holt! 
takes place after the events of the last movie, they are bringing the bodies in. WWE's Kane is back in the role of Jacob Goodnight (can't help but snicker for the irony of the last name) . In some parts you feel the intense emotions the characters do (or maybe I just got really into the movie). Wow that's an original way to die.. (not ruining it not even whose it is)  Tho not climatic, so would totally have been a disappointment if it ended with that bu thankfully it does not. The terror of a maniac in a morgue or medical facility is nothing new but this was some what a fresh look (to me in a way) not to mention the 'action' thank goodness they would move on just when the scene would be close to losing me. C+

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever:
  Now this is a Christmas Movie I can take! (not to mention Lifetime movie) which are usually awful. The action and cliche predicable story lines are just idiotic.Grumpy cat well how many movies are basically the same no matter what holiday or not.

The movie is at least fun, and for those of us that say Bah Hum Bug... like me you will appreciate Grumpy cat's remarks. (Honestly I wish Christmas shows would have Grumpy Cat pop ups...) This isn't just pop up remarks etc. yes The cat knon as Grumpy cat whose real name i heard is Tartar Sauce (no one she's got a grumpy face) learn more about her here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grumpy_Cat

If you can catch a re-airing or when available get it on video.
(I just hope you can get sarcastic humor otherwise you may then not find it funny)

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