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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

September Movie Reviews

Bad Words-  Rated R stars jason Bateman as a 40 year old named Guy with no High School education. Finding a loophole in the rules for Spelling bees that makes him eligible he sets his sights on winning with a reporter in tow trying to find out what his motivation is.
My favorite part is the 'guys night'  When Bateman isn't spouting profanity laced insults or said favorite part.. the movie gets boring. Well (well that came out of left field Laughs)  that was a unexpected! (can't tell ya it's at the end!)  C

Need For Speed- Wow there's some wicked F'n cool cars in this. Something that sounds like its called an Auger (or something like that) Forget about Messin with Sasquach I nearly fell off the couch laughing at the 'exit strategy'  from the rest stop (& I don't mean the fancy footwork) This was a fun movie. And I swear they actually had sets of building etc from the game. There was a few spot I swear I do remember from the game when I've played. B

Pure Country 2: The Gift- Not my thing Only rented it because Travis Fimmel is in it. The storyline seems like a movie made for Lifetime or Hallmark channels, and just as thin. At least the acting is a bit better than those. D

Afflicted- So I thought this was just going to be some weird tourist meet cannibals movie or something like that. Nope, but it will teach you not to bring strangers back to  your room or go to theirs. Sort of Hostel meets (oh what's the name of the movie) Touristas I think..(Checks IMDB not the right title I thought, and I can't think of the name) whatever  it is  they go away and they whole party was kidnapped  and (or) Killed  one by one. I'll just say Derrick  starts acting weird after a night in Paris. Sleeping too long, not eating much if at all as for Originality I'd give it a 3 out of 5 as it's been done before but in a way, has it's own spin even if that's just an amaglomation of a few different types of movies in one. Not quite found footage but documenting everything for ther travel website, Vacation gone arway. As far as I feel about it C-  nice effort but to me some parts seem amature, and maybe a little rip off. One Derrick is fully afflicted it reminded me of a commercial for a video game One of the horror ones, Left for Dead comes to mind though. The part where you see him on the floor and looks up with the eyes (you'll know what I mean when you see it)  I swear is a full on rip off of the scene I thought of in that commercial.  C-

Cemetery Junction - 1 1/2 hours english comedy starring Christian Cooke & Ricky Gervais Directed by Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant
Well it's a bit depressing in ways, bland in the marries and take your spouce for granted sort of way, + wanting to get away from your crappy little town to be and do something. C

Only Lovers Left Alive- 2 hours long  Looking for action? don't bother! This stars Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton & Co-starring John Hurt. Tom plays Adam a musician & vampire;  who is depressed with the world of humans, who in some way have become tainted (not sure if they ever explained it). For some reason the vampires call humans zombies in this (how insulting yet at the same time I get the metaphor). Adam has a 'zombie' named Ian who helps him acquire antique guitars and other things for his music. Ian seemed very familiar but whoever the actor, is desguised well, however sounded very familiar and some movements etc. after awhile I thought wait that sounds like Anton Yelchin and some of his other 'tells' I noticed as well. Whadda ya know, I was right it is him. So anyway, Adam's wife for centuries, Eve  comes to to help him get out of his funk. Her sis Ava stops by for a visit and there's much hostility on Adam's part toward her, and messes things up for Adam. Don't be tired when you watch this. Not sure how I got through it (maybe my love of all things vampire? Or the facts 'Loki' has grown a set of fangs? Yeh I think that's it. THe rocker look I think suit Tom well. beyond that  It's a toss up. It's kind of artsy I guess in way so I'm not sure how to grade this. I'll go with at least a C because some may hate it & others will love it I'm a bit of both.

Homefront- starring Jason Statham, winona Ryder, James Franco & Kate Bosworth who at first is so unreconizeable! While undercover Phil Broker has infultrated a Motorcycle club and takes down a heroine house. He retires to (somewhere in) Louisianna with his daughter. The daughter is getting bullied and that's when all the story beings to pick up.The town shoud jsut because Bully'anna.  As an actor I don't like Franco but I think this was a better suited role for him. He is quite nuts in it, but then again that's what happens when you juice on your own stuff. I didn't get that wooden feeling from him in this. I almost didn't reconize Kate Bosworth or Winona Ryder but Kate well looked just like any other white trash druggy. All in all Broker ends up repeating history. One thing I'll say /....Cool exlosion ....C

The Dead Matter- Gretchen finds an amulet that brings back & controlls the dead. Some ancient vampire is trying to get his mitts on it. Not original, tho Tom Savini (yeah the same gu from Dusk til Dawn w/ the crotch gun)  in this he plays a vampire that to me seems to be a mobster. Oneo f the characters makes diet drugs which you don't find out the point of  what this diet drug has to do in the movie until the end! (Which was a sort of unexpected twist)  D

The Quiet ones-  Says its inspired by actual events
Some sort of class (Paranormal Sciences?) at Oxford in 1974 at Oxford   are doing a study to (I think) somehow prove the spirit world exists.   I had to watch awhile to find out what the actual project was. The project is to cure Jane of what they think is a psychosis. The movie feels long when it's not, it's only like an hour and a half (maybe a little more running time without the credits). Ok I oddly didn't see that twist coming so bonus points there. There were a few scenes I thought could have been edited out & would still have told the story well, and makes me wonder what did end up on the cutting room floor! It's a toss up D or C

The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas box- Well that was more lively than the other movie I watched last night.  Ioan Gruffudd (sp?) is in it, oh for only a bit in the beginning & end. In this the Midas 'curse' is not that everything you touch turns to gold. It's a box thought that anything that's put in it is supposed to turn to gold; however when an amulet is put on top of it it turns into a weird sort of gun. That's blasts soemthing like a laser beam. It was alright there is another one so I might get that as well..

X-men: Days of Future Past- fave quote (or sort of) Wolverine to (well in human form) Beast  (well basically) We're Good Friend (in the future) ::Then punches him::  I wish Colassus would get more time in these movies, he's always in the back drop, when he should be a main character (so under used).  I mean he's been in 2-3 X-men movies now, yet doesn't get some sort of sub-plot but yet we are introduced to Quicksilver (played by Evan Peters from American horror Story)  in this. The character  will have a different face when he shows up in Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron (which I swear my mouth keeps trying to say Voltron!). All I'll say is the actor is 'Kick-ass'. There's a few laughs and  just enough action to be satisfied. There's soemthing that disappointed me but I can't put my finger on it.  I'm not sur eif it was the plot but it felt something was lacking.  C

Salem's Lot- (2004) Stars Rob Lowe

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