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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Berserker Beach Concert

So summer is the season of celebrations (even though there are more in the winter time!)
Concert Festivals like Uproar (do they still have a lalapalooza?) So here I give you my version for an END of the summer concert  and for Hockey fans.. a special guest
Linkin Park Wastelands
How many ounces fits in it? (need to find that out) Oh yeah & Cup shots for all!!

We have From Canada the Chad Kroger discovery  My Darkest Days

So while getting ready for the next band & what should be a full set Some 'sports' songs play

From Long Beach California wait what's that Bats? Oh   we have some dueling Guitars  and shadows of Avenged Sevenfold!

We've got a few Vikings From the Faroe Islands
Welcome my Fave Viking Metal band TYR!
I'm still working on this one but here's more on Tyr
Farose Interview with Heri  (Not in english)
One of my New Favorite bands (Thanks to a Godsmack Concert)
Five Finger Death Punch!
Get Godsmacked * The Paths we Choose (Sully's memoir)
Who else would  you like to see?
3 Days Grace takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to the EXTREME!! 
I'd say if it were a contest... THEY WIN!

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