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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 13- 19

Tuesday 14- So I went to see Dracula Untold (just had to esp. with Luke Evans as the lead! grrrowl!)
Not sure if I like him better as a good guy or bad guy but damn he's AWESOME & scary as the bad guy in No One Lives! It wasn't bad I think Entertainment weekly gave it a C and I a C+ as the action is great never a dull moment in this. After Dracula I sneaked in to see Annabelle which really isn't all that scary aside from that doll! Although like in Insidious there is a few blink & you miss it Demon shots Read the reviews here

Wed 15- Had appt. and on the way back to meet my mother the thing for those with walkers & wheelchairs wouldn't go back in place so a lot of people got stuck. My friend in Hull England posted a bunch of stuff here's some of the highlights from her twitter
Great films based on true stories
Cute Rooms
Great stunning architecture

Thursday 16- so was just catching up on a couple of my shows that are on the same time as others! Week in & week out.. I end up having lots of catching up to do between the shows I have to watch on demand (I have only saturday that I have 1 show on at 8 2 at 9, (but one of them had their finale, and the other I usually watched on it's re-air at midnight) and another at 10. Oh mom made home made potato wedges! Working
on my 31 Frights of Halloween you can checkout here http://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com/

Saturday - Went to Connecticut to visit a family friend (Rosemarie) she lives at her daughter Lisa's who has a birthday today!  when we get there Christine is home & let's us in I go to look out the back door & get scared! Grey cat is hanging on the the screen door at face level! I think he registered as a giant spider! I did actually scream! So for once someone gave me a scare in October! We only went to the Dollar stoe & the thrift store next store. I got a few books One is on dreams, another is The American girls guide (has how to make a hammock, sewing, painting & a bunch of other assorted things. Came across a Janet Evanovich book I had not heard of Metro Girl, & I got the Ultimate Dracula book it's a celebration of the novel and is an anthology of 'short' stories

Sunday 19th

10-facts-about-cats  -from Helen
Just watching the race today

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