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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 5th -August 19th How long can a hangover last?

Tuesday 5th- GODMSACK 100hp release  &
Wed 6th -   GODSMACK DAY!!! in Boston!  See the Proclamation here
(If y ou have a problem with that, check out the page I wrote on them There's one there as well as a link of the mayor making the announcement http://www.squidoo.com/godsmacked  & my review as well as one by Artist Direct are posted to the page

Thursday 7-  Trying to check emaile after not doing so for about 2 days
  having chinese tonight aso still working on some of the Fall Sked on Generally Talking Telly I do have quite a bit noted already. (I just have to give a look over of other cable stations) I've recently posted a new link to the news section on the Supernatural Musical episode!

Holding the Heathen Hammer High - heathens-in-military-interview-with

Saturday 9- Mom dad & I went to Middletown/Wallkill  area. I actually got to have a Grandslam  breakfast at Denny's. That was soo good! Actually found the 'fastners' I was looking for in wallmart and got something else there as well. I also got a few things I needed for making jewlery (didn't need much though) I also noticed I was a naughty girl, there was stil another item or 2 in my bag after I checked out & didn't notice til I got home!

Sunday 10-  Finished off making a piece of jewlery for a friend (who will remain nameless in case they are readinging this) as well as a sewed another item for them. Watched Nascar Stewart & Kevin Ward jr. accident

For the animal lovers A-Homeless-Kitten-Snuck-Into a zoo...... no this isn't the start of a joke.. click the link & check out the new friends!

Have a bit of a rant...  be it you post from phone or actual computer keyboard... WHY do people write birFday (esp. on twitter) you may as well just write Birthday if you are going to put the F in there you sound like an uneducated indiot. just write Bday instead

Monday 11- disbelief, denial, are just a couple of responses to the news of Robin Williams death. When I first heard it I didn't believe it, then I started to go through some of my tweets (mobil notifications) & saw many of my favorite actors & such posting about it. Why is it in this day & age it takes something like that to make you believe something actually happened, yet at the same time you push it aside.

My first memory of Robin Williams was as Mork from Mork & mindy "Nanu nanu!" I can't tell you anything specific other than that multi color coat (that looked like it would be best used as a pillow and let's not forget what to me made suspenders ... Or as I called them when I was little "septembers' famous! Misses Doubtfire is another one of my favorite characters of his, & though I don't remember the name of the movie or character (not sure if I even saw the whole movie) but just the idea at least of him playing a doctor for kids as a clown I thik it was. (I think it just came to me, was that called Patch Williams? )

As everyone has been saying they are grief striken & such and have a heavy heart.. I too as well as he is one of the first actors let alone comediens I can remember watching since I started watching tv!

There's a storm coming tomorrow night, so all those rain drops are our tears that evaporated & will now fall from the clouds for him!

Robin Williams
Comedian, actor, Role Model, & so much more
Nanu Nanu

On a lighter note... Sharknado 2!~  debuted to 3.9 Million viewers!   more stupid than the first but still fun & a 3rd one is on for 2015!  I hope it's in Massachusets (Boston Maybe) as hey! California & NY always get hit by the natural disasters, aliens & terrorists in movies! How about trying other major cities Boston comes to mid.. or for camp factor make it salem Mass & have the witches be the one who start the sharknado or at least stop it. What about one in Canada or Europe, or one of the brit countries? Oh more fun How about some hot Aussies? Oh wait then the movie would be over in 5 minutes with those beefcakes!

For those of you that do not yet know.. Doctor Who- (with the Newest Whovian) will start its new season with Peter Capaldi on August 23 with the Intruders to follow

Wednesday 13- I've written a few things on this site
 (as squidoo doesn't seem to be helping much in way of loyalties (which weren't much in the first place but this new place dependis on how many clicks for linkes, comments views etc I get.) So please checko ut my pages like them etc

Thursday 14- UGH... couldn'
couldn't fall asleep then when I finally did kept waking up!

Friday 15- FInally can watch the new Godsmack 1000hp Video --> http://vevo.ly/aarCkA

 So once I finished check email or whatever today I found out
I have to back up EVERYTHING I've ever written on Squidoo as some of the best pages are going to another site & I think as of Oct Squidoo will no longer exist. I think I'm about half way through the pages I have to back up as I have printed out the list of what I've written, and have been able to back up over 100 so far now this needs to be finished by friday (I pref. sooner but I just need to be sure its the important stuff that has alot of info on it & things like that. Esp. maybe I can make some of them in the blog (or their own seerate page.)  So I started  to do so tonight & wil l have to get up hopefully a reasonable time tomorrow (sets internal clock for no later than 9 or 10)  to make a big dent.

Saturday 16- So I'm working on backing up as much as I can of the squidoo pages. I feel almost like i am panicking. I think I bascally hve to get it backup by the 22nd . oh my frien John just called to say he's going to be in area and asked to go hang.  AWESOME! now i have to triple time what Im doing.

(writing this a few days later) so we went all over.. first we tried Alamo draft house to see a movie & have lunch )it's onky 2:30 or 3pm & the movie he'd want to see starts at 7 or 7:30 & he's supposed to be bouncing at a bar tonight (brewski's in the bronx) so we go next door to Uno's & eat. I had 'Pizza skin' a potato skin but it's pizza crust instead of the skin. John had a steak & a beer  Bliue Moon brand, was retty good I liked the orange slice in there & it's nice and smooth.
After we went to Rory Dolans for a couple of drinks I got Pina Colada no idea what else I wanted.& tried a shot of this stuff that tasted like an atomic Bomb.  after hanging here a bit John gets a call from a friend that he'd switch with him & work tonight.
So we get to hang out longer. After Dolan's we went to '

Yonkers Race Track/EMpire City Casino but we went to the track to bet on the horses. OMG!! I was picking horses at least one would come in in the top 3-4 each race. Yet when I chose one horse JUST before posting was finsihed, John wouldn't go as it was one of those that weren't supposed to win & well Orapax won! came in first!! & DAMN the purse was big! (why dind't I jsut but the $3 in my pocket on it!) started on 7 & 7's there

after this I went to my house to change into my sneakers & change my shorts & we ended up going down to t he bronx (we had agreed to go play pool) anyway something happened that his friend Jenna called cause something happened so I got to meet a few of his friend.  Jenna & Stephanie are nice. Jenna reminds me of someone but I can't figure out who or in what way.

So we hang out at BREWSKI's! yeah I coudn't help but get an ironic chuckle from that. had a couple more 7's. We officially became a couple here. No idea how long we were there but then we went to the Shamrock & hung out there more 7's and I think another 3-4 shots one including a jager bomb. We met a couple who were playing pool. (wanted to play & she had asked me if I wanted to) So we played girls against guys & thanks to Dana we won. & Her BF or Husband's name is John too. May see them again when I go away Laborday weekend! but I think they are bringing the kids.

once we were done at the bar we went back to John's place & well he was able to fall asleep I was wired! Then after awhile I fell asleep & when I woke I was just twisted! felt so sick to my stomach & beacsue I have quite a strong stomach.. I can't even purposely make myself throw up so I might feel better! So instead of staying & hanging at john's for the day I told him I thought I had to go home.

Once I felt better i cam on & tried to check my tweets & did a few more of those pages.

It's now Tuesday the 19th & I still fel not quite right but at least myself. My stomach is still bitching at me for some reason & not sure if it's hunger or it's still pissed about sat night!
It's been along time since I went out & drank like that~

Oh yeah & On saturday night John finally asked me to be his GF after knowing each other from my old job to what he figured out to be 15 years.

'bout time!! (at least one of the girls asked me a time or 2 if we had something going, & tonight mom just asked, but I'm not answering. I don't want mom blurting it to everyone under the sun just yet. & she will. I'd rather be the one to tell people.

So right now I am currently trying to copy & paste a page from squidoo into word & bcak up the pics links etc in the file & juggle checking email (writting a letter to Janet right now!! Hello England!)
as well as write in my blog!

Wed 20 -  freaking out.. need to find a few items for my overnight bag to stay @ John's. Also get stuff together for labor day weekend trip!!  Oh in case I have not mentioned it yet, any of the squidoo pages I've mentioned hurry up & check them out! They site is closing down & one of the reasons why I'm mental right now trying to back it all up, Plus the added bonus of Having a BF now. So I feel a bit harried.

again I have tried both memory card slots & they won't work for some reason to bring up the files so I guess I'll have to see if it will work to make a disk in a kiosk.  :-( I wanted to post a new pic of ully & one or 2 from the raceway. Oh well.

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