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Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm against animal cruelty (unless it's a snake or spider) but I couldn't help but shed tears crying at this esp. the Jaws reference as well the first time I ever remember going to the beach was in New Jersey and the first thing I asked was "Are there sharks in this water'  (& that was because I saw jaws when I was like 5!)
Having seen that hundreds of times & Sharknado a few (waiting for the sequel lol) The Irony in this and well hey at least the guy was smart enough NOT to punch the shark in the nose which I always said proabbly pisses them off more then makes them go away.  YEars later I start hearing my assumption was correct. I've even herad it on shark week to punch them in the gills, one problem depending on the sizze of the shark (& should it have a bite on you & where) those gills will be hard to punch, not to mention you punch underwater which would equal maybe to 25-50% of your normal strength would that limit of your strength be enough?  

shark killed by tourist bite & YES you read that right! A SHARK bitten by a PERSON!
What fin did he bit the dorsel or what?  Great Idea, buuuuut I would only want to warn it away not hurt it. (Although I'd be happy if the darn thing gave up a hopefully already loose tooth for a trophy!)

(& honestly that is the ONLY way they'd be aloud to bite me... at least bite my left arm & leave me a tooth for a necklace Hey Boyfriends kiss & give Chocolates, flowers or jewlery the least the shark can do is leave its (living) victims a tooth to show it's 'love' 

and to the activists... as I said I'm against animal cruelty and wish there were laws that at least when it comes to a domestic house pet like dogs & cats that if we see it being harmed that we can lawfully take that S.O.B. down our selves preferably doing to that person everything we just saw them do to the animal.  As for the guy who bit 'jaws'  well.. I give him cheers & jeers. I understand it being a Bull shark (which is known to sometimes nosh on people in shallow water) and you felt your life was in danger, and it was self defence. A punch would have been fine but maybe you didn't know about the gills thing. I don't like hunting but if you didn't the least you could do is respect & honor it by eating the darn shark (wait are bull sharks even edible?) like the indians would use everything they'd hunt.

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