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Friday, December 18, 2015

Parent's Handbook supplies

I have a few sections here, one is Memory Books for mom & dad, sick day themed reading books & over the counter medicine to help with that throat and so on.

Here are those Mommy & Daddy Diaries I told you about. They all have the preview option to see if you'd like to purchase the book. These are a great help for those that don't have the time for scrapbooking, or are not into crafting or journaling.


Here's some sick day themed reading, and I think the sponge bob one is free on kindle

Some Medicines to help soothe


Some other assorted fare

Give a double gift... You can give this to the grandparents as a gift and then they can write letters to the baby this is a great keepsake especially if they pass while the child is still young (too young to remember them or to get to ask the question they want to know