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Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Breeze Monday June 23- Monday June 30

3pm  Monday June 23

I hope embedding this video works... otherwise I hope you can still at least click to be brought to it..

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Why is this place the world's most expensive restaurant?

nintendo gaming consoles-throughout-the-years

Tuesday 24th
 Yeah I made another one! My 3rd pair of the summer, & have more ideas in mind!
Wednesday  25
the highest I noticed it was today was 90 + humid!
Yeah Big Brother starts tonight.. (which means it's officially summer not sure how I feel about that as the summer <I guess the humidity> aggrivates my back & hip more
Last night I had an odd dream, some would call it a nightmare but I wasn't scared of it.. I remember something like running  through a parking lot trying to hide from someone or thing (not sure if I knew at that point what) but I remember being in some sort of arcade or some hang out for kids or whoever I was with a few people then this Freddy Kreuger red & green stripped (I think it was a) Bupper Car comes & stops in front of me. The whole time I know I'm in a dream IN a dream & telling myself to wake up wake up.. LMAO! Of course I wake up once I see a hand with freddy claws coming at me!   I love horror movies & it's been a few weeks since I watched that documentary so delayed reaction or what?
The only thing I can think it meant.. was that (well I learn when I get on squidoo.com) Squidoo is 'retiring'  itunes & You tube modules.. (which means I have to back up like everything! They can't tell us like 3-6 months ahead of time!!! So now other than what is already on the site.. I think any other ideas I get i'll possibly put here (this way the other way they still have to pay me royalties!)
Had an Appointment then got mcDonald's (I got a happy meal for myself being as it was for the HOw to train your dragon 2 & The black one reminds me of my cat, (you'd ahve to meet her to understand)
so I was hoping to get something with the black dragon  sadly no.. It was the 2 headed one which is I think suppsed to be a frizbee 
While going to get a presription I found the new Mountain Dew!!  Limited Time ONLY~ for summer!!  called Baja Blast
also saw a few books I want but at the moment for some reason the pic does not want to post ...
grrrr well I guess I'll have to hand list them instead of just a quick Pic!!

  • Born to darkness by Suzanne Brockman
  • One Lucky Vampire by Lyndsay Sands
  • Back to the Bedroom by Janet Evanovich
  • The Tombs (I think ) By Clive Cussler
  • Vampire most wanted     by Lyndsay Sands
  • Full Tilt by Janet Evanovich  ( I have 2 other books to get to from this series but in case I like it)
  •  Bound by Night  Larissa Ione
Friday 27- I woke up feeling as normal as my back & hip get. I don't think I was limping etc. Of course by the afternoon it's as if a ghost is grabbing my spine & squeezing. I can't move Icing it didn't help etc. Not even my pain pills! Of course like with any time I'm in pain I dozed off (no idea why but it's like someone jsut hits me on the head with a mallet & out I go!

Saturday 28- So today my back is no better, though at least I was able to check my tweets & backjed up a few more of my squidoo pages so far.
I do have another movie to watch & need to get the review of the others I watched written for my movie lens. I'll hopefully get to that today otherwise tomorrow.. The race is on tonight & am really so not in the mood to be on the computer today but I do need to try to keep up so I figured I'd come on a bit.
    Maybe I'll see if my back can take me making a set of earrings.. (or at least start the planning of designs.
    & Big Brother is back!  (Guilty Pleasure.. & the only 'reality' show I watch (but it's also games so I have fun watching those too)  http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/E6C1C172-0E9F-2202-6CEB-E9B63065F21B/big-brother-houseguests-dance/   So far I'm rooting for Frankie (with the pink hair) the girl with the blue hair & Caleb & Christine
    but mostly Frankie  There's already a couple aliences & som eof those pees are in bigger ones etc. The one big one 'The Bomb Squad' of 6 guys & one guy without asking the others brought in 2 of the girls!! (boot him out NOW!!)  I'm misssing 'The Brigade' \
    There's another Hayden  but Wrong one & wrong season! 

    Stopped over at my Aunt's today to get
      on how to take care of her dog (which has changed a bit since last time I took care of Zoe (the dog's name)
    I totally forgot to bring her gift.. a new shirt that I had purchased a few yers ago & never wore. Plus a pair of earrings I made for her!  (which when the blog will let me post the pic I will.. but it will not co-operate at this time)
I have some of my stuff packed so I just have to try to remember the last minute stuff  like the panner I makes notes in of what I want to remind myself off  (which I uses everyday & is more reminder than panner!)  the container I have some of the beads I've been working with now to make the earrings. and whatever else I think of in the meantime.. besides some food as well as make a list of what to get at the grocery store when I go to her house she had some yummy tasting flavored soda water Pineapple coconut (but WHY if it's the 2 together the companies jsut don't write ina colada? It's tastes the same it jsut doesn't ahve the alchohol in it)
So tonight my fave show from last summer comes on.. Under the Dome
anyway I tink that's is more than enough bable! I will try to do a crafts related theme of the blog soon. It may just take time.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Sizzle

Here's an assorted bunch of topics to get you through the summer.
Topics enclosed... trips, Beauty, Destinations. Packing, making somethig for someone, Beach, something from the years ago, and a few packing lists, some music (or at least for those fans of reock & metal)

To start...  Summer beauty tips ---> find more beauty tips & tricks click here,<---  & skin-sin should all be of help to you!

once you have read that and have your packing & so on sorted out its
time for vacation destination ideas? Well here are some for scorpios from Xtrology hopefully you have not already been to them before.

Now is that road trip just to the beach or a vacation spot? ether way we have

So now that you know where you are going it's time to pack (be careful of hitchhikers like that above.. asking:  "You're leaving me? Wait til you get home. I'm gonna leave a present right on your pillow!" Here's my  road-trip-survival-guide  & a Packing List
There's all sorts of suggestions in there for the family with or with out children. I've also suggested some basic supplies as well
for your  road trip or vacation over the summer, through past times when I was young, as well as currently I have written my own

beach-blanket-fun-in-the-sun  with beach & summer safety guide, check list of what to bring (or at least what we do for suggestions), as well as tips & tricks & a plkaylist of summer tunes (note I am still adding to it) & supplies

Now that you have arrived to your destination get to the beach & beach-blanket-boogie

Keep an eye out for peers & your kids in the water to Prevent Drowning accidents

be careful of Heat stroke esp. for your fur baby, here they have a special doggy water bottle  http://pets.squidoo.com/heat-stroke-in-dog-days-of-summer

Make something special  for yourself or someone's summer birthday even as a host gift if invited to a B-B-Q

If you are camping backpacking or just want to relax in the back yard... check out this new twist on the hammock https://roadtrippers.com/blog/amazing-new-hammock-takes-comfortable-napping-to-new-heights

Get a new day pack for your man or yourself (there are some unisex types as well) hey guys don't forget a little extra on the Grooming

One last thing I'd like to touch on... is the abandoned Drive in movie theaters. I was fortunate when I was in high School (i think it was) that I got to see my Cousin Vinny & there was another movie that came on before or after) in a Drive in that was somewhere in Connecticut  I wish they would fix some of them up (or at least the signs themselve & start again. Maybe that way it would be more an event night (& cheaper) than going to an indoor version?

Travel Light: packing tips  These 2 list will be posted to the roadtrips page when I can, for now.. you can only find them here

Don't forget the Entertainment

Avenged Sevenfold aka A7X Announce Waking the Fallen: Resurrected
Another piece of the Summer of Sevenfold has been revealed. Exactly eleven years after the original release date, "Waking the Fallen: Resurrected" will be out 8/26 on Hopeless Records. The new release includes 11 never before heard songs, 23 total tracks, new artwork, the original first cut of the music video for “Unholy Confessions” and a 30 minute film featuring never before seen archived footage up to the present day band, directed/edited by Rafa Alcantara. Pre-order now at HopelessRecords.com/resurrected! Plus that's not all!! The game the guys had made http://deathbatgame.com/

Godsmack will be releasing a new album 1000hp on  August 5th

Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekly RunDown Wednesday 18 - Monday 23

 Google & Youtube to delete indy artists from its site!!    let them know your Displeasure!!

Ok here's news & other items I came along the rest of the week.

kevin-durand, lothaire-bluteau,morgane-polanski joining Vikings Vikings Season

Fashion news & info why-you-should-never-wash-your-jeans

Saturday 21
SO this weekend I went to a baby shower.. for Laura (from her sis Debbie) their family was like a 2nd one to me, as when mom worked their other would watch me during the summer. So I sort of had adopted sisters. The family is 'crazy' but I mean that in a funny way. They are silly! I so miss the camping trips even though if we weren't in the water, at the amusement park or roasting marshmellos.. I hated it! But alot of the funny things happened while we were camping (I def. do not miss waking up at 4 or 5 am to get the car packed with tent, & all that other stuff & go.
I'll have to see if any pictures came out decent & then post them (likely in a later post if I remember)

and now for some humor.. Top-Ten-reasons-why-the-Irish-swear-so-much.html
Watch this cat.. He's not Normal they usually run & this one well watch & listen Vacum Cat


Special  EDITION Summer blog     will be published in a few days the 25th the earliest.
I will have the Best destinations for scorpio in there and much more!

Oh no.. there's an actual ugliest dog contest!! https://roadtrippers.com/blog/meet-the-contestants-in-sonoma-county-fairs-worlds-ugliest-dog-contest


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is getting annoying

I was thinking I wouldn't write in this every day, but at least once up to 2-3 times a week but not 3 days in a row...

This one will be short! It's just an announcement for those of you that watch a certasin show & read a certain book series

I forgot to mention that yesterday one of my favorite authors Janet Evanovich came out with a new book in her stephanie-plum series titled Top secret Twenty One.

This sunday the 22nd the final season of True Blood starts and here's a page I wrote up on the show includes a drinking game I found and True bLood rcipes as well as my homemade version!

So yesterday was our 2nd Hot day here in NY.  we had the A/C on for the aftenoon but when the temp dropped we turned it off. Sadly later at night it seemed to rise again and I couldn't fall asleep. That annoying mix of Tired & wired (which usually is part of the reason  I end up with an anxiety attack when I'm trying to fall asleep or wake up with one.)

aside from this.. if I start to write more this week.. I'll try to just wait to publish it on saturday or Sunday!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Crafty hands & Fashionable ears!

Oh I forgot to mention yesterday I made a review of Game of Thrones

Today I have jsut been updating the How to Journal Pages
 How to use a Journal  How to Journal 2    How to use a Journal 3 - Theme Journal  Theme Journal 2 - pre made journals

So yesterday I left with a question of if I should include a quick how to in pics on crumms-summercrafts  or to make a whole page. well I did both
here's the  How to Make your own earrings page
so that is now 2 pairs of erings I've made for myself (yet sadly not the lapis ones I've been waiting to for years! as the manufacturer did not fully drill through the bead.
I also have finally been able to update my Road Trip Survival Page
So after this.. What do you think of a blog for Summer related stuff Like Beauty, reading and so on?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Crafty Fathers' Day

Yesterday was Father's day here in the U.S.  my dad smokes cigars so we got him a 10 pack from the place he orders from and a travel humidor (which was a special deal for additional $5)  He liked it, and the best... He didn't have any cigars left! We also had Bacon, Eggs, Hashbrowns & toast for breakfast. The Bacon made the hosue smell like my Grams when I'd sleep over & she made bacon for breakfast while I watched Saturday Morning cartoons.

So far today I've added some information to a few of the pages I have on squidoo.com

My favorite band Godsmacks new album 1000hp will be out soon (check thelink for date)
I've posted a temporary review for  Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs

Here's the earrings I made over the weekend
©KimMarie Ostrowski

I included them (& some what started an album of how to make them to my 'Crumms' (Summer Crafts) page. Now if only I could decide if I want to do a how to on this page or a totaly seperate one (which might be better as it would be a proper 'How to' format). (should I do a quick summary as a photo album? Then have the full how to page? please tell me what you think
Where do I get my 'crafty' from? I'd say my pop-pop (Grandpa) my father's dad made bunk beds for the guestroom in their house, he made our Grandfather Clock too! he would also fix clocks. My dad.. I don't think there's anything he hasn't been able to fix for me yet! The first holiday that I didn't have a gift to put together, my mother told me he said "There's nothing for me to put together" so I keep asking her to get me something that dad CAN put together (or heck just get us a big set of legos I miss playing with those with my dad, & so which now my favorite Simpsons epiosde was the one where They were all legos.

I made a page for a 'quest' for grilling & well we don't ahve a grill but my dad makes kimchi-dogs frankly it's just putting that foul smelling Korean cabbage  on top of the dog, but you can check out the rest on the page.

As I have been doing reading Quests... I haven't done a Top list for summer reading but for recommendations Top 3 Favorite books of 2012 summer reading

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So there's been a few movies and even a show or 2 about some prehistoric sized shark called the megalodon. Is there any chance there's some truth to these? I came across a show on this I think the end of May (2014) and  now we are here in June & what pops up on my aol news.. something-in-the-ocean-is-eating-great-white-sharks whatever it was ate a 9 foot female shark, who's tag washed up on shore.... (watch video in link)

Which brings to mind a certain quote from Jaws which would most definately be true:
"I think You're gonna need a bigger boat"
For me the only one would be the large military one the planes take off from! (or something maybe half to 3/4 that size) 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Godsmack Release new Single 1000hp

Boston Metal band, Godsmack release new single 1000hp (horsepower)
As usual they do not disappoint!  It's err.. well Smacks you in your face and fully cranks! can't wait for the album to come out! I can't help but air drum with my legs!
If the all the songs on the album are anything like 1000hp... I would say our asses will be kicked!
I'm trying NOT to listen to it over an over again so I'm not sick of it by the time the album comes out I'm on my 3rd listen as I am typing, of the lyrics I have caught so far...

Turn that shit up louder! Make it all go faster! Play it through the witching hour! Take it to 1000hp

love it!
I'd say the 'headbangers' song of the summer' & possibly (if it hasn't happened yet) Sturgis' new theme song!

Learn more about godsmack here

& P.S.  http://www.playbuzz.com/amandapond10/which-mythical-creature-is-hidden-inside-you I got Fairy