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Monday, September 15, 2014

The parents away the cat & Kimi will play Sept 8- 15

Monday 8th

Came across this on IHorror.com Jack the Ripper IDed?!
I started working on updating my movie calendar (which comes in quite handy as I don't always see commercials for some of the movies I hear about even if they have come to theaters here.

I've been keeping up with a basic page for MOvies & Tv so far on here.. (check out my pages)
Once I figure things out better with all the various pages and learn to use them, I will likely hopefully be able to make nicer looking pages on here (or one of my other options!)

So mom & Dad are away and I get to have room to do a bunch of stuff I need to, only problem? I have so much I want to get done while they are out of the way it's only monday (& was in pain again) and I'm stressing about getting the stuff done!

I'm working on my patchwork, want to make up some clay  Replicas of the shields on the show (these ones I'll likely put pin backings on). I do have a few that I already made, one of them wasa gift for my pal Viki who I made a pin version of Lagertha's.  I also plan on working on my stories, poems, hopefully work on practicing my Viking knit as far as I can thik right now, But I also need to clean the kitchen floor, & was hoping to tidy up the corner that has the stuff I have for a tag sale Books & clothes & whatever else is there.

Tuesday 9-  had an appointment today (with my anxiety counselor) woke up in pain of course hard to move around. It's nice and cool outside yeah jeans weather!!!  got down there early & so I had a couple of hashbrowns & a sweet tea from McDonald;s then went to the clinic to wait til my appointment. Read most of what was left of my book to finish (ended up reading the last 12 pages at home.  Even brought my next book with me I was planning on reading in case I finished before hand.
Sewed together some of the squares I set up for the 'quilt'. dosed off  on couch for awhile & I don't think I'm getting on computer tonight.
Wed 10- OMG I need some morphine today! Why am I in pain this week? The change in weather? Usually the cooler weather doesn't bother me. I usually get all the pain when it gets humid, oh well let's home I won't be one of those bitty's that hate cold weather when they're older cause I love my fall & winter weather. My neck doesn't want to move, my hip is killing me as well as my lower back. I got up to feed the cat & do that stuff but went back to bed.
Wow that Sons of Anarchy Episode was a bit crazy (well at least 2 parts had my jaw drop a bit  chuckle a bit or both!)  Don't mess with Bikers!!!! All I've got to say!
Ok so ladst night I started on a new book
The Student Body by Valerie Wolzien  & part of the "Susan Henshaw Mystery" series (book  #12) though this is the first I'm reading of them.
My fave comedian Jeff Dunham has  Lot's going on... wait a movie?!?!?!!? maybe another book and a tv show?!?!!?!?! & a 2nd article on him

 Thursday so last night or this morning well howeer you want to put it.. I didn't go to bed til 6 am!! my back & rest of my bod has been bothering me so much that I guess once I didn't hurt so much that I could actually move around it was as if I just woke up or something! I got a jolt of energy so I tidied up a bit changed the cat litter and a few (minor & not quote major) things that needed to get done around the house. I also got a few things I've been needing to update done as well.
So I'm just trying to work on my hubs on hubpages  (which are the pages from Squidoo so I just have to try &get them to the hubpages guidelines which is more limited!

Friday   There is a car som ewhere in the neighborhood I want to destroy! I don't even care what kind but some dumb ass has their alarm set on a sensative setting that every time there's a breeze the damn thing goes off.. & I have a headache now! I'm so annoyed I hpe the damn thig ets totaled the next time they take it out!
So aside from that I made my smoothie today, also did light vaccuming & cleaned kitchen floor before mom & dad come home tomorrow. I think I might make my chocolate pudding pie (love instant!) Just sad I dont' have any whipped cream.

Saturday  So the fun ends.. Mom & Dad are home & I got most of what I wanted (if not eerythign) done.

Sunday- didn't go on the ciomputer yesterday & jsut on today to check tweets & again not getting to email... Watched the 1st race of the Nascar Sprint Cup Chase sadly Keslowski won ... (but.. My Kevin was in first or 2nd with Larsson for awhile.... I'm so annoyed! at least he came in top 5. (Sadly though I am not sure if they means he's still in the chase or not.
Why Being Near The Ocean Can Make You Calmer And More Creative

Monday 15    Our-Furry-Friend-The-Cat  & yeah Dancing with the stars starts tonight....  Go Team Val!

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