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Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Breeze Monday June 23- Monday June 30

3pm  Monday June 23

I hope embedding this video works... otherwise I hope you can still at least click to be brought to it..

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Why is this place the world's most expensive restaurant?

nintendo gaming consoles-throughout-the-years

Tuesday 24th
 Yeah I made another one! My 3rd pair of the summer, & have more ideas in mind!
Wednesday  25
the highest I noticed it was today was 90 + humid!
Yeah Big Brother starts tonight.. (which means it's officially summer not sure how I feel about that as the summer <I guess the humidity> aggrivates my back & hip more
Last night I had an odd dream, some would call it a nightmare but I wasn't scared of it.. I remember something like running  through a parking lot trying to hide from someone or thing (not sure if I knew at that point what) but I remember being in some sort of arcade or some hang out for kids or whoever I was with a few people then this Freddy Kreuger red & green stripped (I think it was a) Bupper Car comes & stops in front of me. The whole time I know I'm in a dream IN a dream & telling myself to wake up wake up.. LMAO! Of course I wake up once I see a hand with freddy claws coming at me!   I love horror movies & it's been a few weeks since I watched that documentary so delayed reaction or what?
The only thing I can think it meant.. was that (well I learn when I get on squidoo.com) Squidoo is 'retiring'  itunes & You tube modules.. (which means I have to back up like everything! They can't tell us like 3-6 months ahead of time!!! So now other than what is already on the site.. I think any other ideas I get i'll possibly put here (this way the other way they still have to pay me royalties!)
Had an Appointment then got mcDonald's (I got a happy meal for myself being as it was for the HOw to train your dragon 2 & The black one reminds me of my cat, (you'd ahve to meet her to understand)
so I was hoping to get something with the black dragon  sadly no.. It was the 2 headed one which is I think suppsed to be a frizbee 
While going to get a presription I found the new Mountain Dew!!  Limited Time ONLY~ for summer!!  called Baja Blast
also saw a few books I want but at the moment for some reason the pic does not want to post ...
grrrr well I guess I'll have to hand list them instead of just a quick Pic!!

  • Born to darkness by Suzanne Brockman
  • One Lucky Vampire by Lyndsay Sands
  • Back to the Bedroom by Janet Evanovich
  • The Tombs (I think ) By Clive Cussler
  • Vampire most wanted     by Lyndsay Sands
  • Full Tilt by Janet Evanovich  ( I have 2 other books to get to from this series but in case I like it)
  •  Bound by Night  Larissa Ione
Friday 27- I woke up feeling as normal as my back & hip get. I don't think I was limping etc. Of course by the afternoon it's as if a ghost is grabbing my spine & squeezing. I can't move Icing it didn't help etc. Not even my pain pills! Of course like with any time I'm in pain I dozed off (no idea why but it's like someone jsut hits me on the head with a mallet & out I go!

Saturday 28- So today my back is no better, though at least I was able to check my tweets & backjed up a few more of my squidoo pages so far.
I do have another movie to watch & need to get the review of the others I watched written for my movie lens. I'll hopefully get to that today otherwise tomorrow.. The race is on tonight & am really so not in the mood to be on the computer today but I do need to try to keep up so I figured I'd come on a bit.
    Maybe I'll see if my back can take me making a set of earrings.. (or at least start the planning of designs.
    & Big Brother is back!  (Guilty Pleasure.. & the only 'reality' show I watch (but it's also games so I have fun watching those too)  http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/E6C1C172-0E9F-2202-6CEB-E9B63065F21B/big-brother-houseguests-dance/   So far I'm rooting for Frankie (with the pink hair) the girl with the blue hair & Caleb & Christine
    but mostly Frankie  There's already a couple aliences & som eof those pees are in bigger ones etc. The one big one 'The Bomb Squad' of 6 guys & one guy without asking the others brought in 2 of the girls!! (boot him out NOW!!)  I'm misssing 'The Brigade' \
    There's another Hayden  but Wrong one & wrong season! 

    Stopped over at my Aunt's today to get
      on how to take care of her dog (which has changed a bit since last time I took care of Zoe (the dog's name)
    I totally forgot to bring her gift.. a new shirt that I had purchased a few yers ago & never wore. Plus a pair of earrings I made for her!  (which when the blog will let me post the pic I will.. but it will not co-operate at this time)
I have some of my stuff packed so I just have to try to remember the last minute stuff  like the panner I makes notes in of what I want to remind myself off  (which I uses everyday & is more reminder than panner!)  the container I have some of the beads I've been working with now to make the earrings. and whatever else I think of in the meantime.. besides some food as well as make a list of what to get at the grocery store when I go to her house she had some yummy tasting flavored soda water Pineapple coconut (but WHY if it's the 2 together the companies jsut don't write ina colada? It's tastes the same it jsut doesn't ahve the alchohol in it)
So tonight my fave show from last summer comes on.. Under the Dome
anyway I tink that's is more than enough bable! I will try to do a crafts related theme of the blog soon. It may just take time.


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