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Friday, October 03, 2014

Halloween movie Marathon 2014 (October movie reviews)

I'll keep updating this as I watch movies but I'll publish this now so you can rent the movies if you'd like as well.

Salem's Lot- (2004) Stars Rob LoweI think I liked this one better even though it was almost (or exactly) 3 hours long. Oh Rutger Hauser otherwise known as Sookie's Fairy grandfather in Tue Blood is in this, who plays Borlow...mmmm is that where the TB writers got the name for (Macklin) Warlow as a twist on that? WOw are these vampires even the new ones long in the tooth! I'd say as long as my pinky finger and thin as a pin. This is worth a slot on The halloween movie marathon list!

Sight- (dvd) the sound is too low when they talk. It looks like an amature video to me as if it was a project not the nice crisp colors etc. you get from a 'real' movie. Around a half hour in I find it boring, the characters I don't like.

Session 9-  an asbestos removal crew get the bid to clean up a closed run down asylum (I think it's the one that was in American Horror Story season 2), When one of the guys go missing. Another is poking his nose around the records archive and usually nothing good comes from  that. David Caruso of CSI;Miami stars and Josh Lucas is in it as well.  As usual in these types of movies the workers seem to start gong loony themseles either my arguing amoung one another or possibly having halucinations. This was different than the usual cliched 'Haunted asylum' movies, So I give it some originality points. It's suspenseful and I was surprised with what I'd call the twist. B

Transformers: Age of Extinction-  so we'[ve got a sort of cloaning thing going on only 'upgrading' say Bumblebee's transformium metal into stinger. I think Galvatron came from Optmus Prime but sounds & acts more like a Decepticon. The girls boyfriend in here in one scene I thought was Chris Hemsworth, though this guy I can't get a bead on his accent, sometimes he sounds Irish, others aussie, & sometimes English... So I look him up on IMDB.com & he's from Colorado.  Alot of the bots in this remind me of things from other sci-fi robot alien movies. For instance, when Galvatron stands up he looks like Gypsy Danger (or at least that large hole in the chest) from Pacific Rim, Then from BattleShip there's mini versions of those zipper looking balls that rip up pavement etc. Then there's what to me looks like a turd falling off the ship in this & looks like those worm alien things from Avengers. I hope those similarities are just me but I'm still taking points away for that, the action is good, so the movie doesn't full feel like its almost 3 hours (or at least once it gets going) but I might have to watch it again to see how I really feel about it. It didn't feel as good as the previous entries of the series. C

The Changeling- John loses his wife and child to a raodside accident. When he has somewhat moved on, he becomes a music professor and moves into an historical  home that turns out to be haunted. John then uncovers the mystery  of the sprit. For an 80s movie I give it a B

Warlock 1-3  -   Basically more or less tha same plot in ways but at least in th 3rd I think the decendant of a witch finally gets rid of the warlock.  The first 2 is basically trying to bring forth the child of the devil or the evil himself and the 3rd the decendant of a witch inherits a home and spends some time in it in hopoes of learning of her family.  Not the best of series and I wouldn't recommend.

Dracula Untold -  I couldn't wait to see this in the theater! The movie was originally titled Dracula Yera Zero, with Sam worthington attached, what happened to that project I do not know but Wortho in my eyes is just not vampire material. When I saw Luke Evans as Vald Tempes I was quite thrilled; besides, he's got his own fangs!  I already know quite a bit of the true 'Dracula' being as it means Son of the Dragon and by others Son of the Devil I didn't need this movie to tell me that. Other parts I already knew as well to be actually true that he was a beloved ruler and some of the other truths about him as well so the story was nothing new to me other than how Vald becomes Dracula. There is a titular moment where he says "You forget who I am" to which would be his legend Vlad the Impaler. Not much gore or 'horror' but more of a fictional true story. I do love the parts where Luke is fanged out and up in his enemies face. Luke Evans I say was made to play the role, he made it his own and I hope there will be a sequel greenlit. The action scenes were great esp. the 1000 to 1 odds! Also have to give credit to the costume crew for that great armor they had with the Dragon on it as well as the sculpted shoulder pieces! (If only I had the money to buy it from whoever I'd have to!)  The movie was fun and was happy I would have a Dracula movie in time for Dracula Day (yes there actually is one! It falls on Bela Lugosi's birthday October 20). There is something however missing from the movie (unless that was just me knowning most of the tale), howeer i still think it's worth the watch in the theater and I will be getting it on blu-ray when it comes out.   C+
So I haven't read this yet, just came along but from the title.. I'm excited!! http://screenrant.com/dracula-untold-shared-monster-movie-universe-nycc/
http://ihorror.com/theatrical-review- by one of their writers

Annabelle- The doll from the conjuring gets it's own movie (I think we saw this prequel coming, didn't we?) The stroy is based on the real life Ragedy Ann doll below in it's case in the Warren's Occult museum.  The movie was ok, but not creepy like the Conjuring or the first Insidious, though it has it's own Insidious creep out.  You do get to see a demon, but to me he was much more menacing (try saying that 3x fast!) in the basement shot, than the cheap  blink & you miss it in your face scare. When it's close up it looks more like a gargoyle to me, & well Gargoyles are supposed to protect the building (& its residents) it rests on. So for me it wasn't really scary (maybe if it was on a big screen in my house or my aunt's with the lights out esp in her house as it makes lots of noises!) other than the basement for me. I did however enjoy it B

Dark Circles- As to those under your eyes. A pair of new parents get no sleep when their infant wakes up constantly in the night. The mother thinks she's seeing ghosts and the husband doesn't believe her. Pretty predictable and not at all original. Don't waste your time...D

The Frankenstein Theory- Some guy has a theory Frankenstein's monster is actually real. This is based on some letters in his family's archive. he has a film crew go on his expedition with him (cliched docu- film).  I like the basis of it as its an interesting take on ol' "Frankie' instead of the same recycled story and monster with big long square head and looking like a baseball in other incarnations. This one I don't even know how to describe (the scare of this Frankenstein is more your imagination as I don't think we ever get a close enough look to see what the monster looks like). They did have me right to the end which to me ends abruptly.  C- (minus for the ending)

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