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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Gobble Gobble

Tuesday 25- so yesterday there was some excitement on my block! Only (about) 3-4 houses down to be exact. A movie was being filmed, titled Show me a hero     about a late mayor of our city in the 90's Nick Wasicsko.

I am told Jim Belushi, Alfred Molina & Wynona Ryder are in the movie, but we were told they had done their scenes already & theirs are mostly in City Hall as they play a couple of the politicians. THe rest of the cast you likely have not heard of. It's slotted for a fall 2015 release (I think) on HBO; but keep a look, or shall I say ear out. I will be posting as find out more. I did get a few pictures but have to get somewhere to be able to post them (sadly I have not been able to fix the slot for the SD cards)

One of my neighbors cars they even put different License Plates on (as it was an old blue van a light color) & they put New Jersey Plates from the time on it (and the color just about matches!) A couple of the crew hung out with us in one of the drive ways (2 houses down from mine) Alisa & Malcolm who were nice and well took my neighbor busting their chops the whole time.

They had posted signs around the 'hood no parking from sunday night at 10 to last night at 10pm but I think they were done before 10 as we noticed at 8 that the spotlight (aka The Sun) was off. They filmed on the street during daylight and there was a pinto they would have drive the wrong way on our street (as it's a one way). You couldn't see much of anything down there other than the crew. If I had a clue of who the actors were I could have had a few photos as they came off lunch but other than maybe 2 faces on the cast list (link in movie title) which I think were the 2 in the Pinto, I don't think anyone else looks familiar.
I think they also filmed in one of the houses or in the back yard so that was pretty cool. I wish I could have got some sort of shot (better) inside the house or something when they were not yet filming. (wish I could have got just one Picture for all of you but hey I'm not going to get in trouble for something I'm sure isn't going to be in the theater, but unless it's Taylor Kitsch, Luke Evans or Chris Hemsworth, then it's not worth getting in trouble over!

Turkey Day- (being written on Dec 2) we had pork roast think I just hung out & watched movies & wrote letters. May have gone on the computer for a bit but played games. Was a relaxing day

December 2- Ouch I have been neglecting this blog trying to get my wordpress ones set up as well as getting Hubpages edited. Not much else happening. Had an anxiety attack this morning as I thought I overslept and missed an appointment. 

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