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Monday, November 10, 2014

November 3 - 16

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 PHOTO-Neil-Patrick-Harris-Family-Halloween-Costume-Batman OMG he looks AWESOME as the Riddler!

I'm going to do an entertainment blog I'm just trying to think of a title. I do have an ideas for titles like
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Tuesday November 4th -  
Well turns out I have bursitis in that hip (right) that's always bothering me. 
Found  That Taylor kitsch will OFFICIALLY be in True Detective season 2 on (I think it's) HBO 

Wed 5th 

This is cute, my Fri end Helen posted it

Went to my old Job @ Torre Lumber to visit as new owners will be taking over sooner or later and wanted to visit my Pepper cat (she was supposed to keep the mice away, though she did get to spend a long weekend with us at my house when she first showed up) Not sure if hey'll keep her, and now she knows something is up as she's pissing all over I'm told which means she's marking her territory. Went went to visit my Nana didn't stay long as there was construction around the area. Found a few books that looked interesting in the bookcases in the lobby.  Posted a few letters and went to Cablevision to exchange our old boxes for the hd ones. Got home tried to hook mom's up wouldn't co-operate.. (not sure which I did next) and it was just yesterday! But I either took a nap or tried to hook mine up... But I think I took the nap as I thought maybe I'm jsut too tired to deal and figure things out so I went to rest. Got up and I think we had dinner first then i worked on mom's tv/cable again and still woulnd't go right so I tried to hook mine up... went quite smoothly. Tried mom's again still not going call cable, and the guy is trying to help, but nothing I didn't o already! Then I notice it... the wrong wire is plugged in, I have no idea where it even came from but finally it worked and all is well!

Thurs 6  

Go to hook up dvd player to my tv (as the cable wire hooks into same spot that the dvd one did (at least on the old tv..)  So for some reason it didn't work when I first did, so I'm trying to sort out the wires and what they go to dvd, vcr or cable box etc as well as get them untangled. Finally I get it, & ended up having to do the same changing it back to cable but being as I had not experimented yet with figuring out how to hook everything else directly to the new tv I did now and  I was able to get rid of the darn RF modulator (don't even ask me WTF that was for but I think it was so you could plug multiple components into one tv  if it only had 1 antennae wire) 

Friday - had the hearing today and we got through I guess most of it but sadly they did not have all the records from my file at the mental health clinic. SO I have to go back for a 3rd time grrr and I  was in so much pain yesterday sitting there. On the way home mom & I had to stop into P.C> Richards to see if we could find a new toaster oven we found one but sadly they didn't have it in stock but will be in on monday. So we'll be able to make hotdogs toast etc again. (I'm starving... and I now realize most of my cooking if not in a frying pan is in that oven! 

for 'CAT'urday  I give you some animal links to put a smile on your face (and one is already on theirs!) 

Sunday   ::::: SCREAMS in Victory!!:::::    Harvick WINS makes it into Championship round  which includes Logano, Newman & Hamlin which by my prediction.. will come down to Harvick or Logano... (at least as far as by races won) 

So it's now monday and I'm juggling trying trying to go through email, tweets, writing this, need to finish a write up for one of the halloween posts, write a couple of reviews  and a handwritten letter to my pal Helen in England.

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