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Silver Screen

This is just going to be a General Movie page  You can find EVERYTHING  on my other blog as

I've made an entertainment blog 
most of this information as well as what is on Talking Telly HAS been  moved to the new spot.
 I hope you will follow me over there 


This Blogspot blog may likely end up as an archive or posting what might go against the TOS on WP.  So basically its an Annex for the main.


Reference Information

*Release Calendar  

for Updates You will need to go to MUlti-screen Mo_T_Vision

 Terminator sequels titled Genisys (or at least I think it's a sequel) will be out July 1 2015 with sequels due out for the 2nd & 3rd May 19 2017 & June 29 2018

 This is what I try cover in my reviews (and a great suggestion as well.

Ratings:   Originality: 5/5   Length: 5/5  Plot: 4/5  Characters: 5/5  Cast/acting   Set-up/ Execution    Cliché factor   entertainment   Value   Package  Creativity  Emotion, Surprise, Authenticity   Script/screenplay Editing Score, CGI Action Choreography      Quality  (rise or decline)     Overall    Depth Range Emotion


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