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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Metlted Mush Monday July 7- Monday 14th!

Monday 7

At  9 am it was already feeling a bit warm, now I feel soggy.

Today I watched a show called Riot some game show type thing they bring some celebrities on. Was funny but that was only one episode  I watched.  Mom came & dropped off something I forgot and brought me over something she made for dinner and we went to the food store on the street behind the house & I got some fruits for my frozen smoothie & some 'extra' for snacking as well as to use my aunt's vita mix ('blender' thing.)  Not sure how or what I'm going to use in it maybe a little of the Pineapple & Coconut seltzer water and a bit of orange juice but I have Blue berries a few strawberries a banana & an apple oh & I got a cucumber & a lemon  to make cucumber & lemon water.  (which I will likely put a little of those I there for a healthy treat.my Aunt has some baby carrots & those I do like those raw (as well as baby spinach which I don't have) I may mix a few into whatever I come up with for the smoothie/ drink.
Wrote a letter so far and watched the last of the episodes of Enlisted.

Tuesday 8

to start I won't go into  the phones I had to make. I Hate companies!! 2. I'm melting
There  was a cool Thunder & Lightning storm last night.
I noticed this on the bing Homepage  Harry Potter ADventure continues....  so I've signed up for  pottermore.com    & ewwwwwwwwwwww I was placed in Slytherine!!!  (but I usually ALWAS get Ravenclaw or Griffindor

Oh My Celebrities-and-their-historical-twins/
I'm going to make some cucumber water soon as well as possibly use the vitamix & throw the  fruits I have in there.

Watched a couple of movies Hours starring Paul Walker  The (I think) Last movie he ever made. Also a survival movie (Zombies) called State of Emergency

Wednesday 9

So today I had a follow up appointment with the new doctor  and I lost more weight!!! I'm at 161 pounds now!!   Here's a page I made last year when I started to watch my weight.

When I came out of the doc's there's a Dunkin Donut's there & I was in the mood for a donut (or maybe will have as dessert tonight.) but I got an OREO donut & a Watermelon Coolata (which is good. it doesn't taste watery like other times I've had a coolata)

Got back & sat on the porch, put some sunblock on & read. (Might have to add a little baby oil as for some reason here I don't seem to tan fast like I used to.
writing a letter & watching the lifetime show Witches of East end

Thursday 10

Oh it's nice out!! doesn't feel humid it's high 70s to mid 80s (but then again I was just sitting out & reading an YEAH I got my base tan). Wrote a couple letters, after reading Outside & having a 'wine' cooler like drink (which came up a few sips short of being satisfying & hey it's 5 o'clock somewhere)
godsmack-1000hp-track-list-sully-erna-interview by Billboard  listening to the song again & damn... I wish I had the money for a show! would LOVE to be on  floor when Mosh breaks out to this!

"Turn that Sh** up louder.. make it all go faster Play it through the witching hour, take it to a 1000hp"

Friday 11
Friday.. Oh my I don't really remember other than  had an a appointment & stopped off at home (I miss my Sully Cat) Picked up a few things I needed and then came back

Saturday 12 - Hung out with someone I went to school with for a while we tried a bottle of Beer Game of Thrones Fire & Blood red Ale. Not bad.. it was alright but then again I had it & the cups in the freezer so YUM!

Monday 14-   I didn't go on the computer yesterday  (Sunday 13) no idea why but I just didn't. I hung out I watched the  Sprint cup race or at least til I dozed off for some reason I guess it was warmish & humid. Finished \Full House by Janet Evanovich yesterday as well & Today I started a 90 page book by J.D. Robb. Last night while watching Big Brother they had some game they played (a puzzle) they were dressed as wizards & Damn if Caleb could look ore like Harry Potter on Steroids! ( I'd be all over that Cougar  bait if I were in the house.. my only turn off is the southern accent)  So last night I watched the premier of Del Toro's book The Strain it was on for almost 2 hours but it didn't feel that way. I like when Pilots & finales are more like movies than just an hour. It's a vampire story but not the 'Romanticized' type. It's actually a monster movie show whatever you wan to call it.. It shows on FX channel. I liked last night's episode we'll see how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on more weight loss, that's great. I also like the new layout/look of your blog