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Monday, December 15, 2014

Why my kitty cat hates Christmas

are you an INFUENSTER? I am

Why am I asking that? Well today I got my Complimentary #FrostyVoxbox from Influenster  (you can see the badge on any of my blogs). These I test and provide reviews on the site.

Sign up for free, and then you do a survey or some activity and say for instance I had to make 3 collections (following a few guidelines) on Ebay for a $10 E-card.

I so want to take a picture and show you all the goodies but I'll have to do it a different way instead (as my memory card does not work in the slots of my computer or printer)

Product DetailsEcotools Sleek and Shine Finisher Hairbrush from $10 - $20!

Product DetailsFruit Vines Cherry Bites Bag, 5 Ounce (Pack of 12) about $1.50 each

 a sample of this Holiday edition tea (decaf Green Tea) with a coupon to get .55 cents off a box

Candy Cane Lane Green Holiday Tea decaf 20 Tea Bags $4.54

Product DetailsMcCormick Gourmet Collection, Thyme Leaves, 0.62-Ounce   $5

So that's like $40-$45 worth of stuff oh yeah and there's a sample packet of No 7  advanced serum for wrinkles & lines Boot's No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Serum - 1 oz
 ok so the box is at least a $50 value!!
So like what you've heard ? want to sign up?Join influenster.com  

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Gobble Gobble

Tuesday 25- so yesterday there was some excitement on my block! Only (about) 3-4 houses down to be exact. A movie was being filmed, titled Show me a hero     about a late mayor of our city in the 90's Nick Wasicsko.

I am told Jim Belushi, Alfred Molina & Wynona Ryder are in the movie, but we were told they had done their scenes already & theirs are mostly in City Hall as they play a couple of the politicians. THe rest of the cast you likely have not heard of. It's slotted for a fall 2015 release (I think) on HBO; but keep a look, or shall I say ear out. I will be posting as find out more. I did get a few pictures but have to get somewhere to be able to post them (sadly I have not been able to fix the slot for the SD cards)

One of my neighbors cars they even put different License Plates on (as it was an old blue van a light color) & they put New Jersey Plates from the time on it (and the color just about matches!) A couple of the crew hung out with us in one of the drive ways (2 houses down from mine) Alisa & Malcolm who were nice and well took my neighbor busting their chops the whole time.

They had posted signs around the 'hood no parking from sunday night at 10 to last night at 10pm but I think they were done before 10 as we noticed at 8 that the spotlight (aka The Sun) was off. They filmed on the street during daylight and there was a pinto they would have drive the wrong way on our street (as it's a one way). You couldn't see much of anything down there other than the crew. If I had a clue of who the actors were I could have had a few photos as they came off lunch but other than maybe 2 faces on the cast list (link in movie title) which I think were the 2 in the Pinto, I don't think anyone else looks familiar.
I think they also filmed in one of the houses or in the back yard so that was pretty cool. I wish I could have got some sort of shot (better) inside the house or something when they were not yet filming. (wish I could have got just one Picture for all of you but hey I'm not going to get in trouble for something I'm sure isn't going to be in the theater, but unless it's Taylor Kitsch, Luke Evans or Chris Hemsworth, then it's not worth getting in trouble over!

Turkey Day- (being written on Dec 2) we had pork roast think I just hung out & watched movies & wrote letters. May have gone on the computer for a bit but played games. Was a relaxing day

December 2- Ouch I have been neglecting this blog trying to get my wordpress ones set up as well as getting Hubpages edited. Not much else happening. Had an anxiety attack this morning as I thought I overslept and missed an appointment. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to me November 17 - 24

Monday 17 - so I was so full of anxious energy (but the good kind) yesterday I ended up having a nap while watching the race! My Favorite Driver made it to the championship round. So after having the fits for the 2nd half of the race, especially when Harvick 2-3 rows back after a pit stop I nearly had a fit. But the man who is called 'Happy' I think I'm just going to nick name speedy as he's has been just that this season with 5 wins, 20 Top 10 finishes and being on pole 8 times. This his 14 season, and I think the 1st or 2nd in the #4 car and WIS the championship in 2014!! I'd say it was in the 4s!

Worked a bit on doing a few posts on the Craft blog (only 1 or 2 posts have been published so far) I am trying to get everything figured out with all the blogs what kind of content to include in the pages, and so on.

Today I just watched Once Upon a time as I was working on the computer yesterday until Walking Dead came on (besides Once was a 2 hour episode so I didn't want to watch,  then have to change the station & then try and then find on demand that they had it as one 2 hour episode. Turns out I could have watched the first hour then watched Walking dead as they did it in 2 parts On Demand. Also changed my bed, now just need to check email.

l/15-photos-of-penguins-being-adorable  *  animals-arent-so-bad-after-all?  <-- Oh they're all so cute I wan them

Tuesday 18th- funny that my birthday cards all came the same day. I think this is a first!

Wed 19- so mom & I went to central ave to get my free entree from Uno's (could ahve gotten a free rooty tootyfresh & fruity breakfast from ihop but the steak at Uno's was so worth not going!)
I also got a free Mociato (sp?) from Starbucks. Only got a few things while out, mostly at the beauty store for my nails. I can never seem to find the fine & super fine emery boards or just a chamois buffer. I had a decent birthday and fully enjoyed my new tv (mom gave it to me a few weeks ahead to be sure it worked) while watching Arrow & American Horror Story tonight.

So I hear that People have announced their Sexiest man alive for this year, I'm not sure if I want to find out. (I always remember it usually is announced around my birthday & the issue usually comes out that weekend) So I saw that on Jimmy Kimmel they would have the person only the audience had to ask the person via skype questions to find out who they were. And no, you couldn't figure out tthe voice as they messed it up as well he does have an identifying voice. So as they are asking I'm thinking on maybe it's Luke eveans then i'm like No... and the person's arms look really familiar. So I'm like it's gotta be a Hemsworth or Taylor Kitsch.
Well I nearly screamed! It's Chris!!!!

Saturday 22- mom & dad went out to get groceries and when they were done, dad & I went out to central ave as my damn ink ran out & I have a freebie for a movie to print out. When I get to the front of the inks.. I totally forget which 2 colors I need. yellow or Blue along with pink.  Received one of the things I ordered from Ebay (not with birthday money but what I had left from my squidoo royalties) A Scorpio themed magnetic poetry kit.

& here's something I wrote with it. (I turn all the magnets over & pick some words out & this is what I got)

Control as mystery
always passionate
like the use
probing curious
volatile water

Sunday 23 - figured to try to print the other coupon & free movie 'tickets' (certificate for movies) and damn I got the wrong one! I got Yellow when I needed blue & it's the blue that's fully out so no print again :-(   Trying to watch 3 days to kill while out here trying to get some things typed up. Watched St. Vincent Yesterday while mom & dad were out. Then All is bright, before my shows.   check out the movie reviews post  (still have to type those 2 up still). So remember I mentioend they were filming a movie on the street behind me? Well I think they may be in front of the house either starting tonight  (there's signs around the neighborhood starting at 10pm tonight til 10pm tomorrow night) or tomorrow morning. So I'll see if I can get some info out of the people like I did last time, only I was told Wynona Ryder would be in it but she's not credited on IMDB for the movie. If it's still the same movie I just wonder why they are filming in our area as the mayor it's on,  lived on Yonkers ave (down the hill from the park I hung out in) and died (killed himself though I still question that) in the cemetery where his parents are buried. I think it's suposed to be on HBO come fall 2015 (if the girl was telling the truth)

Monday 24- well stupid news interrupted Dancing with the stars 2x!! one like 2-5 minutes before the end. Stupid idiots! thank Gods for internet! I think it was Derrick & Bethany Mota (a you tube star)

So I already received a few of the things I ordered with a little $ I got for my birthday. 
The My Darkest Days cd, Blade COmplete series, a book about Yule, those rubber-band things for the smash books (actually it wasn't just a set they sent a packages of 3 sets!!) I just looked up on amazon my order to check the item description again, it says 2 bands nothing of it being a lot of 3 sets of them. So not only did I get a deal for $2.99 (cause granted in joanns or other stores that would have it, they'd be 3-4.99! But now I have some extras I can sell or give as gifts! AWESOME! 
I ordered a little scorpio magnetic poetry kit (fits int he palm of your hand) from ebay. I am still waiting for one other cd from amazon 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

We are the CHampions November 10 - 16

So Monday  10 - Saturday 15 
Worked on my blogs made the last 2 I planned on the one for Entertainment (Movies & Tv mostly but any form) as well as crafts (I'll get those RSS feeds posted here when I can) 

Not sure if I mentioend last week mom's tv died so when she got her's they were on sale & mine was from 1997 and starting to go so she got me one as an early birthday gift

Sunday 16- 
KEVIN HARVICK WINS Sprint Cup Championship

cute article on his son 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Movie Reviews

Satan's Playground- so this family gets stuck in the woods in their car on some dead pine needles. They're too dumb to find a few twigs or small branches to put in front & behind the tire to get some traction so they deserve whatever is going to happen (and I know it likely won't be good!). One of them leaves and finds a house and the old lady says she's Mrs. Leeds (um.. the same as the one that gave birth to the jersey devil?... You betcha!) So they are in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey .
Nothing original, just a road trip gone bad movie and you never get to see the Jersey Devil. D- Disappoints and plain stupid

The Black Waters of Echo Pond-  well thank goodness this was better than the above. A bunch of 'kids' (I guess at least college age) are on vacation to some island I think around Maine. One of them finds some hidden 'treasure'  in the basement  which brings out the friends' dark sides and pits them against one another. Definitely not original as the evil game board have been done before but I enjoyed watching this one which I think had a twist  C

Deliver us from evil - Starring Eric Bana as an undercover cop. When something fishy  happens at the Bronx Zoo (finally the place of some of my fave childhood memories is in a horror movie!) It's just another possessed exorcisim movie. It was ok but Hollywood needs to move on to some other sub-genre C

Slaughter- Lost interest pretty quick. from what I saw ,it looked like  a rip off of something I saw yeas ago (or a few different ones) D-

Neighbors- pretty stupid, but there's at least some literal laugh out loud moment. Of course THE best part was already played out and oiver played being in the trailers C-

The Signal- I don't have much of anything to say = NOT GOOD. Now I know why I didn't hear much about it, bet it lost money too. THe only 'good' thing (note sarcasm) is it didn't go in the way I thought, sadly it wasn't unique and the ending well I'll just say to Doctor Who fans, didn't we already see something like this in Peter Capaldi's first season (in was it 2nd or 3rd to last episode?)  D-

St. Vincent- Bill Murray & Melissa McCarthy star in this comedy. She moves in with her son next door to Murray's curmudgeonly  character. He's broke and ends u watching her boy, and takes a liking to the kid.  The movie is actually funny and the "you're the only Puerto Rican Polak" line (I'm part polish) had me cracking up, though on a delay as I wasn't sure if I had heard right. Enjoyable & worth the watch B

All is Bright- Was this Paul Rudd Paul Giamatti (sp?) movie supposed to be a comedy? I mean paul rudd as a cnadianwas pretty much the only laugh I got with the blatant 'Aboot'. Aside from that the movie is a cure for insomnia.  D-

3 days to kill- I think I got this for dad it looked alright plenty of action as far as I could see but sadly the dark disk froze a time or 2  (Incomplete)

Welcome to the Punch- starring James McAvoy who plays detective Max Lewinsky who in his in-experience (at the beginning) loses a foot chase to criminal Jacob Sternwood played by Mark Strong .
After Sternwood's son Ruan ('Walter' from Scorpion) is involved in a boched heist and ends up injured so Dad returns and the Detective is back on the hunt. I enjoyed the movie, nice action thriller but for me something felt missing maybe a few more layers I'm not sure but I'd say a high C or low B

See No Evil - Oh wow a Clean shaven Greyston Holt! 
takes place after the events of the last movie, they are bringing the bodies in. WWE's Kane is back in the role of Jacob Goodnight (can't help but snicker for the irony of the last name) . In some parts you feel the intense emotions the characters do (or maybe I just got really into the movie). Wow that's an original way to die.. (not ruining it not even whose it is)  Tho not climatic, so would totally have been a disappointment if it ended with that bu thankfully it does not. The terror of a maniac in a morgue or medical facility is nothing new but this was some what a fresh look (to me in a way) not to mention the 'action' thank goodness they would move on just when the scene would be close to losing me. C+

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever:
  Now this is a Christmas Movie I can take! (not to mention Lifetime movie) which are usually awful. The action and cliche predicable story lines are just idiotic.Grumpy cat well how many movies are basically the same no matter what holiday or not.

The movie is at least fun, and for those of us that say Bah Hum Bug... like me you will appreciate Grumpy cat's remarks. (Honestly I wish Christmas shows would have Grumpy Cat pop ups...) This isn't just pop up remarks etc. yes The cat knon as Grumpy cat whose real name i heard is Tartar Sauce (no one she's got a grumpy face) learn more about her here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grumpy_Cat

If you can catch a re-airing or when available get it on video.
(I just hope you can get sarcastic humor otherwise you may then not find it funny)

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 3 - 16

epic-selfies/  *

 PHOTO-Neil-Patrick-Harris-Family-Halloween-Costume-Batman OMG he looks AWESOME as the Riddler!

I'm going to do an entertainment blog I'm just trying to think of a title. I do have an ideas for titles like
[polldaddy poll=8422139]

Tuesday November 4th -  
Well turns out I have bursitis in that hip (right) that's always bothering me. 
Found  That Taylor kitsch will OFFICIALLY be in True Detective season 2 on (I think it's) HBO 

Wed 5th 

This is cute, my Fri end Helen posted it

Went to my old Job @ Torre Lumber to visit as new owners will be taking over sooner or later and wanted to visit my Pepper cat (she was supposed to keep the mice away, though she did get to spend a long weekend with us at my house when she first showed up) Not sure if hey'll keep her, and now she knows something is up as she's pissing all over I'm told which means she's marking her territory. Went went to visit my Nana didn't stay long as there was construction around the area. Found a few books that looked interesting in the bookcases in the lobby.  Posted a few letters and went to Cablevision to exchange our old boxes for the hd ones. Got home tried to hook mom's up wouldn't co-operate.. (not sure which I did next) and it was just yesterday! But I either took a nap or tried to hook mine up... But I think I took the nap as I thought maybe I'm jsut too tired to deal and figure things out so I went to rest. Got up and I think we had dinner first then i worked on mom's tv/cable again and still woulnd't go right so I tried to hook mine up... went quite smoothly. Tried mom's again still not going call cable, and the guy is trying to help, but nothing I didn't o already! Then I notice it... the wrong wire is plugged in, I have no idea where it even came from but finally it worked and all is well!

Thurs 6  

Go to hook up dvd player to my tv (as the cable wire hooks into same spot that the dvd one did (at least on the old tv..)  So for some reason it didn't work when I first did, so I'm trying to sort out the wires and what they go to dvd, vcr or cable box etc as well as get them untangled. Finally I get it, & ended up having to do the same changing it back to cable but being as I had not experimented yet with figuring out how to hook everything else directly to the new tv I did now and  I was able to get rid of the darn RF modulator (don't even ask me WTF that was for but I think it was so you could plug multiple components into one tv  if it only had 1 antennae wire) 

Friday - had the hearing today and we got through I guess most of it but sadly they did not have all the records from my file at the mental health clinic. SO I have to go back for a 3rd time grrr and I  was in so much pain yesterday sitting there. On the way home mom & I had to stop into P.C> Richards to see if we could find a new toaster oven we found one but sadly they didn't have it in stock but will be in on monday. So we'll be able to make hotdogs toast etc again. (I'm starving... and I now realize most of my cooking if not in a frying pan is in that oven! 

for 'CAT'urday  I give you some animal links to put a smile on your face (and one is already on theirs!) 

Sunday   ::::: SCREAMS in Victory!!:::::    Harvick WINS makes it into Championship round  which includes Logano, Newman & Hamlin which by my prediction.. will come down to Harvick or Logano... (at least as far as by races won) 

So it's now monday and I'm juggling trying trying to go through email, tweets, writing this, need to finish a write up for one of the halloween posts, write a couple of reviews  and a handwritten letter to my pal Helen in England.

Friday, October 31, 2014

A missing week October 23- November 3

Previously I'm missing a week as I have been workingon my halloween blog.
and I even though I was ahead, I got behind because they suspended my ZodiacImmortal blog account, which means I couldn't work on anything posts or pages! You are jsut completely blocked out and not able to at least edit anything!

Thursday 23-  So I had an appt. with the pain specialist, got a new prescript for my tramadol & was on my way.  Mail comes hearing Nov 7th (pain!)

Friday 24- Appt. with Dr. V at Mental health clinic and Have to get them to send some records but takes at least a week WTF? if someone is asking for them most likely they need them sooner than that. And with fax why can't you just send I mean what 5 documents at least so we have them. really I don't want to go to the hearing & the F'n judge to say oh the records weren't in on time (the last is 5 days and we had done that the last time but because of the lazy doc. called on for the hearing last time it was either oh I haven't a had a chance to read them.

Sat  25- So mom's tv crapped out a week or 2 ago and so she & dad went grocery shopping and to go to P.C. Richards to see for a new tv. So they get home & mom says they got me an early birthday present and I told her so just give it to  me on my birthday. (Now you know why I'm always bitching, about gift holidays) Says  No it can't wait, so now I'm thinking its some sort of food that's going to go bad.  Dad brings up  the tv she got a 19" for her room, and another for my room cause they were affordable enough!  So being a tv yes.. by the time my b-day rolled around NOv 19th It would be close to the time (if something was wrong with it) the refund would expire.  but really can't can't hooks up one tv, then if it works undo it & try the other so I actually get a surprise gift for my birthday?  This is prob. one reason I feel shitty all the time cause I have to  

1. pick out my own stuff and 
2.ask if it can be a gift.  &
3. then I know what I'm getting


Tuesday 28- So I thought to do a mummy theme (being I'm being a mummy this year) & found a pumpkin just this weekend. I drew it up last night and when I went to look at the pumpkin, not sure if I can pull it off. It's a bit 'flat' prob. best to do  traditional face but even that I'm not sure there's enough of room for!

Painted my nails last night with a Black & red Gothic manicure (black tips with red nail but my left forefinger nail I made red tip w/ black, and my right one being as the nail broke (the tip) I only painted black. I'll likely put a few decals on them and will try to take a picture but not sure how soon I'll be able to post.

Posted my vampire-bible (at least the information I already had typed up.
Tomorrow I'll have to post the recipes and I am working on a history of Halloween, I already have plans for Halloween posts next year let's just hope I can remember where I got the idea from.

Wednesday 29- So mom went to go do laundry and just a minute or 2 after she leaves I get a call from her. Apparently a movie /make that Mini series  titled Show me a Hero  is being filmed on the street behind us, so of course I went to go investigate.

It's about  the  Mayor of Yonkers from the 1990s  who is said to have committed suicide November 1993 (which I don't believe)

Ew seriously they choose that guy to play the 'baby' mayor as mom would call him. That's just insulting

Some  of the stories at the time
ex-yonkers-mayor-s-death-is-laid-to-fears-of-inquiry * mystery-of-young-politician-s-death.html
meet-nicholas-wisicsko-the-youngest-mayor.html *

Halloween!!!! (october 31st. for those that do not know)
I'm still alive. though I'm wrapped in bandages... I'm being the mummy of an Egyptian priestess. My darn adhesive stuff from last year was all messed up so I had to make a Elmer's glue water mix to put the gauze on my face I'e got a pair of long john pants on & a piece of  white fabric over (a shirt) to looks somewhat Like a dress. Make up earrings, and I am slowly getting my ace bandages on  other parts of me & I'll jsut have some cheese cloth over the white to look like the bandaged for the middle of my bod

OMG some little boy dressed as Capt. american got scared of my costume! When I went down to hand out some treats he saw me coming down then at some point (I guess one the light hit me)  I just saw him tense, the eyes grow wide then SCREAMS.... & runs to the adult with the group!
When I got upstairs dad was cracking up as he was watching

November 3rd-  So I'm just hear after the weekend trying to catch up on

November 1st & 2nd  I Didn't go on the computer, as I had some shows I still had to catch up on, and movies as well  (Satan's Play ground & The Black Waters of Echo Pond (you will find them when I make the november review page,.)  Wrote a letter or 2 read a bit of my book. Watched Doctor Who & Benedict Cumberbatch on the Graham Norton show.  Sunday I just had one more show to catch up with and watched NASCAR Cup Chase race.. My drive Harvick is still in so far & finished 2nd. Tried to make my pumpkin seeds and sadly for some reason they caught fire (even though I was using the same instructions I have always used!) But then again I do get clumsy this time of month (::winks::)

back to the 3rd.... Watched Deliver us from Evil, now I'll have to try and get some things done I wasn't able to while doing the 31 days of Halloween now.. I just have to try to sort out my scorpio stuff

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 13- 19

Tuesday 14- So I went to see Dracula Untold (just had to esp. with Luke Evans as the lead! grrrowl!)
Not sure if I like him better as a good guy or bad guy but damn he's AWESOME & scary as the bad guy in No One Lives! It wasn't bad I think Entertainment weekly gave it a C and I a C+ as the action is great never a dull moment in this. After Dracula I sneaked in to see Annabelle which really isn't all that scary aside from that doll! Although like in Insidious there is a few blink & you miss it Demon shots Read the reviews here

Wed 15- Had appt. and on the way back to meet my mother the thing for those with walkers & wheelchairs wouldn't go back in place so a lot of people got stuck. My friend in Hull England posted a bunch of stuff here's some of the highlights from her twitter
Great films based on true stories
Cute Rooms
Great stunning architecture

Thursday 16- so was just catching up on a couple of my shows that are on the same time as others! Week in & week out.. I end up having lots of catching up to do between the shows I have to watch on demand (I have only saturday that I have 1 show on at 8 2 at 9, (but one of them had their finale, and the other I usually watched on it's re-air at midnight) and another at 10. Oh mom made home made potato wedges! Working
on my 31 Frights of Halloween you can checkout here http://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com/

Saturday - Went to Connecticut to visit a family friend (Rosemarie) she lives at her daughter Lisa's who has a birthday today!  when we get there Christine is home & let's us in I go to look out the back door & get scared! Grey cat is hanging on the the screen door at face level! I think he registered as a giant spider! I did actually scream! So for once someone gave me a scare in October! We only went to the Dollar stoe & the thrift store next store. I got a few books One is on dreams, another is The American girls guide (has how to make a hammock, sewing, painting & a bunch of other assorted things. Came across a Janet Evanovich book I had not heard of Metro Girl, & I got the Ultimate Dracula book it's a celebration of the novel and is an anthology of 'short' stories

Sunday 19th

10-facts-about-cats  -from Helen
Just watching the race today

Monday, October 13, 2014

Chilling whispers doth call October 6-12

Monday 6- Celebrating Supernatural's 10th season there's a special on tonight and omorrow the new season starts! (as well as the other CW shows) Tuesday 7 -so after my phone appointment  I wached Lost Boys on the blu-ray (though I have the dvd) but it was still good to see it  on a bigger screen. and FINALLY I come across the Icebucket Challenge for the Hemsworths including brother Luke! When Liam first came on I couldn't help my start laughing at what he was wearing... (why not jsut board shorts?)

How'd ya likeone of these cars?  Fastest Production cars

Wednesday 8th- Last night was the premire of the Flash on the CW you can see the review in the Telley page So what happenes when Kangaroos have a domestic dispute? you just let them be!!

Thursday 9- so went to my appt. was a hearing but I'll just say someone on the gov't end idn't do their job so it has to be rescheduled

YEAH!!! Kevin Harvick won the race last night!!!! SO we're still in the cup chase! & with that win get into the next round!
While waiting for the race tehre was a college football (american) game on. which 5 minutes equals a half hour becasue they can't moe their asses & haveto always stop the clock. (there's a reason for the clock) anyway so it was I t ink TSU vs Bangor which had Gold helmets so I was making cracks about it. Bangor was behind majorly but holy crap did they make a serious comback & WOn!!!
as for Harvick winning.... 1. I think it was to make up for the fact I couldn't watch the whole race. Doctor WHo, Intruders & Grahm Norton were on (& luke Evans was on Graham Norton)
2. Mom found the Octoberfest beer I like so I froze it before rinking (as I always do) and drank it while the race was on. If youy are not much of a beer drinker, (which i'm not) I'd duggest to try this.
Another cheer Walking Dead starts tonight!~ can't wait

 Well Walking Dead pre mire kicked off on a err.. 'high' note energetic and packed full of action.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Halloween movie Marathon 2014 (October movie reviews)

I'll keep updating this as I watch movies but I'll publish this now so you can rent the movies if you'd like as well.

Salem's Lot- (2004) Stars Rob LoweI think I liked this one better even though it was almost (or exactly) 3 hours long. Oh Rutger Hauser otherwise known as Sookie's Fairy grandfather in Tue Blood is in this, who plays Borlow...mmmm is that where the TB writers got the name for (Macklin) Warlow as a twist on that? WOw are these vampires even the new ones long in the tooth! I'd say as long as my pinky finger and thin as a pin. This is worth a slot on The halloween movie marathon list!

Sight- (dvd) the sound is too low when they talk. It looks like an amature video to me as if it was a project not the nice crisp colors etc. you get from a 'real' movie. Around a half hour in I find it boring, the characters I don't like.

Session 9-  an asbestos removal crew get the bid to clean up a closed run down asylum (I think it's the one that was in American Horror Story season 2), When one of the guys go missing. Another is poking his nose around the records archive and usually nothing good comes from  that. David Caruso of CSI;Miami stars and Josh Lucas is in it as well.  As usual in these types of movies the workers seem to start gong loony themseles either my arguing amoung one another or possibly having halucinations. This was different than the usual cliched 'Haunted asylum' movies, So I give it some originality points. It's suspenseful and I was surprised with what I'd call the twist. B

Transformers: Age of Extinction-  so we'[ve got a sort of cloaning thing going on only 'upgrading' say Bumblebee's transformium metal into stinger. I think Galvatron came from Optmus Prime but sounds & acts more like a Decepticon. The girls boyfriend in here in one scene I thought was Chris Hemsworth, though this guy I can't get a bead on his accent, sometimes he sounds Irish, others aussie, & sometimes English... So I look him up on IMDB.com & he's from Colorado.  Alot of the bots in this remind me of things from other sci-fi robot alien movies. For instance, when Galvatron stands up he looks like Gypsy Danger (or at least that large hole in the chest) from Pacific Rim, Then from BattleShip there's mini versions of those zipper looking balls that rip up pavement etc. Then there's what to me looks like a turd falling off the ship in this & looks like those worm alien things from Avengers. I hope those similarities are just me but I'm still taking points away for that, the action is good, so the movie doesn't full feel like its almost 3 hours (or at least once it gets going) but I might have to watch it again to see how I really feel about it. It didn't feel as good as the previous entries of the series. C

The Changeling- John loses his wife and child to a raodside accident. When he has somewhat moved on, he becomes a music professor and moves into an historical  home that turns out to be haunted. John then uncovers the mystery  of the sprit. For an 80s movie I give it a B

Warlock 1-3  -   Basically more or less tha same plot in ways but at least in th 3rd I think the decendant of a witch finally gets rid of the warlock.  The first 2 is basically trying to bring forth the child of the devil or the evil himself and the 3rd the decendant of a witch inherits a home and spends some time in it in hopoes of learning of her family.  Not the best of series and I wouldn't recommend.

Dracula Untold -  I couldn't wait to see this in the theater! The movie was originally titled Dracula Yera Zero, with Sam worthington attached, what happened to that project I do not know but Wortho in my eyes is just not vampire material. When I saw Luke Evans as Vald Tempes I was quite thrilled; besides, he's got his own fangs!  I already know quite a bit of the true 'Dracula' being as it means Son of the Dragon and by others Son of the Devil I didn't need this movie to tell me that. Other parts I already knew as well to be actually true that he was a beloved ruler and some of the other truths about him as well so the story was nothing new to me other than how Vald becomes Dracula. There is a titular moment where he says "You forget who I am" to which would be his legend Vlad the Impaler. Not much gore or 'horror' but more of a fictional true story. I do love the parts where Luke is fanged out and up in his enemies face. Luke Evans I say was made to play the role, he made it his own and I hope there will be a sequel greenlit. The action scenes were great esp. the 1000 to 1 odds! Also have to give credit to the costume crew for that great armor they had with the Dragon on it as well as the sculpted shoulder pieces! (If only I had the money to buy it from whoever I'd have to!)  The movie was fun and was happy I would have a Dracula movie in time for Dracula Day (yes there actually is one! It falls on Bela Lugosi's birthday October 20). There is something however missing from the movie (unless that was just me knowning most of the tale), howeer i still think it's worth the watch in the theater and I will be getting it on blu-ray when it comes out.   C+
So I haven't read this yet, just came along but from the title.. I'm excited!! http://screenrant.com/dracula-untold-shared-monster-movie-universe-nycc/
http://ihorror.com/theatrical-review- by one of their writers

Annabelle- The doll from the conjuring gets it's own movie (I think we saw this prequel coming, didn't we?) The stroy is based on the real life Ragedy Ann doll below in it's case in the Warren's Occult museum.  The movie was ok, but not creepy like the Conjuring or the first Insidious, though it has it's own Insidious creep out.  You do get to see a demon, but to me he was much more menacing (try saying that 3x fast!) in the basement shot, than the cheap  blink & you miss it in your face scare. When it's close up it looks more like a gargoyle to me, & well Gargoyles are supposed to protect the building (& its residents) it rests on. So for me it wasn't really scary (maybe if it was on a big screen in my house or my aunt's with the lights out esp in her house as it makes lots of noises!) other than the basement for me. I did however enjoy it B

Dark Circles- As to those under your eyes. A pair of new parents get no sleep when their infant wakes up constantly in the night. The mother thinks she's seeing ghosts and the husband doesn't believe her. Pretty predictable and not at all original. Don't waste your time...D

The Frankenstein Theory- Some guy has a theory Frankenstein's monster is actually real. This is based on some letters in his family's archive. he has a film crew go on his expedition with him (cliched docu- film).  I like the basis of it as its an interesting take on ol' "Frankie' instead of the same recycled story and monster with big long square head and looking like a baseball in other incarnations. This one I don't even know how to describe (the scare of this Frankenstein is more your imagination as I don't think we ever get a close enough look to see what the monster looks like). They did have me right to the end which to me ends abruptly.  C- (minus for the ending)

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Starling Archives

Season 3


Season 2
The FLash *
on Chelsea lately
Is Arrow the best live action show...ever?
Stephen talks Fatherhood & being a superhero * Dr. Ivo cast * The Flash Cast


Season 1

'non-stop' finale * Arrow @ Wondercon 'Sizzle' reel * Arrow Parkour
ARROW pics & an article in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY #1252 March 29 2013 Opened cover, turned a page & I nearly fell on my butt)
Presenting at Canadaian Screen Awards*Tv Ratings who's Hot & not*Early Show Renewals*
Justice earned*Dark turn for fan faves * Co-own Knocking Point Winery * National Post Worthy 30
Stephen tweeted this EW pic on his page (which I thank goodness subscribe to) ... The Feb 27th 2013 16th episode in which he kept calling the "Holy Sh-- Balls" episodebecause so much was going on and a bomb so to speak drops
Summer break Action figures to be unveiled at Comic con
Arrow Comic Con & more news

---}}----SPOILER ALERT-------> season 1 finale
Arrow cast on Tommy Merlyn & Colin Donnell
-}}--Do not read unless You watched Finale-->

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September Movie Reviews

Bad Words-  Rated R stars jason Bateman as a 40 year old named Guy with no High School education. Finding a loophole in the rules for Spelling bees that makes him eligible he sets his sights on winning with a reporter in tow trying to find out what his motivation is.
My favorite part is the 'guys night'  When Bateman isn't spouting profanity laced insults or said favorite part.. the movie gets boring. Well (well that came out of left field Laughs)  that was a unexpected! (can't tell ya it's at the end!)  C

Need For Speed- Wow there's some wicked F'n cool cars in this. Something that sounds like its called an Auger (or something like that) Forget about Messin with Sasquach I nearly fell off the couch laughing at the 'exit strategy'  from the rest stop (& I don't mean the fancy footwork) This was a fun movie. And I swear they actually had sets of building etc from the game. There was a few spot I swear I do remember from the game when I've played. B

Pure Country 2: The Gift- Not my thing Only rented it because Travis Fimmel is in it. The storyline seems like a movie made for Lifetime or Hallmark channels, and just as thin. At least the acting is a bit better than those. D

Afflicted- So I thought this was just going to be some weird tourist meet cannibals movie or something like that. Nope, but it will teach you not to bring strangers back to  your room or go to theirs. Sort of Hostel meets (oh what's the name of the movie) Touristas I think..(Checks IMDB not the right title I thought, and I can't think of the name) whatever  it is  they go away and they whole party was kidnapped  and (or) Killed  one by one. I'll just say Derrick  starts acting weird after a night in Paris. Sleeping too long, not eating much if at all as for Originality I'd give it a 3 out of 5 as it's been done before but in a way, has it's own spin even if that's just an amaglomation of a few different types of movies in one. Not quite found footage but documenting everything for ther travel website, Vacation gone arway. As far as I feel about it C-  nice effort but to me some parts seem amature, and maybe a little rip off. One Derrick is fully afflicted it reminded me of a commercial for a video game One of the horror ones, Left for Dead comes to mind though. The part where you see him on the floor and looks up with the eyes (you'll know what I mean when you see it)  I swear is a full on rip off of the scene I thought of in that commercial.  C-

Cemetery Junction - 1 1/2 hours english comedy starring Christian Cooke & Ricky Gervais Directed by Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant
Well it's a bit depressing in ways, bland in the marries and take your spouce for granted sort of way, + wanting to get away from your crappy little town to be and do something. C

Only Lovers Left Alive- 2 hours long  Looking for action? don't bother! This stars Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton & Co-starring John Hurt. Tom plays Adam a musician & vampire;  who is depressed with the world of humans, who in some way have become tainted (not sure if they ever explained it). For some reason the vampires call humans zombies in this (how insulting yet at the same time I get the metaphor). Adam has a 'zombie' named Ian who helps him acquire antique guitars and other things for his music. Ian seemed very familiar but whoever the actor, is desguised well, however sounded very familiar and some movements etc. after awhile I thought wait that sounds like Anton Yelchin and some of his other 'tells' I noticed as well. Whadda ya know, I was right it is him. So anyway, Adam's wife for centuries, Eve  comes to to help him get out of his funk. Her sis Ava stops by for a visit and there's much hostility on Adam's part toward her, and messes things up for Adam. Don't be tired when you watch this. Not sure how I got through it (maybe my love of all things vampire? Or the facts 'Loki' has grown a set of fangs? Yeh I think that's it. THe rocker look I think suit Tom well. beyond that  It's a toss up. It's kind of artsy I guess in way so I'm not sure how to grade this. I'll go with at least a C because some may hate it & others will love it I'm a bit of both.

Homefront- starring Jason Statham, winona Ryder, James Franco & Kate Bosworth who at first is so unreconizeable! While undercover Phil Broker has infultrated a Motorcycle club and takes down a heroine house. He retires to (somewhere in) Louisianna with his daughter. The daughter is getting bullied and that's when all the story beings to pick up.The town shoud jsut because Bully'anna.  As an actor I don't like Franco but I think this was a better suited role for him. He is quite nuts in it, but then again that's what happens when you juice on your own stuff. I didn't get that wooden feeling from him in this. I almost didn't reconize Kate Bosworth or Winona Ryder but Kate well looked just like any other white trash druggy. All in all Broker ends up repeating history. One thing I'll say /....Cool exlosion ....C

The Dead Matter- Gretchen finds an amulet that brings back & controlls the dead. Some ancient vampire is trying to get his mitts on it. Not original, tho Tom Savini (yeah the same gu from Dusk til Dawn w/ the crotch gun)  in this he plays a vampire that to me seems to be a mobster. Oneo f the characters makes diet drugs which you don't find out the point of  what this diet drug has to do in the movie until the end! (Which was a sort of unexpected twist)  D

The Quiet ones-  Says its inspired by actual events
Some sort of class (Paranormal Sciences?) at Oxford in 1974 at Oxford   are doing a study to (I think) somehow prove the spirit world exists.   I had to watch awhile to find out what the actual project was. The project is to cure Jane of what they think is a psychosis. The movie feels long when it's not, it's only like an hour and a half (maybe a little more running time without the credits). Ok I oddly didn't see that twist coming so bonus points there. There were a few scenes I thought could have been edited out & would still have told the story well, and makes me wonder what did end up on the cutting room floor! It's a toss up D or C

The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas box- Well that was more lively than the other movie I watched last night.  Ioan Gruffudd (sp?) is in it, oh for only a bit in the beginning & end. In this the Midas 'curse' is not that everything you touch turns to gold. It's a box thought that anything that's put in it is supposed to turn to gold; however when an amulet is put on top of it it turns into a weird sort of gun. That's blasts soemthing like a laser beam. It was alright there is another one so I might get that as well..

X-men: Days of Future Past- fave quote (or sort of) Wolverine to (well in human form) Beast  (well basically) We're Good Friend (in the future) ::Then punches him::  I wish Colassus would get more time in these movies, he's always in the back drop, when he should be a main character (so under used).  I mean he's been in 2-3 X-men movies now, yet doesn't get some sort of sub-plot but yet we are introduced to Quicksilver (played by Evan Peters from American horror Story)  in this. The character  will have a different face when he shows up in Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron (which I swear my mouth keeps trying to say Voltron!). All I'll say is the actor is 'Kick-ass'. There's a few laughs and  just enough action to be satisfied. There's soemthing that disappointed me but I can't put my finger on it.  I'm not sur eif it was the plot but it felt something was lacking.  C

Salem's Lot- (2004) Stars Rob Lowe

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Haunted Halls Sept 29- October 5

Monday 29-

Wooo Hoo!!! Simpsons & Family crossover episode! (1 hour long) http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/09/27/matt-groening-seth-macfarlane-simpsons-family-guy-crossover/
I had to post this when I saw it (even though I already knew about it thanks to my subscription)

Some silly fo your monday morning  (with which I thought I'd post today (& will just update this post through the week!)
Tuesday 30- So I had an appt. today at the orthopedist & the freakin doctor didn't even come in the room! WTF do you call that shit esp. if I haven't seen him in awhile?
So after this I had asked  mom  if we could go to  Central ave. so I could get the new yasmine Galenorn book Priestess Dreaming from Barnes & Noble. I also found a book of the Sneaky Pie Brow series.  It's an Orange and purpe cover with a black cat on top wearing a witch hat.
Well once we got home I caught up on the shows I didn't get to watch last night lus I hurt and felt blah. Then all I did was check tweets on the comp, & played a game.


Wed October 1- Today  feel like crap. Got a phone call from the doctor's office I went to yestrrday to aggrivate me. Then I tried to go back to sleep (still feeling like crap...feel like I didn't sleep at all PMS sucks!) Then they called again honestly I have no idea what the problem was! & this is why I get pissed when people can't leave me alone for the first 15 minutes (the least) that i'm awake. vEven my boss knew not to bother me when I first came into work or at least not until 9am (which in a way is true. It takes my brain an hour or 2 to wake up otherwise I'm just running on autopilot!) So when I finally got to moving around I watched the shows I missed last night & a few other days (still there's some from last week to catch up on) one of those shows was
 Family Guy/ Simpsons 1 hour crossover  which was fun. I've been a simpsons fan since it started though I have been a bad goul as I don't get to watch it so I have to try with the on demand. I even have a Bart's guide to life book!  some magazines somewhere as well. If you are a Simsons' fan &/or family guy fan I think You will appreciate it. There's meta jokes rip offs & I just love stewy & Bart together!  I hope someday there can be a reverse crossover where it's a simpsons episode. The homer & Peter fight was epic quite long & just when yuou think it's over.... well I'm giving things away (esp. that of what they get into the fight about). a satisfying episode A

Also I am doing a 31 Night's of Halloween Blog on wordpress 31-nights-of-halloween-1-classics/

Thursday 2-Had appt. with orthopedist, only the assistant came in & he never did seriously? I mean come on you make me waste my time?  After my appointment mom and I went to Central Ave. which is all strips of stores and other assorted businesses. My favorite Author Yasmine Galenorn releeased Priestess Dreaming  from her Otherworld series which is one of my favorite series. Also found a halloween themed mystery by Rita Mae Brown of the 'Sneaky Pie Mysteries' it's cute the character's pets talk & help solve the mysteries!  Stopped next door at Party city & candy 15 pcs. for a $1! Well definatley NOT 'penny' candy anymore! I remember when I could get small gummy fish for a penny each. Mom always let me get a dollar worth. http://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/31-nights-of-horror-2-best-slasher-films/

Friday 3 - Just working on my wordpress blog as I am doing a 31 days of Halloween series   there. 31-horror-3-no-rest-for-the-wiccan-witch/   I also came across these Outerspace Pics   *  These Ten Cutest Animals  are even better!

Saturday 4-  so today I'm just going through email and trying to fix up some stuff on my blogs. Todays entry for  31-nights-of-halloween-4-best-childrens-programming/  please comment in the post any other tv shows & movies for kids. I know there are a few I cannot remember.


Sunday 5- So Kevin Harvick started on Pole lead for a bunch of laps then Joey Lagano took over (see kevin you should have kept penzoil as your sponsor! (& aded bonus you looked so good...PERFECT even in those  colors )
So I jsut wrote a couple letters, watched the race read some of my book, and watched my shows. Once Upon a time which wth the Frozen storyline feels a bit forced. Then the 2 hour season finale of Witches of East End and the season finale of THe Strain won't ruin it but the Master... well really doesn't die easily! not even the ONE way he should die the fastest! I've been doing a 31 days of Halloween feed on my other blog  http://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com/  I post one every day (or sometimes 2 if I'm not sure if I'll be able to get on the computer the next day)
So what would you like to see anything else?

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WELCOME FALL!!! Sept 22 - 28

Monday 22-
Yeah the leaves are already turning here~! I swear they were green yesterday & now I see some trees are already a dif. color!

Tuesday 23- so I finished that short book Murder in Autumn. before I went to my appt. The story well I enjoyed the student Body more. This just wasn't written well in my opinion. Once it comes to them explaining how the case was solved, it did not carry the same Rhythm (if it ever had any at all) as the beginning of the story. It was as if the beginning of the story and end were written at two different times or by two different people. Maybe it was just a change in the tone, but the first half of the story was easier to read then the end. At times I had to re-read parts. There's no fluff at the beginning as the story picks up right when the case starts. The conclusion was predictable. D

So after my appoinment got home & today is a bit of a chill! (great for first day of Autumn.) Read some of my book Voodoo in New Orleans   and decided to try an anthology as well Thirteen : 13 tales of horror by 13 of the masters of horror  Well after a chapter or 2 of the voodoo one, I started off on the anthology which I didn't get far as I got a chill put a blanket on & before 1pm I dozed off! (for a few hours till 3 or 3:30).

Wednsday 24- I've spent the day (until sometime after 3) catching up with the shows I've missed since,  Well apparently Sunday & Monday isn't the only days that there is too much on (or going to be)  now. Add Tuesdays to that as well! I'm going to be mad with keeping up with the new shows I want to watch & the old ones. Forever & scorpion I think so far I will definately watch I am waiting for How to get away with murder to start but alot of these shows are on the sme time as my other shows I've watched for years! (And frankly even if Vampire Diaries is jsut getting crazy or whatever ytou wat to all it (stupid?) well Ian SOmerhalder (& those Eyes!) win over everything else!
Too bad The originals doesn't get put on in the summer so that those True Blood fans can still get their fang on in the summer!

Forever stars Ioan Groffudd (prounced as Griffith) who in the show they say is 23 (doesn't look close to the that 30 or 35 would be more believeable.) plays a Medical Examiner in NYC and has lived for I think 250 years (so far). He can't die no matter how he does, he just wakes up in water. He has an adopted son who is now older than him. Our Immortal isn't Mr. broody he cracks some jokes and there's lighthearted parts. I love the way he deduces things too bad he & SHerlock Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller) from Elementary can't have a cross over! That would be a freaking fun epiosde or 2! Oh yeah & the actor that plays his son I think is the guy that pays Jeff Goldblum's dad in Independence day.

Scorpion- yes I did watch it just becasue its the symbol of my zodiac sign. Though I was interested in the premise of it. It bit of a twist in a way on the procedural drama. A group of (in lack of a better word) Misfit geniuses is hired by Terminator 2's  'Liquid terminator' to work for the government.  I'm sure you have seen the coming attractions if you are in the States at least. They have to keep a plane full of passangers to keep from crashing as LAX has some sort of computer virus.

Friday 26Bing desktop from Thursday 25th BEAUTIFUL

So I watched How to get away with murder last night (nothing else was on yet) I might keep watching it (or at least free on demand.. which is my dvr &  don't have to pay anything extra!) I love how she says "How to get away with murder" in the commercial it's so creepy, a few times I think it gave me a chill. It might take me a bit more time on this one, as the first episode was somewhat an initiation. She has a large class, & she gets a new case and unlike other classes that teach theory etc. It's baptism by fire. The students have to come up with how to present (defend?) the case and which ever one (if any) bests her's will be used & likely that student will receive the 'trophy' (a statue of  lady Justice) as the best in the class (which she says can be used as an immnity from a test at some point)   She will also choose 5-6 of the students to work with her as well. Other than that there's also some thing going on that the students killed someone I think but this is the mystery of the show (so you can watch it with the mythology or just watch from time to time as well)



Article on Greyston Holt http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?pbid=b8a9d349-d27e-43ab-a0ae-ebfee18a2ad8&error=1&debug=b8a9d349-d27e-43ab-a0ae-ebfee18a2ad8

Saturday 27- So today I worked on fixing my Wordpress blog (see far left sidebar near blog archive), which I was able to get sorted out, published  a few more posts & updated others. 

I saw on bing that well I wasn't aware there could be a warm of earthquakes but apparently so. This  I believe is the most recent as of writing.
http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-california-earthquake-swarm-continues-but-slowing-20140927-story.html  Here's the one that notes some of the  stats  In 36 hours the Mammoth Lake reagion of California had a swarp of earthquakes over a 36 hour period starting on Thursday night! They reanged between 1.0 & 3.8 on the Richter Scale http://www.inquisitr.com/1502917/earthquake-swarm-600-earthquake-rattle-california-mammoth-lakes-in-36-hours/

Wached Doctor Who and the Intruders on BBC America and wondered why they cannot put intruders on before Doctor Who as after watching The Doctor... well everything seems such a bore! I look up at the time while watching intruders thinking the show is at least half to 3/4 over & it's only been 10-15 minnutes it's been on! (UGH!)

Now I'm going to go watch a movie jsut not sure which The Quiet Ones or  The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas box. I don't think I'm going to get to watch any tomorrow as the race is on (and usually after I check my tweets.

Sunday 28
So when I first get on the computer & open IE Bing (my homepage) automatically pops up
What do I see at the bottom for current news topics.. Invisibility Cloak! I think yeah right now way, but sort of though sadly it's not the Harry Potter sort.
Invisibility Cloak a reality!?!?!
New York Scientists unveil Invisibility cloak!
Sadly too bad they don't use this for our Military over seas in the trenches or even cops when they go into a very bad sitch, & maybe (but not sure) firemen. If you are invisible, you can't get hurt can you?. Why not use it for this sort of thing once you refine it?

So I was abe to catch up on a couple rentals, as well as another movie we have by alternate means.
The Quiet Ones, The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box & X-men:Days of Future past.
You can check those once the movie review post is published. (which will be on the 30th or withint the first week of October. Stay tuned. You could of course always look up movies or even just type in one of the movie titles to see if there's a review for it, same goes for shows (which I do need to get going on other reviews (even if it's a returing show, but there's so much & I am still trying to figure out where I'm going to write what or if I just want to post it in just a few pages. I am starting to lean toward removing some of what were squidoo pages (now Hubpages) & post them as pages in my blogs. I have a beauty page on here, but was thinking of posting that as a seperate blog "The beauty Balm' as a wordpress blog! This way I hpe to get everything (more or less) in one spot so the beauty page here may disappear or I may put a few 'exclusives' on it & just link the 2 to each other.

I'm not feeling so hot today. Don't you just love waking up tired? I have an idea why that is, PMS. My eyes feel like I've got some seriously dark spots under my eyes, like they droopin.

Made my seasoned potatoes for lunch (from a can) Love them & at this point I don't even remember what seasons i put in my 'secret seasoning' bottle. But mostly Garlic, some Paprika & a bit of onion powder aside from that no idea.

My Beauty Blog also made it's debut!! The Beauty Balm (on wordpress) I will post what was the beauty balm fromm squidoo into pages in the blog. POsts likely will be a reblog from another blog or that of others that want to contrubute! Just email me w/ your email to invite you, & let me know you want to write!

I was also thinking of making a writing blog  as well but would have to be all varietys, poetry, creative writing, grammar, blogging, & anything else I cannot think of at the moment.

And for those curious about returning or new shows.. I'll be posting reviews on the Telley Page you can also find when your new or returning shows will premire (warning I'm not sure if I have everything posted if I don't have yours my appologies I try and include everything but some things do get looked over)

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Cool Breeze falling leaves...It's coming September 16- 21

Tuesday 16- so last night season 19 started for Dancing with the stars and yeah I'm watching again why? because Alfanso Ribiero, Tommy Chon (Cheech & Chon), Michael Waltrip (Nascar) & an actual Fashion designer I heard of (but can never remember her name) but she's in her 70s and she can do cartwheels & Splits. With Walltrip in this I know there's going to be quite  few funny moments and I wasn't wrong. First quote something about a booty looking like a bag of cats or something like that. Also watched under the dome and it's getting weirder or should I say crazier? Maybe it's both. It's just very enjoyable as it's never boring, I just feel bad for Mike Vogel's character 'Barbie' always seems to be getting beat up in some way shape or form.

Thursday 18- So today mom decided last minute to go to Central ave. (even though I was expecting an important call back plus had to make 2 appointments. But I still went out. We went to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to find a certain brushg I've seen on tv. I forget the name of it but there's 3 different ones, one ofr Fine, Normal & Thick hair. It's supposed to make it easier to brush & get through any tangles easier. They look like this <a href="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HU5T4NC/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00HU5T4NC&linkCode=as2&tag=zodiaci-20&linkId=CAIRUWRBQO2GKSA4">Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush, As Seen on TV</a><img src="http://ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=zodiaci-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00HU5T4NC"  /> but as I have Thick hair.. the one I got was blue. I won't be getting it til the holidays though, this way hopefully I'll forget about it & will be a surprise.
I also found a loom for $5 for those stupid loom bracelets just one thing.. It's easier to do it by hand if you are doing a single bracelet from the instructions that are enclosed, they are so not good in helping to learn how to do it. So I suggest to look on line on Youtube for videos.

So after this we stopped at Nathan;s for lunch being it was before the next stop,  (and yes that nathan's we have our own & if I rememebr right it was the 2nd of the franchise. Sadly it's alot smaller than it was, & thre's not arcade not even at least one pinball machine! Grrrr!!!! But I LOVE the fries I do agree with the best fries in the world line. So I had a hotdog & about 95% of the large fry as well as a lemonade (love the lemonade from there)  AFter this

 She stopped at the dollar store but there wsas such a long line, & I was already hurting when I got up as well as the past few days. You could barely get through the store even if you didn't have a cart or basket! So I went to the car (& thank goodness I started to feel anxious)
after this we went home. I felt so worn out. I barely even watched The Chew (which ven though it's a food show, I actually like watching. The cast is funny and its fun to watch.  So let's home between tonight & tomorrow I will finish my book that was no more than 230 pages!

Saturday 20- Worked on fixing up broken links in hubpages.. but for some reason it takes forever to do anything on that site. Not sure if its the comp (but it seems fine with everything else) but I'm not digging it much. I liek that you can make yur articles look like a nespaper artciels the way they have it set up. But having to put your tax info in (squidoo never asked us for that) so I have to figure out some other way to get the royalties (which I have the idea I just don't want 100+ blogs (or seperate pages) just to include that info.

Sunday 21- So I worked on another 1 or 2 of those pages watched the Nascar race sadly Joey Lagano won at least Harvick will still be in the chase as he came in top 3 or 5... Wow tonights episode of THe Strain was a bit sick tonight & (with a chuckle) I tell you one of the characters actually heard me say to break up the vampire's coffin! So thank goodness fall tv is now here at least some new shows & returning start tomorrow night even though today felt like we went back to the summer. It was 78-80 degrees but was muggy or humid and it made me feel a bit sick to my stomach I actually put my fan back in my window

Hope all is good with you all Go to my writing page.. (on this blog) & check out my pages on Writedge, Bubblenews, & wordpress. THe more hits, comments, Likes etc I get (as well as if you purchase anything on them)  I can get a bit of $ as reward so to speak. (I jsut wish we got paid month by the # of pages we have instead of just a little bit of royalties.

Have a good night & in case i don't talk to you before hand.. good week as well.