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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is getting annoying

I was thinking I wouldn't write in this every day, but at least once up to 2-3 times a week but not 3 days in a row...

This one will be short! It's just an announcement for those of you that watch a certasin show & read a certain book series

I forgot to mention that yesterday one of my favorite authors Janet Evanovich came out with a new book in her stephanie-plum series titled Top secret Twenty One.

This sunday the 22nd the final season of True Blood starts and here's a page I wrote up on the show includes a drinking game I found and True bLood rcipes as well as my homemade version!

So yesterday was our 2nd Hot day here in NY.  we had the A/C on for the aftenoon but when the temp dropped we turned it off. Sadly later at night it seemed to rise again and I couldn't fall asleep. That annoying mix of Tired & wired (which usually is part of the reason  I end up with an anxiety attack when I'm trying to fall asleep or wake up with one.)

aside from this.. if I start to write more this week.. I'll try to just wait to publish it on saturday or Sunday!


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