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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Sizzle

Here's an assorted bunch of topics to get you through the summer.
Topics enclosed... trips, Beauty, Destinations. Packing, making somethig for someone, Beach, something from the years ago, and a few packing lists, some music (or at least for those fans of reock & metal)

To start...  Summer beauty tips ---> find more beauty tips & tricks click here,<---  & skin-sin should all be of help to you!

once you have read that and have your packing & so on sorted out its
time for vacation destination ideas? Well here are some for scorpios from Xtrology hopefully you have not already been to them before.

Now is that road trip just to the beach or a vacation spot? ether way we have

So now that you know where you are going it's time to pack (be careful of hitchhikers like that above.. asking:  "You're leaving me? Wait til you get home. I'm gonna leave a present right on your pillow!" Here's my  road-trip-survival-guide  & a Packing List
There's all sorts of suggestions in there for the family with or with out children. I've also suggested some basic supplies as well
for your  road trip or vacation over the summer, through past times when I was young, as well as currently I have written my own

beach-blanket-fun-in-the-sun  with beach & summer safety guide, check list of what to bring (or at least what we do for suggestions), as well as tips & tricks & a plkaylist of summer tunes (note I am still adding to it) & supplies

Now that you have arrived to your destination get to the beach & beach-blanket-boogie

Keep an eye out for peers & your kids in the water to Prevent Drowning accidents

be careful of Heat stroke esp. for your fur baby, here they have a special doggy water bottle  http://pets.squidoo.com/heat-stroke-in-dog-days-of-summer

Make something special  for yourself or someone's summer birthday even as a host gift if invited to a B-B-Q

If you are camping backpacking or just want to relax in the back yard... check out this new twist on the hammock https://roadtrippers.com/blog/amazing-new-hammock-takes-comfortable-napping-to-new-heights

Get a new day pack for your man or yourself (there are some unisex types as well) hey guys don't forget a little extra on the Grooming

One last thing I'd like to touch on... is the abandoned Drive in movie theaters. I was fortunate when I was in high School (i think it was) that I got to see my Cousin Vinny & there was another movie that came on before or after) in a Drive in that was somewhere in Connecticut  I wish they would fix some of them up (or at least the signs themselve & start again. Maybe that way it would be more an event night (& cheaper) than going to an indoor version?

Travel Light: packing tips  These 2 list will be posted to the roadtrips page when I can, for now.. you can only find them here

Don't forget the Entertainment

Avenged Sevenfold aka A7X Announce Waking the Fallen: Resurrected
Another piece of the Summer of Sevenfold has been revealed. Exactly eleven years after the original release date, "Waking the Fallen: Resurrected" will be out 8/26 on Hopeless Records. The new release includes 11 never before heard songs, 23 total tracks, new artwork, the original first cut of the music video for “Unholy Confessions” and a 30 minute film featuring never before seen archived footage up to the present day band, directed/edited by Rafa Alcantara. Pre-order now at HopelessRecords.com/resurrected! Plus that's not all!! The game the guys had made http://deathbatgame.com/

Godsmack will be releasing a new album 1000hp on  August 5th


Jane said...
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Jane said...

I loved your road trip lens. I've actually always fancied getting one of those camper vans and just taking off somewhere. Thanks for all those great tips too