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Monday, December 28, 2015

iamstellachen: OREO No Bake Dessert by JELLO

iamstellachen: OREO No Bake Dessert by JELLO: Bought 2 boxes of the pre-mix before our hse-warming and only now I decided to do it. Picked up the courage because I was afraid that such ...

Friday, December 18, 2015

Parent's Handbook supplies

I have a few sections here, one is Memory Books for mom & dad, sick day themed reading books & over the counter medicine to help with that throat and so on.

Here are those Mommy & Daddy Diaries I told you about. They all have the preview option to see if you'd like to purchase the book. These are a great help for those that don't have the time for scrapbooking, or are not into crafting or journaling.


Here's some sick day themed reading, and I think the sponge bob one is free on kindle

Some Medicines to help soothe


Some other assorted fare

Give a double gift... You can give this to the grandparents as a gift and then they can write letters to the baby this is a great keepsake especially if they pass while the child is still young (too young to remember them or to get to ask the question they want to know

Monday, December 14, 2015

Rollo - Come With Me Now

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Guillermo Del Toro's AWESOME House

Friday, October 09, 2015

Ken Jeong Sings About Animal Selfies

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tutus and Tea Parties: 10 Brilliant Tips for Your Classroom & Printable T...

Tutus and Tea Parties: 10 Brilliant Tips for Your Classroom & Printable T...: Is everyone prepared for the new school year? Yeah, me either. If you're running the classroom this year then you are going to wa...

Miss DeCarbo: How I Stay Organized: Weekly Lesson Planning Tips ...

Miss DeCarbo: How I Stay Organized: Weekly Lesson Planning Tips ...: Hello teacher friends! After a couple of my presentations this summer, I had a few teachers ask me: "How do you stay organized througho...

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Putting Me Together: Ways to Wear a Cargo Jacket

Putting Me Together: Ways to Wear a Cargo Jacket: In the Style Help Survey from a few weeks ago, I had a few people ask for ways to style a cargo jacket.  I showed the ways I've wor...

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Putting Me Together: Style Resources for Transitioning from Summer to F...

Putting Me Together: Style Resources for Transitioning from Summer to F...: As temps begin to change on this part of the globe I wanted to point you to some past posts to help you dress for that transition between su...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Magic Mike XXL Cast Shares Their Porn Names

Friday, June 12, 2015


The Norse Mythology Blog: HEATHENS IN THE MILITARY: CALL TO ACTION: For six years, the Open Halls Project Working Group has worked for the addition of Ásatrú and Heathen  to the U.S. Army's religious p...

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

5 Mysterious Artifacts No One Can Explain

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Ghost Writer sample

Ghost Writer

By Kim Marie Ostrowski
Topaz Lycena Canterburry, a writer from New York City who’s had one best seller struggling for her next best story. Dozens of manuscripts; a whole file drawer full, of every genre not one publisher would take on. She moved to a less distractive area busy yet fairly quiet in upper New York called Ravensdale, in hopes of finding a new muse and more inspiring scenery. So with a little money left from her last book, Deadly Din she self published it on one of those self publishing websites like LuLu or Exlibris. Topaz was fairly making back the money on that while working in a cemetery with multiple responsibilities; caretaker, office work etc which the pay was decent enough. Trying to get the story officially published Topaz sends the manuscript and the information on how many books have been sold over the last two months of it being published on that site.
Even though the book has a popular following on the site, the publisher still won’t accept it.
Page 1
Topaz takes care of the old section of the Ravenswood cemetery where it was first started in the 1800’s; it’s the south east quadrant of the cemetery and also on a small section of the north east and south west part. Someone else takes care of the new sections, and the main office is in the center. The job is pretty cool, and kind of cushy, do rounds checking out for any vandalism, and getting everyone out around lock-up time, some office work when needed, own private quarters, a house near (but set a little back from) the entrance gate.
While doing their rounds, Topaz usually is not bothered by anyone visiting graves, other than the occasional students after school doing photography or some form of drawing, charcoal smudging, or paintings projects, for an hour or two. Often they would ask some question, or other so she went so far as to type up a brochure on the history of the cemetery, any famous people that are buried there and some facts (how many graves there are, who was the first ever interred and things like that,) and would tell them if that didn’t answer their questions to give a call and left her cell phone number on the pamphlet. Sometimes there’d be a late night party but would just go and check things out just to be sure things weren’t getting out of hand, that no one was doing harm to the gravestones, or robbing the graves for that matter; otherwise she’d just leave the kids alone. The last week of October leading up to Halloween the cemetery hired some extra hands and even more so for Halloween night.
One day with a few hours to kill, Topaz or ‘Taz’ as she was called as a kid, starts to clean up the living space & start unpacking things. The downstairs having a living room, with a beautiful quite large Cherry wood fireplace, bookcase, and shelving & The kitchen, bathroom and one upstairs as well, along with 2 bedrooms. There was a small attic and the basement that was partially used for a tool shed (only the part leading from the outside cellar doors, otherwise there was a heavy solid door to get into the basement and unless one of the workers needed something, the cellar doors remained locked. There was an outside shed as well that held some of the power tools for Topaz to use around the house if needed, as well as grease, oil and so forth. Deciding to dust off the moldings, fireplace book cases and that type of stuff first as the tables, chairs etc were already taken care of before she arrived. Dusting off that beautiful cherry fireplace last with its detailed carvings, it was a work of great craftsmanship that you just can and probably will not find anymore. Topaz leaning near the fireplace, having a sip of water hears something click in the corner, near the inglenook; like a latch being let go, but can’t seem to find where it came from. She goes on dusting and coming back to the area a corner on the left side near the fireplace finds the corner edge looking like there’s a cracked open door. Topaz thinks, well at least it’s not the cliched bookcase doorway leading to something or the fireplace, doing a Scooby & going 180. The doorway does look somewhat like a lazy Suzan , and going to open to inspect it, find it does indeed open like one tall lazy Suzan pantry.
Going into the secret room, Topaz finds a huge web spread across the inside of the doorway, thanking that she was cleaning and had the broom with her. Removing the web, out of nowhere sees a black mass; a spider and a big nasty one headed at her face. Freaking out at the size of it, (looking more like a Halloween decoration than the size of the real life thing.) “What the,! Is this thing from the Jurassic age?!” and bats it away, preferring the bats. Seeing where it landed, near an old ornate desk in the middle of the room with what may very well be the first typewriter ever made.(or at least one of the first which on checking, was not but, was one from the mid -late 1800s ) Next to the typewriter is an oil lamp, and on the other side a set of reference books, dictionary, thesaurus, and a small encyclopedia set. Either the room is very dark, or it’s very large as the only thing that can be seen in the room is the desk, intimidating and alluring. Getting excited at the find, Topaz runs out and checks the time; 2pm, runs outside and looks to see if anyone is around….clear; the security screens in the home security office (there’s a little area in the living room near the door with a couple of security monitors) if there’s anyone around the rest of her section…clear. Perfect! ‘Taz’ grabs the rest of the cleaning supplies and the walkie-talkie. First dusting off the desk and realizing that it’s colder in here than the rest of the house; lights a fire then gets to polishing the desk. Lighting the oil lamp, which brings the room to life, sees the floor to ceiling book cases behind and matching the Oak wood desk. A large chest on one side of the room, and a Provincial Louis XIV arm chair she guessed for reading to one corner of the door with an ottoman. Once she was done dusting, polishing, & sweeping Topaz decided to look and see what was in the desk. Top drawer was Quills, fountain pens, a bottle of ink and pencils, & other assorted supplies and some typing and carbon paper. (Why are there Quills and fountain pens though. Will have to make note to research when one gave way to the other) The draw on the right… an (hopefully) endless supply of typing ribbon, the bottom drawer on the left, more paper and the draw above it finds a manuscript, no title, date or author noted, not even inside.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Critique and Write: Write-A-Cise

Critique and Write: Write-A-Cise: Write-A-Cise is a free writing exercise. It's scribbling down words, phrases or sentences that your creative flow wants to share. Simply...

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Supernatural - Look Ahead Trailer

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

January Movie Reviews

January 2015

Dead Snow 2 : Red Vs. Dead

rated R 1 1/2 to 2 hours
To start there were a few moments (one off the bat) that made me saw Ewwww and yell at the guy Don't you see the dude his mouth looks like someone tried to smash it off , looks like he can't be resuscitated did your nasty self really have to try CPR? I know your face is going to pay for that.  Oh surprise this one is in English!  Well there's a malpractice suit right there. Couldn't the doctor tell that wasn't the right arm? Oh well  what do we learn in this? Zombies (well cursed ones) can be resourceful. I'll just mention that this is at the Bus station. So Herzog and his men weren't just cursed for that gold in the first, there is a mission they seem to have to finish. Martin (the remaining survivor from first movie.) has to defeat General Herzog and his zombARMi, how wll he do this? He has to make his own, the clue is in the 1st word of this line. I think this was made just to make more money. The original had suspense, it was great and I love watching it. This one is pretty much camp & just went for more gore. Now I love gore, but just in the right way.  I did like the bit about 'This isn't in any of the zombie movies; you created a whole new genre man" (this coming from the 'Zombie Squad' geek. Loved the Zombie triage scene. The movie isn't really fun a ha or hee but not laughing funny.  Ewww ok the last 2-3 minutes of the movie is quite nauseating in a good and bad way...  D


2011  Rated R 1 hour & 37 minutes   starring Jason Statham with an appearance by Luke Evans some delinquents try stripping a car and Statham  teaches them a lesson  which seems to lead to cop killings. All I can say is its a typical Statham Film C-

The Guest-

2014 R 1 hour & 39 minutes  in Short & to the point.. Predictable. I figured the person was either not who he said he was, or didn't know who he said he did or some flip twist. I will say however damn the man is quick with the blocks etc. Don't Blink! It had its good points (what action there was) and bad. D-

As Above So Below -

Found footage format (or flash back) something about Nicolas Flammel (Harry potter fans will remember hearing the name from the first book) and the ROsetta Stone. This takes place in the catacombs of Paris. Odd things happen like being 'turned around' in a claustrophobic tunnel, the phone ringing & pretty much I think quite a few things they showed in the trailers. I wasn't putting anything on this actually being a good movie but I thought if anything an adventure film.  I would liken it to the Goonies w/ a Horror twist (just trade the pirate ship for a haunted tunnel. However in the first 53 minutes I haven't seen much horror. A mix of a mystical Menagerie from assorted cultures and times throughout the tunnels for clues (as to what 'treasure' if it wasn't the rosetta stone... I don't remember) In the 2nd hour the horror begins  A few moments that may make you jump (one did to me, or it could have been the volume)
'Stone face' well saw that coming Would have been better advertised as an adventure thriller thjen horror. The final Verdict?
These idiots who are supposed to be archeologists and those who go in the catacombs I noticed did not have (as far as I heard or saw)  No First aid kit, not everyone wore boots and that's just 2 things. I'm not archeologist, or whatever you want to call 'combing' catacombs but I do know when you do crap like that those as well as head lamps & extras batteries should be with you!
As a Horror movie  (nothing different with the found footage & mostly predictable as well)    D
As an adventure thriller   C


Based on actual events stars Justin Long as a podcast DJ (Journalist? not sure what to call those people) who travels to Canada for a story which is D.O.A. and now he needs to find a new story.
I have to say it.. he looks awful with that mustache, and was that Haley Joe Osmet as his sidekick?
AS someone who has traveled to Canada 4x (well Toronto anyway)  I find parts of this somewhat insulting (& I'm not even Canadian)  but some equally funny (There's one set on a porch that the wood looks like plastic! It might be a trex or correct deck type product but still looks awful!) Well at least its not sickening like the Human Centipede. THough Kevin Smith is one sick puppy! I guess this is from a podcast of his 'Smodcast' no idea. I just know Clerks, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob & Comic Book Men. I'm not sure what to make of this movie but aside from that horrible Human Centipede I think I'll give this one a B


2014 Nordic Film
I love all that is Norse myth & Viking so  I was hoping this wasn't going to be like that Gods awful insulting movie Dominick Prucell was in. I won't go into it, I was boycotting it but only saw it as it was on syfy or chiller. I forget the name of the movie so you can stay away from it as it was so bad all around I bascially wanted to kill my tv & get rid f cable it was such a bad movie... (I nearly had to watch both sharknado's again THAT was at least better than the awful one I'm talking about!) Oh Sorry about the babble..
Sigurd an archeologist finds a link between the Osenberg Viking Burial site and Ragnarok. The mast heads  of the long ships may have been that of a  real creature. At least that is the theory they come to in this movie, which many consider to be a dragon, ut I always thought of it being Jormungard the Midgard Serpent, which may also be known as an Ooroborus.
The party finds  something other than was expected. The kids have one hell of an adventure to tell their classmates when school starts again. 'Scary' but better than spain! (Ok I don't remember why I noted that now)  Well with this maybe 'nessie in Scotland is the true Midgard serpent of course if nessie isn't a hoax which I hope she's not. C+

Tamara Drewe

Comedy   Rated R 2010 1 hr 51 minutes Stars Gemma Arterton, Luke Evans, & Dominic Cooper Directed by Stephen Frears
A Journalist goes back to her tiny hometown after getting plastic surgery and a wardrobe makeover (Oh Hello Opening Scene, Luke Evans just made me feel better and woke me up)  She toys with people and breaks hearts. It's based on err.. adapted from the comic strip by Posey Simmonds. (Which I'm guess from U.K.)
Worthy at least of a C

When the Game Stands Tall

PG  1 hr 55 minutes *s Jim Caveizel, ALexander Ludwig  2014
The Dela Salle Spartans  have a 151 -0 Win streak, will they come to know  what a loss feel like?
It's definitely no Friday Night Lights (by that I mean the underrated Tv Series not the movie)
There's really not much to write about typical Sports story & cliches  C


Earth to Echo

Shameless promo for the GoPro camera Think Goonies in a way (& more so than I mentioned about As above so below) here they are on Bikes, and go on a journey (or scavenger hunt pretty literally) to help 'Echo' the robot the parts it needs for it's ship.
Love the little robot guy.. cute & why didn't they make toys of him? (Like better then Wall-E) At least happy meal toys!  bet my cat would have had some fun with it esp. if it hoovered!  Great for the whole Fam C+


* Chris Hemsworth  by Michael Mann
begins with a travel through the circuits of the computer as if  we were an executed  command. Hemsworth plays Hathaway a  hacker who when we meet is already in prison doing time and man what they go through just taking him out of his cell. Oh he's found with some cell phone and during the interrogation about it is the one time I remember we get a laugh at a wise ass joke (which I won't ruin for you) You have to love the character for the smart ass retort and get to the point answers besides his way or the highway negotiation skills.  The trailer made the movie like a good action thriller but there's not many thrills as the only one or 2 I got was when Thor traded his hammer for tables (WWE TLC anyone?) & chairs and  Hemsworth with no shirt on. Not enough action either and what little there was,  was not good. Sure they had a P.O.V. angel so you felt in the action when they were running but the movie was more Ho-hum lean back & relax than edge of your seat film making worth $10.50 FOR A MATINEE!!! Thank goodness I had the movie Voucher and was able to use it cause that means I still have my Money for the Avengers movie!  Do not see in theater! Best to rent in some form or wait for it to be on Cable movie channels C- (& after writing this, my copy of Entertainment Weekly came and I see they gave it the same!)

 Into the Storm

The CG is good (if it's all CG The coolest part to me was the firenado  near the church which was in the trailer)
There are parts that well Horror Movies don't scare me  but what they have of these made me nervous and freaked me out a bit. I didn't even like the 3.5 (or whatever it was) Earthquake we had here (Yonkers NY)  in the 80s! And is one of the reasons  I will likely never live anywhere other than the northeast Oh there's two nut-job redneck 'daredevils' in this obviously placed for comedic relief but they come off more idiotic. I think I heard the movie didn't do well with the box-office and or reviews  but the damn thing was intense and terrifying especially that last one. as for cinematography (be it some real shots from storm chasers etc) Was quite realistic looking (at least for me)  I Have to give that an A as for true storm chasers I think you are all bat shit crazy but a whole new level of respect (though 'ya'll' is still crazy!)  I think I was holding my breath   in some parts, and had a faster pulse. Screw the critics this was more thrilling and horrifying than most if not all of what I watched in a couple years.    A Why? Because I was terrified and I don't scare easily (p.s. prob. best watched via blu-ray)

The Maze runner

PG-13       2014     1 hour & 45 minutes  Wait Is that the Kid who played Peter Pan in Once upon a time? Funny that around 10 minute mark reminds me of the Once seen  with the bonfire and the lost boys as frankly all these ones in a sense are. Our main character 'greenie'  wakes in a cage elevator not remembering who he is and so on. We are all clueless but even though I have not read the books, I can see somewhat where this is going. Some of the guys are getting stung when they go in the maze  but there's no mention of by what and as soon as I finish writing that, i think we have an answer.  A metal sounding well cross between a spider (or Scorpion) with a bit of Orc mixed in. This was based on a book right? because it seems more like a video game, I enjoyed it until the end. The action and everything come to a halt so you are somewhat shell shocked as the kids which in a way is cool but now to me the series has lost momentum and the last 15 -30 minutes you just feel like slumping over like oh that yawn. B

Stonehearst Asylum

2014  PG-13  1 Hr. & 52 minutes  * Kate Beckensale, Ben Kingsley Brendan Gleeson Michael Caine Jim Sturgess
Based on an Edgar Allen Poe story, OMG it's our Coo-coo Clock!  &  "Make a happy miserable man out of a perfectly happy horse"   Kingsley's character's quote on curing one of the patients. No idea what Genre this is supposed to be not exactly horror But regardless don't bother. This sort has been done before, cliched & Predictable  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

December Movies

Snow Piercer - starring Chris Evans as the hero (why not wear the Captain america garb for this bleak dystopian train movie. Because of global warming a rocket is launched (I forget with what ) but it's supposed to lower the temperature, which worked all too well and now the last survivors of earth live on a train. Chris' character leads a revolution as tailies, and lowest class citizens of the train. The action is cool fast and tho it's on one train  they have to get through the entire train which is definitely more than 20 cars  maybe even more than 50. I'd estimate at least 100!  This I think was an indy film, but still haven't we had enough of the end of the world crap yet? I have; however this was a bit of a new twist for it for me. B

Stephen King's IT- I feel like I've been duped. Is there another part to this? All this is is all build up and then that last scene!? NOT SCARY. It's like someone didn't come up with an ending.I sthis how the book ended as well? D

Malficent- I enjoyed this movie, and it brought to life all the parts I remember from the copy of  my book of Sleeping Beauty, only the dragon wasn't black and purple and didn't have that narrow head. This one was more fierce and scary but that's the way a dragon should look.  There is a part or 2  I was disappointed with, and Angie played the dairy Malficent well.  C

Guardians of the Galaxy-
I missed a bit but it was quite action packed. Some bits from the trailer are still funny. I think I actually liked Batista's character in this. On First watch  B+

Blended- well that's a whole new meaning for 'Gel-in. "Monsteration' had already watched the movie but watched a 2nd time and the jokes are still funny. Wow a  Rom-Com that's  actually funny. Also not too mushy (well except for the ...what do you call a male 'cougar')  The family can watch. B for best I've seen in a long time!

The Grand Seduction - (sounds like it should have a title like the Long con or one of the ones the show Leverage used to use.  stars Brendan Gleeson & Taylor Kitsch. The small town of (did I hear right?) Tickle's fishing jobs have washed up and are trying to get a factory. For this they need a permanent resident doctor. So they put up a charade to woo Kitsch's Dr. Paul  to stay. They manufacture quite  a few ways to get him to like the small 'Harbor' (town). They listen in on his conversations so they can find out what he likes and such (smal towns may be worse than big cities!)    C

The Hobbit Review
Well 'The Battle of five armies' couldn't have been a better title. I think that was most of the movie. I do however need a family tree for the elves & dwarves why because I want to know if Ironfoot (who has quite the hard head) is related to Gimli, or did Kili & Thuriel (sp?) explore their feelings for each other?   As for the last issue of Entertainment weekly I read with Stephen Colbert on it (did you know he was in the Desolation of Smaug with his wife & kids as a few citizens of Lake town?) They mention previous history mentioned in the Lord of the Rings films that i don't remember being in the Hobbit, as well as history mentioned in the Hobbit that we don't get to see (say a few tidbits about our fave Fair haired elf), why stop & 2 sets of movies, how about another set where we can explore that of which we don't get to see. (also where are all the women dwarves?) 
I think at least half the  2 1/2 hour film was the battle from various sides. I enjoyed it, and  don't worry as you are not watching a cluster F**** of bodies just wailing on each other. There are some one on one fights and so on. I was quite amused at the 'ice fight' between Thorn & ugh what's the name of the ork thing (?) with the missing arm.  There were at least 2 times I got a bit upset that I almost (or may have) shed a tear.  I still say something is off with the Legolas costume or make-up in this. Yes I know they probably made him look younger (if that was possible) but I'll have to watch at least one of the LOTR movies to figure it out (Maybe the color of the contacts is wrong).  I haven't read the books so I can't make a comparison and frankly I think I'd rather wait, there have been some movies I've liked better than the book. I think the best book to movies series besides the Lord of the Rings & Hobbit (but remember I have not read, but I don't hear much complaining either for those who have)  is Harry Potter. Thanks to the Return of the King I think I was left feeling empty being as there is just one ending not many here. It's starts as one ends & ends as one starts! Which I think is pretty cool. I think another reason I might be a bit disappointed is aside from one or 2 shots, I didn't get my wish of seeing Bard & Legolas side by side fighting. (Though we do get to see Luke Evans quite a bit. Would you believe for a time (when he wasn't as known)  I thought he was Orlando Bloom. There were a few movies Luke was in that I thought it was Orly! One in which was 3 Musketeers which Orlando bloom plays a villian and Luke one of the Musketeers!)     A
 OH my that Ork I can't remember the name of is freaking Manu Bennett aka Deathstroke on Arrow! 

Outpost 3- Not sure why I watched this when I didn't like the first one, and never watched the second. I must be really desperate for some visual entertainment that being it's December, all the tv series are on hiatus. Just as I did with the first I lost interest after awhile. I think I got it for dad, as I think he liked the original. Nazi Zombies only this series is definitely no Dead Snow nor is the make-up Walking Dead grade. Though for some reason like the term 'Fairy Vampire' just sounding so silly and still gives me a laugh every time I hear it, Nazi Zombies is a close  2nd but the movie all D

The Appearing- a couple loses their daughter and move. On their first day there a teen goes missing and  the husband a cop has to go to work. The teen's boyfriend is beyond traumatized and I think was in the nut house instead of jail. The woman whose child died is seeing a little girl that might not really be there.  Is it a ghost story?  Nope it's yet another possession  movie and not a good one either D

Pontypol - That was somewhat cool in a way, even though it was sort of like phone booth (I didn't like that movie)  only this was based in a raio station in the town of Pontypol Ontario and a disease spreads but cannot be cured with a drug. You don't see anything of what goes on outside and I start thinking that maybe this is going to end up being a War of the Worlds radio broadcast type hoax at the end, and it all happens on a very snowy day. I enjoyed the suspense and the original idea on how the virus spreads, so for that B

The Ouija Experiment-  not to be confused with the 2014 release of Ouija  (which I may have done). FOur people sit down to use the ouija Board to see if it will work. One friend, films the event and Mike, whose 'brilliant' (note sarcasm) idea  this is tells them the rules (well 3 of them)  They are even corrected by a friend of the cameraman's That you DO NOT 'PLAY' with the board. If you and especially the spirit do not say good-bye  you have left a portal open for all types of spirits (good and evil) to get through . Wasn't bad, and has been done before but a good scare if you have a sleepover party   C

The November Man- 1 hr 45 minutes Action packed and wonder why Pierce Bronson is no longer Bond. (Guess they couldn't afford him anymore) He's still handsome and suave looking. Go figure maybe he got bored with the role.  I don't recall a dull moment  in this film . The guy that plays his partner in the beginning will be playing Johnny Utah in the Point Break remake (or was it sequel , well whatever it is, either way yet another yummy Aussie  has come to play. WHere HAVE all the american action actors gone? Not that I'm complaining but it seems all the Aussies & Brits are getting those lately and P.s. I don't count The Rock, or Batista as actors they're posers to me)  Anyway it's a B