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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July Jubilee Thursday17 - Tuesday 22

Thursday 17th

So I had a good sleep last night. First night home I was so tired not sure if it was from boredom, waiting for my aunt & uncle to come home or from the last minute getting things together.
I miss my Sully :-( I also missed my bed but mssed my movie channels more than my bed.)


Friday 18 - Brittany's Graduation party. Our family freind Debbie  & Her hubby Billy threw a party @ the RiverView near the Hudson River which we had a lovely view of.  Cocktail hour start 7:30 pm & the party would be until midnight. So saw some faces of those I hung out when I was in High School & learned they weren't much older than I was. The music well as I said to a few people "You know the music is 'too loud' when the little kids run out the room holding their ears"  that got a laugh from those I said it to. I did see a few when I was coming out of the ladies room. THe base was a bit too much & for the size of the room the volume could have been toned down a bit (esp. for the older people in the room above 40 & 50 years of age!! lol) It wasn't my kind of music but I was trying to grin & bare with it but Pissed me off when a few songs I actually did like came on & were done by another artist or just flat out cut short! Then there was the annoying bit of some of the stuff like one word being repeated like 10 times (sort of like in a remix or something) I had at least 3 drinks but I don't think any more than 5 for sure. I even wore my 'wedge' 'flip flops'

Saturday 19  - today I had no idea what I wanted to do! I basically just did a little of this and that. Drew an additional word for my Scorpio traits  art. (This picture the link goes to is not the finished product but a portion of it & yes if a scorpio you may print it out & color it however you like so long as I get credit for the basis of the creation. I started reading (with the intent of finshing today as well) The Cat ate my Gymsuit. I think I still have maybe around 50 pages to read (143 pages I think), when I purchased it I didn't realize it was a kids book but that's fine, when I'm done I'll give it to Max across the street from me. I plan to start on Jill Churchill's Silence of the Hams next

Monday 21- so m om & I went to Central ave. being as the weather is going to get icky again. Mailed my mail (minus Susan M & Helen's letters)  Got a DD PRetzel twist & peach tea. I'm not fond of their drinks which somewhat i8ncludes this, but later on when it was at room temp. it tasted better! stopped at amazing Savings & I came across a desk organizer and though Oh I can use this as a shadow box for knick knacks. So I'll have a touch of pink (minus the flower boarder) on the purple.
Yesterday I stated
It's a mystery but if you read my 2014 Reading room you will be able to read the review as well as previous boks I've read for the year & upcoming

Tuesday 22-  to start

This is my fave of this guy & his cats so far.
Anyway the computer is having hiccups and annoying me but oh well.
I really need to get things going like going through my camera for all the pics I didn't get to post as well as the ones from the party.
A friend of Mine mentioned something about Artist Cards, I was thinking of trying it but to start I am somewhat researching it esp. being I thought to make a lens about it. Now If I could only think of something to design. Not sure what media to start with, let alone f I have enough sulpplies.
One of my favorite shows is back FAce-Off on Syfy. It starts tonight and I think they have a little something new in store

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Anonymous said...

Turn the music down for the older people! (over 40?!) I do like to be able to hold a decent conversation and not be drowned out by music.

Also I've never heard of Jill Churchill books, but now I want to read those 'Jane Jeffrey' books as I've just checked them out. Thanks for introducing me to yet another author :)