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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Movie Reviews - August

Open Grave- Sharlto Copley  (district 9) wakes  up in a mass grave with no memory of who he is. There are others he comes to find with the same dilema; or shall I say affliction?
They're on property that as they find buildings and such, looks to me like some sort of camp (let's hope not Crystal Lake). They have flashes of who they are (once were) or what happened to them, as they come across dead bodies around the property among other surprises. Maybe it's some sort of asylum or sc ience experiment Interesting psycho thriller.. WORTH A WATCH

Grand Budapest Hotel- I'm not sure how to explain this movie. I thought it was a comedy which there are some some funny parts but maybe also a mystery caper of sort. I woulnd't say it was bad nor good. I'm pretty much baffled by it in a way. (I think this was 2 or more hours)  TOSS UP

Banshee Chapter-  1 hour & 27  minutes running time
This is a tgrue story of a journalist  who in vestigates a friend's death which leads to a trail of government cover ups. I think the guy that plays James (the friend who goes missing) played Steve Newlin in True Blood. The Trippy hippy author oh & add paranoid to that has some chemical the (I think it was) CIA was working with.  Other than mystery not sure what other genre to describe this as. About half way through the movie I started to do my nails while watching so i guess it gets a bit weird that I lost a bit of interest. D+

Godzilla (2014) - I wanted to see this in the theater so bad! For some reason I just couldn't. The times were too late or whatever the case, finally I get to see it but I'm glad I didn't ahve to pay to see it in the theater. I heard it was bad but I never listen to the reviews from tv news (there's only one place I listen to the reviews or shall I say read and take heed that is Entertainment weekly. Usually if I see a movie before the review comes out from them I'm usually on par with the grade they give.
I remember something on the news when the movie came out that the Japanese said Godzilla looks fat.... I thought maybe it would turn out the be jsut that one angel in the movie trailer but....YEP no matter what angle its at, it still looks fat. There's some other monster, though I'm not sure what kind it looks like a bug to me, at first i thought a praying mantis then I thought a pterdactyl but at times to me it also sounds sort of machanical so I gave up on trying to figure it out.
An hour and thirty minutes into the movie and I'm SILL loving Pacific Rim more! (A big razberry to the lot of ya that don't like it!)  This ozilla just isn't intense and dramatic enough though 'Zilla is a good catch! The creature's 'beak' looks like a staple remover not to mention more a mechanical block head (mm is it a transformer in disguise?) than our beefier Godzilla. When he first shows up your just like oh Humm.. plus he doesn't quite have that well known Godzill Pitch (to his roar)  It's there but there's a few keys (high pitch) missing to it compared to the old ones. (I mean even the late 90s early 2000s one I think had the right pitch (or at least alot closer than this one) definately Lack Luster! D

Supercross -2005 PG-13 1:32 min running time
a Pair of brothers are motor Cross drivers by night & pool boys by day  when Trip (Mike Vogel) gets a chance at the big time and bites it his brother Kasey (Steve Howley) carries on  as the brawn for the team. Arron Carter is also in it, and Channing Tatum plays pro racer Rowdy the pro Kasy protects.

Divergent-  I'm sick of all the YA books becoming movies, sadly none of the books I'd like to see as a movie (or even tv series) likely won't happen.  I haven't read the books, so I have no idea on comparing tham (which may be a good thing). This was an enjoyable movie. It didn't feel 'teen' to me. I enjoyed the action and story and frankly would see the sequel. B

Enemy- Jake Gyllanhall stars. His character goes about his life and after watching a movie notices that there's someone that looks like him, Identically! I skipped a bit here & there then I just sopped. The 1st 45 minuts just may as well watch paint dry  F

Spliced-(2002)  I've seen this before, possibly under an different title.  No it's not the Adrian brody movie. It has Drew Lachey from 98 degrees in it! The girl I think was having nightmares or sleep walking. She sees some movie called The Wisher and gets really paranoid about it. SHe thinks someone is following her and granting her wishes in a wicked way.  D

BEAST- Tv series starring Patrick Swayze & Travis Fimmel (Vikings)
So far I've only seen the first disk (4 episodes I think) They play FBI agents & Travis' character (Not sure if I heard right but I think his name is)  Dove   (intersting name)  seems to get picked on a bit. Not sure if I like it enough but there's only 2 more disks to watch so why not, plus I LOVE Travis.
So the show is compelling and I am hooked. Something is up with Swayze's character that there are agents trying to get 'Dove' to spy on him for them and well I think that mystery part is what hooked me.

Transcendence- Ok if only I could see a day where people start using their computers laptops and other electronics for door stops!~ Neat healing trick when hooked up to a network! Will in the computer tries to help heal the earth and make all the water pure and such. How far is too far when it comes to advanced technology? I think one reason people didn't like the movie (or so I heard) was because maybe it scared them, or at least made them think. I thought themovie could have been better.

Rio 2-  Wow Nice & colorful the best way to see this one is on the HD tv with Blu-ray!@ here's a bit of music numbers (I don't remember that from the first)  I did like the way they wrote the  "I will survive' parody number. THe dance in when the get to the rainforest . At times to me it was a cartoon version of Avatar just with birds. C-

Freezer- starring Dylan McDermott as Robert who wakes up in  a freezer on his birthday. Peter Facinelli plays undercover cop (or so he says) Sam who looking in the shape he's in, isn't going to last long. I don't really care for movies that take place in one location (ie: Phonebooth)  through the whole thing (or so far seems) it's just boring.  Though this so far stays in the one location tit's a mystery and that is what has me hooked (that and maybe the Russian lesson) and pushing me on. THe movie is in english but the Russian mafia is involved in the story line which I think there was a hole or 2 bu I could have just missed something. Oh well that was a twist I didn't see coming! C+

Expendables 3-     So I think they are in Russia to start things off on a retrieval (rescue?) mission. Snipes character mentions the reason he was put away... breaking the 4th wall with that one! & we have art imitating true life!Some good jokes and a few that felt forced. Antonio Banderas  is apparently the yappy mascot and around for a little more comedic relief. I think this is a sort of passing of the torch for the younger actors in this (who the only one I have a clue about is Kellan Lutz) but the spanish guy looks familiar.  Honestly I wish they would have had Vinny Jones & Kevin Durand in an instalment of the movie.  I thi nk this was made just to close out the series. Plenty of action but well... D

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